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Can Dogs Eat Cherries? [Answered]

I know people’s food has always piqued the interest of dogs. Certain foods are acceptable for our dogs to consume. Others may cause anything from stomach irritation to death.

Can dogs eat cherries?

The basic answer is no, you shouldn’t treat your dog with cherries. Even if your dog has previously had it and seemed fine, it’s still a no. Yes, cherries contain a few nutrients that are healthy for them. But they cause more harm than good. That’s why they usually aren’t worth the risk. Moreover, cherry pits may also mess up a dog’s digestive system. It creates intestinal blockages.

You need to have more knowledge of this topic. This is to protect your dog. As a result, I’ve discussed all the little things in detail. 

Give me some of your time and take a look at my piece!

Can Dogs Consume Cherries?

Cherries are abundant in vitamins C and A. They also have fiber, and antioxidants in them. Your dog can get these by eating celery too. These nutrients are beneficial for dogs. 

The cherry flesh, however, has the tendency to irritate your dog’s stomach. Worse, the cherry seeds, stems, and leaves all include cyanide. 

This is dangerous to dogs if it is consumed in large quantities. 

That’s why a single cherry pit and stem aren’t worth the risk. Otherwise, you’ll just make your pet dog suffer because of cyanide poisoning. 

In conclusion, it should be clear that you can’t feed your dog cherries. Are you still confused about the harmful effects of cherries? 

I have an entire section describing just that!

How Harmful Is Cherry to Dogs?

As you already know cherries include cyanide. This is a toxic chemical present in the pits, stems, and leaves. This is also present in pears. This can make you question if pears are good for a dog

As previously said, there isn’t enough cyanide in cherries to make one or two cherries harm your dog. But a bag or even a handful of cherries might be fatal.

That’s why make sure your pet can’t get to your cherries while you’re eating them. Your dog may suffer from intestinal blockage due to cherries. 

An intestinal blockage may develop even if your dog just consumes one cherry. This is especially true for little puppies. 

An intestinal blockage causes vomiting, lack of appetite, and constipation. If your pet has eaten cherries, call your vet. Your vet may advise vomiting to avoid cyanide poisoning.

But you might not know what cyanide poisoning is. You’ll be able to tell what it is by the symptoms of the poisoning. 

These are:

  • Dilation of the pupils
  • Glowing crimson gums
  • Diarrhea-induced difficult breathing

These symptoms may occur depending on how many cherries your dog consumed.

Can You Give Maraschino Cherries?

Maraschino cherries are pitless and delicious in drinks. In certain situations, the stems are cut off.

Cherries are abundant in vitamin A and C. It also contains fiber, antioxidants, melatonin, and other nutrients.

The main problem is that maraschino cherries contain too much sugar, which is toxic to dogs. Too much sugar may indicate diabetes or bulkiness in the long run. 

It can also cause gastrointestinal difficulties in the short term. If you’re now thinking about yourself, maraschino cherries can be harmful for you too. 

Take advice from a veterinarian before feeding these foods to your dog.

Cherry-flavored dishes often include artificial flavoring, chemicals, and sugar. Dogs are harmed by these. Even dishes that are naturally flavored with real cherries have a lot of sugar in them.

It’s healthy to eat natural foods with ingredients you’re familiar with. 

Actions You Should Take If Your Dog Swallow a Cherry

If your dog consumes a whole cherry while you’re absent, don’t be worried. 

The amount of cyanide in a single cherry pit is insufficient to cause cyanide poisoning. But signs of intestinal blockage should be avoided. 

The signs are vomiting, decreased appetite, constipation, and decreased fecal output. These actions may show up to 24 hours after your dog has swollen a cherry seed. 

It’s important to remember that a little pitbull is more likely to produce intestinal blockages. It mostly happens in smaller dogs.

Check out for indications of cyanide poisoning in your dog. Symptoms include bloodshot eyes, difficulty breathing, and reddish gums.

You should consult a vet if your dog ate a lot of cherries without pits. To prevent cyanide poisoning, your vet may decide that vomiting is the best option.

Alternative Safe Fruits

Yes, your dog can consume a variety of different fresh fruits and berries. They can be fed to them without the concerns listed above. 

There are a variety of different fruits and meals that do not pose the same risks. 

Blackberries, for example, are high in antioxidants. But blueberries might not be suited for all dogs and should not be given in bulk quantities. Because they contain sugar and may upset the stomachs of certain dogs. 

They are, however, a safer alternative to cherries. When given to dogs properly, they may offer substantial health benefits.

Of course, conventional dog treats are always an option. Your dog will undoubtedly find them just as interesting and delightful as fresh fruit. 

That’s why I’ve suggested some of the treats my dog finds tasty-

Product 1
Product 2

Read the treat’s label before giving it. 

Maintain all the safety guidelines to keep your dog healthy. 


Question: Can dogs consume cherries without pits?

Answer: Cherry fruit without the stems or seeds is safe for dogs to consume. The stems and seeds, on the other hand, contain a small number of cyanogenic glycoside toxins (especially cyanide). The chemicals must be released and become dangerous to a dog if the seeds and stems are eaten.

Question: Can you give flavored cherries to your dog as treats?

Answer: Artificial flavoring, chemicals, and sugar are often included in cherry-flavored meals. These are harmful to dogs. Even meals naturally flavored with genuine cherries are often high in sugar. It’s better to stick to natural meals with components you recognize and those are recognized to be safe for dogs.

Question: Can your dog eat cherry sauce?

Answer: Cherries should be avoided like the plague. Cherries have pits in them, and they’re the perfect size for dogs to get into. In addition, every part of the cherry, including the stem, leaves, tree, and shrub, contains cyanide. This is poisonous to dogs.

Bottom Line

We’ll be parting our ways with this. Hope this solves all your dilemmas about can dogs eat cherries?

To summarize, the biggest concern of cherries is that they contain cyanide in their pits, stems, and leaves. This is toxic and possibly fatal if taken in large numbers. Cherry pits may also get caught in a dog’s intestines, causing obstructions.

Good luck!