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Why Does My Dog Put His Butt On Me [5 Reasons]

It gets very annoying if your dog starts to rub his butt on you. Or if he plopped his butt on you, for example. You may be asking why he is acting in this manner. Is there something bothering him or what?

Why does my dog put his butt on me? 

There might be various reasons why your dog would place his butt on you.In that way, your dog may try to say hello. Or in other cases, your dog can try to mark you by putting a scent on you. On the other hand, it can be some irritation like intestine worms that cause your dog to put his butt on you.

You must still be very dizzy about that matter. Don’t worry we have made this whole article to clear yourself out. 

Let’s not waste any time and get on with it!

My Dog Put His Butt On Me: 5 Reasons Explained!

Like us humans, dogs also make social bonds. But in some cases, it can look very cringe. But they express their feelings quite differently from us. 

Putting his butt on the owner’s face can be a way to communicate with the owner. The same goes for rubbing the butt around the owner. In that way, dogs try to communicate and make a bond with the owner. 

But if your dog rubs his rear in a way it itches. There can be other reasons like food allergies from having food like shrimp or ham. 

Here we have collected some of the best possible reasons why your dog can put his butt on you:

Reason #1: Trying To Say Hello 

This butt rubbing action can be a common thing when you have come back home. Relaxing on the couch and your dog came and put his butt on you. Or after entering the house your dog runs to you and rubs his butt on you. 

Most vets said that it can be a way of saying hello to the owner. Or more like your dog is saying hello and welcome home.  

Reason #2: Claiming You As The Owner 

It can be a reason for a dog to rub his rare part with the owner. Or to sit on the owner. In that way, he/she tries to say that you are his/her owner. 

You might wonder, why does the dog have to rub its butt just to mark the owner? Well, let us answer your question.

There are mass scent glands under their tails. The scent gland releases phenomena. As humans, we don’t have the ability to notice these scents. But dogs can notice these scents.

And with these scents, they try to mark their owner. Or even they try to create a special bond with the owner. 

So the next time your dog rubs his rare part on you or tries to put his butt on you. Remember he may be trying to consider you as one of his friends. To appreciate it you can treat him with spicy baked cinnamon crumbs or biscuits.  

Reason #3: Wanting to Petted in The Rear 

This can also be a reason. If your dog wants to be petted in the rear then he can rub his butt on you. It is also a bonding time for the owner and the dog.

Some dogs like to be petted. And that’s a casual thing for some of the breed. In that way, they make a bond with the owner. If you have a breed like that then it’s obvious that he will put his butt on you.

Reason #4: Itching In The Rare Part

There can be another reason. For dogs scratching the rare part is difficult. That’s why if it’s itchy in the backside then they can give you a sign. 

In order to do so, they may rub their back on you. Or put their butt on you. 

In that case, you can gently scratch their rare side and it may solve the problem. But, if you find that the itching occurs at irregular intervals.

Then you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. Your dog may be facing some skin rashes or skin diseases. 

Reason #5: Trying To Indicate Worm Infestation 

If it happens that your dog rubs his rare site or butt riotously. Then you can get concerned about that matter.

It can be because of the worm infestation inside the intestine of the dogs. Intestinal parasites tapeworms can be a reason for their irritation.

In case they get very irritated or get very itchy then the dogs can show some symptoms. And profusely rubbing their butt or putting their butt on you can be one of them. 

You’ll need to consult a veterinarian if this happens.The vet may suggest some medication or supplements. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top vitamins for dogs for you:

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These supplements are great for your dog’s health and digestion. They are mainly collected based on the customer’s review. We hope these supplements will support your dog’s nutrition. 

Prevent Your Dog From Putting His Butt On You: 3 Methods You Can Try! 

We know your dog’s habit of rubbing his buttocks on you bothers you. And with some proper training or some prevention, you can easily change the habits of your dogs.

Here are some steps for you. By flowing them you can easily change the habit of your dogs. 

Method 1: Obedient Training 

Try training your dog to follow your command. Then when it tries to put his butt on you, you can command not to. Instead of that, you can command him to sit down. 

Dogs love to have treats like pears, mangoes and other fruits. So next time your dog behaves like a good boy, feed him some pears. You’ll be able to spend more time with your dog this way.

Method 2: Ignore Your Dog 

When your dog is doing that kind of behaviour like putting his butt on you or rubbing on you. The best you can do is to literally ignore them. 

In that way, it will give him the message that that approach won’t help him. And it will demotivate him to do that approach again. 

Method 3: Don’t Reward This Behavior 

If you want to stop your dog from doing these behaviours like rubbing the butt. You have to stop rewarding him for that. 

We only think a good treat is a reward but it’s not always. Something giving him attention can also be a reward for him.


Question: Why do my dogs sit facing away from me? 

Answer: It can be a sign of your dog that he trusts you. Or some might say it can be because they try to prevent you from danger. 

Question: Do dogs get jealous? 

Answer: Yes, dogs can get pretty jealous. If he finds out any interaction of his owner with a potential rival. The dog might get jealous. 

Question: Can dogs actually know their name? 

Answer: Yes, dogs can know their name. They can know their name through classical conditioning. 

Bottom Line

That’s all from us. Hope now you know about the matter of “why my dog puts his butt on me”. Thank you for reading the whole detailed article.

This type of behaviour can be irrational for you. But in that way, your dogs try to communicate with you. Also, you should check if it is a sign of irritation. 

Best of luck with your buddy!