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Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Legs: Reasons & Solution

There is a good chance you’re wondering why your dog sleeps between your legs. Perhaps it’s just a matter of safety, or perhaps it’s just a matter of protection. Whatever the reason, a dog’s position between its master’s legs is commonplace.

Why does my dog sleep between my legs?

Your dog loves to sleep between your legs because of comfort, it feels protected there. Changing a dog’s sleeping habits is as simple as providing it with a better option. If your dog is acting out of fear, jealousy. Or other complex emotions, the procedure can be difficult but still doable. 

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Why Your Dog Prefers to Sleep Between Your Legs 

There can be various explanations behind your dog sleeping between your legs.

I’ll go over a few explanations for your dog’s behavior and how to make it more likely.

It’s a Form of Defense

If it sleeps between your legs, it may be doing so because it is protecting you. It is more likely if the dog is overly protective of other people or dogs. 

Your dog does it when he is overly protective of other people. You can understand the behavior while it growling for no reason.


Dogs have been bred in a way that the majority of their life time is spent with their owners. Dogs like to sleep near their owners. This makes them feel safe. 

This is because it will be able to tell when you leave and feel less vulnerable. Then it sleeps between your legs.

Afraid of Being Apart

You may consider the possibility that your dog is afraid of being apart from you. In this case, it does not like to be left alone, and this makes it anxious.

If you notice your fur baby crying when you are leaving, they have separation anxiety.


It could be afraid of something if it sleeps between your legs. If it does this in a situation where it is afraid. 

Your dog may dig your bed because of being afraid. When someone it dislikes is nearby or there are loud noises outside, it’s more likely to do so.

Inadvertently, You’ve Taught It to Do That

It’s possible that you’ve unintentionally taught it to crawl up your legs. If you tend to offer things like belly rubs when it comes to you, they will get used to belly rubs.

You can practice showing other forms of affection to your dog. This will stop them from sleeping between your legs. Such as training it to sleep elsewhere and not rewarding it for doing so.

Showing Affection

There’s a chance that it’s just being affectionate and doing it this way. Heading between your legs may be an indication.

It regards you as a member of its group and has faith in your abilities. It may nibble on you for affection. 

A Feeling of Coziness

To keep warm and cozy, your dog will often curl up between your thighs. They may be comforted by the warmth of their mother’s embrace, like a baby. 

Also, because your legs are comfortable and warm, you become an instant heating pad for them. Furthermore, there is a warm benefit to both parties.

When you and your dog are nearby, your dog’s body heat is transferred. This is something they do more often in the winter because they aren’t warm enough. The easiest and quickest way to get warm is by sleeping between your legs.

Puppies and small breeds, such as chihuahuas, are unable to regulate their body temperature properly, especially at night or in the winter.

Support for the Emotions

It’s not just humans who need comfort and support when they’re insecure, injured or exhausted. Dogs do too.

For emotional support, your pet prefers to sit on your legs while you’re awake. Dogs can experience depression or sadness. 

Dogs have comparable brain patterns to humans and exhibit emotions in the same way that we do in our daily lives. To top it all off, dogs are capable of experiencing a range of emotions.

Fear and happiness as well as love and anger or disgust are also included. More complex emotions like shame and guilt, on the other hand, are inaccessible to them. 

They may lose interest in eating, sleeping as a result of depression. Your dog does not engage in social activities when they are sad or depressed.

Your Dog Believes in You 

Dogs are known for their unwavering faith in their owners. Because they have faith in you, they will rest or sleep between your legs. 

They see you as either their master or a plaything. Even puppies trust people like their mothers.

Where To Begin The Transformation

Assuming you’ve made the decision not to have your dog sleep between your legs. Now, what to do to change the behavior?

By shutting the door or putting a kennel in the bedroom, you can keep your dog out of harm’s way. There is a lot of debate about the benefits of a crate for dogs

But the majority of experts agree that it’s a good idea. Here are some steps and factors that will help your dog sleep elsewhere.

Refrain From Reinforcing the Behavior Any Longer

Begin by halting any positive reinforcement of the behavior you’re trying to change. There are times when staying comfortable and warm is sufficient reinforcement. 

But it’s important to make sure that you aren’t reinforcing the behavior in any other way. Maintain a neutral stance!

Recognize Your Dog’s Motives And Offer An Alternative

We need to know why our dogs like to curl up between our legs. We can begin to change their behavior.

If your dog is scared because of loud fireworks show outside. Getting him a new bed isn’t going to help. 

Some dogs prefer to sleep in their beds. While others prefer to sleep in their owners’ beds. Your dog’s preference can be improved upon if you know why he or she prefers it.

The “Lay Down” Command Should be Taught to Your Dog

Teach your dog the command “Lay Down” or a similar one. That they know where to go naps when you want them to. 

You can treat them for obeying commands with the following food products that are given below:

Product 1
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Don’t forget to check the measurement instructed in the manual. Give them according to their age and size.


Question: Why does my boyfriend’s dog snuggle up to me?

Answer: At night, dogs can decide that they need the most protection from their owners. They’ll sleep next to or even on top of you rather than getting too near your partners.

Question: What is it about dogs that makes them want to snooze in the same bed as their owners?

Answer: The simple reason for dogs to want to snooze in the same bed as their owners is that it loves them. Regardless of whether or not you allow your dog to stay in bed. 

Question: Exactly how does a dog select a mate?

Answer: A dog selects a mate whose energy and personality are similar to that of their own. Without a matching personality, it’s not seen for dogs selecting mates.


That’s a wrap-up for this article now. Hope you’ll understand why your dog sleeps between your legs.

It may seem like a good idea for the time being. But sharing a bed with your dog can result in a bump to the head for both of you.

Hope you’ll be back for more articles!