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Why Does My Dog Dig On My Bed [6 Reasons & Prevention Methods]

A dog can destroy a blanket by digging.

Sometimes a dog’s nail can penetrate the blanket and damage the mattress.

Maybe you’re facing the same problem right now.

Why does my dog dig on my bed?

There are several reasons why your dog might be digging into your bed. Boredom, to hide some things, maybe relieve pain. Or this might be just the dog’s behavior, or the dog is about to give birth. You can clip the dog’s nails, play with your dog, or make your dog his or her bed to prevent digging.  

There are more reasons and more details about them written in this article. Then let’s jump in and learn more about our dogs!

Reasons to Dig into My Bed

Digging is usual behavior for dogs. They seek comfort by searching, and it’s widespread. But there are some reasons why a dog might explore your bed. 

We’ve explained multiple reasons behind the problem. Let’s learn more!

Reason 1: Boredom

Among many breeds of dogs, there are a few active dogs. Such as labradors. Dogs such as labradors expect to play and stay active. 

Labradors are energetic. If they are not busy, digging in bed is enjoyable. If you don’t have a playful time with them, you might need to buy new pillowcases often. 

Reason 2: To Hide Something

Hiding things such as your dog’s favorite toy somewhere down is expected. But this occurs the most where multiple dogs live. They don’t want to share their toys with other dogs.

But doing so over a period might make your dog anxious. Let your dogs have different toys. 

Keeping a sandbox or hiding blanket will keep the dog away from your bed. This will prevent the dog from hiding toys in your bed. 

Reason 3: Anxiety

Usually, dogs dig in the same pattern. If your dog is not doing so, it may be suffering from anxiety, and digging is like a stress reliever for them. Anxiety can even cause the dog to stare into space for no reason. 

Dogs who stay at home alone for long hours might feel anxious. Hence they can become destructive. Getting a dog sitter or walker might be the best in such a situation. 

Reason 4: Maybe the Dog is in Pain

Dogs sometimes dig into beds to relieve pain. This can be a sign of your dog having arthritis. If the dog is in pain, the digging will become excessive. They try to find a position where they will find comfort. 

In this case, it is better to contact a veterinarian

Reason 5: Pregnant Dog Might be Preparing to Give Birth

Dogs who are pregnant need a comfortable and secure place to give birth. This is the instinct of dogs. And at this moment, your bed becomes lovely to dogs. 

The reasons mentioned are common for your dog to dig on your bed. Now let’s see some ways to prevent it.

Reason 6: Behavior

Dogs are social animals; they learn from other animals around them. Dogs learn fast. Maybe the dog has seen other dogs digging in bed and knew it. Dogs are social animals; they know other animals who live around them.

This is known as allelomimetic behavior. Training your dog will keep the dog out of bed. Give the dog a meal away from your bed. This will make sure your dog doesn’t get cozy around your bed.

How to Prevent Your Dog From Digging on Your bed?

Your dog has warped itself in the middle of the bed. Indeed, you find it cute. But over time, you might find it inconvenient. Like you can’t stand a dog peeing on your bed

That can cause real pain in the neck. Then what can you do about these-digging problems?

Let’s find out!

Tip 1: Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Trimming your dog’s nails will diminish your dog’s urge to scratch. At the same time, it will reduce the damage to your bed sheet. 

But be careful when you’re cutting the nail of your dog. There are veins and nerves in your dog’s nails. 

You can press on the paw to bring the nails out. Then cut with a sharp nail clipper. Don’t cut too deep.

The listed ones are perfect if you are looking for good nail clippers for dogs. They won’t catch on to the rush. Also, they are sharp:


These are perfect performing dog nail clippers. They are straightforward to get a grip on as well. Trimming the dog’s nails can also stop the dog from biting its nails

Tip 2: Play With Your Dog

Spending time with your dog is helpful to your dog in many aspects. You can run, play with a ball, or just cuddling might help you. All types of dogs are more or less energetic animals. 

Also, getting toys such as shreddable materials can be good for your dogs to enjoy.  

Tip 3: Make Your Dog a Proper Bed

This one is the best. Getting your dog its place is a wise move. An old blanket or a mattress works best in this situation. 

Dog beds are cozy and comfortable for your dog. There is a wide range to choose from. Then, add a dog bed to the list next time you go shopping. 

But if you want, you can buy a dedicated dog bed. Making your dog habituated to the new bed can be tricky. Make sure he finds the place safe and cozy. 


Are dog-proof bed sheets nontoxic for the dog?

Dog-proof bed sheets are made out of linens. Also, it’s durable. And it’s entirely okay for your dog if he chews on it. 

How far should I trim my dog’s nails? 

Be extra careful while cutting your puppy’s nails. You should cut the nail 2 millimeters from the quick of the nail—the quickstarts where the nail starts to get darker.

How frequently should I clip the nails for my dogs?

Dogs’ nails can grow fast. Cutting them will save your blankets, and the nails won’t store dirt. It is preferred to cut the nails once a month.