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Why Does My Dog Bury His Head in Me [Reasons and Solutions]

Dogs use many ways to express what they are feeling.

Their behavior lets us know what they are feeling or their current state of emotion.

A dog burying its head in its owner is average, but when it gets out of the ordinary, it may be an act of caution.

Dogs bury their heads in you to express their love. It does it to feel comfortable by staying close to the owner. Also, when showing empathy. Being fearful is another reason for this type of behavior. Sometimes separation anxiety makes the dog do so. To alert its owner of impending danger.

To know about your dog’s behavior, you need to know the details. In that case, this article might help.

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Why Does Your Dog Bury Its Head in You?

Dogs have many ways to express themselves. Sometimes they express them in unusual ways. You may see dogs lay on you, jump, bark, or roll on the floor. 

Like these, they are burying their head in you is also an expected behavior. You might not see this behavior in every dog because each is different. Each of them has a distinct personality, temperament, and nature.

It will take time for you to know which behaviors of theirs are normal for them and which are unexpected for them.

There is a difference between a dog that always buries its head in you and a dog that recently adopted this behavior.

Your dog may adapt to this behavior because of the following reason.

Expression of Love

When expressing love, some dogs prefer to bury their head in their owner’s bodies rather than bounce around them and wag their tail. 

When a dog detects its owner’s scent, they feel closer to them. It is because they can connect with them on a more personal level.

Dogs, like humans, show affection for one another by embracing and snoozing. 

Petting them shows our devotion to them, so it’s normal for them to do the same for us. To show love, dogs may even lick your feet.

Trying to Seek Comfort

Dogs often find themselves most comfortable around their owners. Therefore burying their head in you may mean they are just trying to find the comfort they need. 

It may make them feel safer. It may also mean they are protecting you by staying closer to you.

When you adopt a dog in your home, they often find themselves in the role of a protector. Staying close to you may make them feel you are protected, which comforts them.

Showing Empathy

The dog is an animal that understands the emotion pretty well of the people around them. There is little doubt that dogs can tell if their owners are nervous or stressed out just by observing them for long periods each day.

Dogs try to act in the mood their owner has. They try to bury their heads in them, showing comfort and support.

They may be aware that you appreciate snuggling and that it may help to alleviate the mood that has disrupted their routine. In a way, it’s like a human hugging you when you need it most.


Like all other animals, dogs also get scared and feel fear. When they fear something, they try to find a safe place or hide somewhere, like under the bed, that gives them the most comfort.

Many dogs are frightened of thunder, so they seek refuge with their owners for protection and bury their heads in the owner.

Other people near your dog can cause it. The fear may develop because of the unpleasant experiences in which they get hurt or are in danger. Anything that reminds them of that may force them to find a safe place.

Separation Anxiety

Sometimes dogs feel separation anxiety when the owner is about to leave them. They try to stay close to their owner and spend all their time with them if possible.

Dogs develop anxiety when they are lonely. The facing anxiety starts feeling scared when they sense your departure.

Separation anxiety can be a significant problem for both the owner and the dog. Some expert dog trainers specialize in working with anxious or fearful dogs when their owners are away from home.

Alerting Danger

Some dogs use this to alert their owners of impending danger. Acting like this does not require any training.

They act like this based on their instinct. They try to warn the owner when they see something that is not normal or out of the ordinary. 

When a dog fails to communicate something to its owner, it will typically try to convey the message differently.

If you don’t respond to the barking, a dog may end up burying its head in you.

What Can You Do About Head Burying?

Here are a few things you can do about your dogs burying their heads.

Figure Out Why They are Doing it

You need to figure out why your dog is acting the way he is. If your dog is in distress, in pain, or attempting to warn you of anything, you need to understand them and act like it.

Do Not Encourage 

You positively reinforce and encourage the behavior when you praise them or give them food when they bury their heads in you. 

When your dog chooses not to display undesirable behavior, try to reward them. Make them understand that you don’t like it when they avoid it and treat them with a reward.

Redirect Their Focus

If your dog begins to bury their face in you, attempt to divert its attention to something else. In the same way, an infant sobs.

It’s pretty easy to redirect the attention of a dog. Try to distract their attention from a favorite toy or a bone so that they will replace the undesirable behavior with the desired one.


Why does my dog put his head toward my face?

Possible reasons for your dog putting its face on your face include trying to grab your attention, being loving, and wanting something from you. It also provides boredom, spreading its fragrance, or you may have promoted the habit by rewarding it.

Should I pet my dog while he’s sleeping?

No. It would help if you didn’t pet your dog while he’s sleeping. It’s recommended to stay away from touching a dog unless it’s crying or shaking. It is also true for dogs when they are sleeping. Petting dogs when they are sleeping may trigger them to awaken.

How do dogs choose whom they want to sleep with?

Dogs choose whom they want to sleep with based on different facts. The fact that it smells like its owner. They are known as the pack leader. If they choose your bed, that’s fantastic! If not, they’ll pick a place that is like your scent.