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Why Does My Dog Sit On Other Dogs: 2 Major Reasons

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Majid Tanveer, DVM

It’s expected that you sometimes meet your friends who have pets too.

In that case, you notice one thing often.

That is, your pup is laying up on another dog.

But what to do as it gets awkward at times!

Why does my dog sit on other dogs?

First of all, this is nothing to be worried about. Because your dog mainly does it for warmth and comfort. They can be laying with another dog if they are friendly with the other one. They can also be doing this while playing with the other ones.

You just got a heads-up on what you are looking for. Keep on reading if you want some valuable drills about your concern.

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Why Is My Dog Sitting On Other Dogs?

Dogs sitting on other dogs can be shared, like licking other dogs’ ears. There is nothing to worry about. It can mainly happen due to two main reasons. Take a look.

Reason 1: Security in Numbers

Your dog most likely cuddled with his sibs when he was a puppy. Dogs do it to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Adults, on the other hand, rarely sleep in heaps atop one another. 

If siblings stay together throughout maturity, this is common. The habit of one dog sitting on the other is not uncommon. One dog may lie down to sleep only to be sat on by the other. 

It’s not a reason to worry if both dogs appear unconcerned about the activity. Instead, it indicates that the pet is getting along in a multi-dog family.

Thus, you do not have to be worried about this behavior. Because this is just affection and their feelings, they love the warmth.

And this can be at least better than your dog putting his butt on your face.

If you see this often, you can use a floor mat for your dogs. This would keep them even warmer.

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Remember that this is alright unless the other dog feels uncomfortable.

Reason 2: Part of The Game

Another common scenario in which dogs sit on each other is when they are playing. While your puppy plays, it keeps running and lying on top of the other one. 

Grunting, barking, and nipping can all be part of the fun. However, detecting if your dog is playing and not being hostile is pretty straightforward. 

According to several experts, playing rough is perfectly natural. Even if it entails snarling, grappling, or even sitting on one another, it’s acceptable.

But if you still notice something out of line, look out for a few symptoms. You can understand by watching out for their actions and reactions.

The first thing that shows your pet is aggressive is growling or snapping. The pet can swang its tail very quickly. 

Raised fur and a rigid body can also be the symptoms of an aggressive dog. Thus, when you observe any of these symptoms, start soothing them instantly. 

Because it can get risky if the pets suddenly get involved in a fight, so ensure you know how to fix a conflict between dogs safely.

Is It Dominant When Dogs Lay On The Top of Another Dog?

When a dog sits on another dog, it is frequently misinterpreted as a display of dominance. 

It’s critical to interpret your pet’s other body language to determine if this is the case. A puppy may create sounds like whining, barking, and other noises. 

But dogs do not interact primarily through speech. Dogs communicate with their owners through facial gestures, ear positions, and another body language. 

Watch your dog’s eyes. Are they gentle and easygoing, or are they rigid and focused? Your dog’s tail can also reveal information about its goals. 

As it approaches the other dog, you notice a tail lifted high over the back. This could resemble your dog’s dominance over the other one. And this could be a sign of supremacy.

Remember, some dog species naturally curve their tails over their backs. For this reason, it’s hard to understand the dog’s comfortable tail position. 

Finally, a few species are more likely than others to engage in the behavior. Giant breeds like Boxers adore cuddling. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see them on another dog.

How To Take My Dog Off Another Dog?

You can control your dog just like the other time. You may want something more. In that case, you can offer a small treat.

Like, you may want to feed your dog a few cherries. This can make your dog excited and convert his mind. 

You can also try your dog fetching. This can help from time to time. 

One thing you must remember, try to train your dog with decency. So that you would remain stress-free when you go somewhere.

This is how you can control your dog to get off another dog.


Can my dog be dominant to another dog?

Yes, it is pretty standard that your dog might sometimes try to dominate another. You would understand this by his behavior. Your dog might try to be aggressive and bark at the other one. You may also notice excessive licking of your dog, resembling dominance.

Which dog would be the calmest to a pet?

There are many dogs you can pet that would be calm. However, most of the dogs are relaxed and friendly. English bulldogs, Bichon Frises, Greyhounds, and Golden retrievers are some of the most peaceful dogs. But some can be aggressive at times. You can train your dog to be more relaxed and friendlier.

Why does my new pet put its paws on me?

You are lucky if your new pet starts putting its paws on you. This is because they show their love toward you. But remember one thing, see if he keeps doing this at a time. It means he feels insecure. Make sure you soothe your dog right away.