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Why Does My Dog Lay On Me: 7 Possible Reasons

Be it your new or old pet, they might get clingy at one point.

Sometimes you don’t understand your dog’s particular behavior or attitude.

One of the strange behaviors is they lay on you without any reason.

Why does my dog lay on me?

Your dog will lay on top of you to guard or get your attention. When they detect dangers to you, their protective instinct comes in. You may have unintentionally reinforced the habit. It might also be suffering from attachment issues. Your dog will continue the behavior if it’s encouraged.

Your stress reliever puppy shouldn’t be the reason for your stress.

Let’s get into the article to know all the reasons!

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Lay on You

Lately, you have been noticing your dog being super clingy. You are thinking about what is wrong with your cuddle partner. There could be so many probable reasons for this. It’s a good idea to consider what might make them more likely.

Several likely reasons are listed below. Let’s go through them!

Reason 1: Your Dog Considers You a Happy and Safe Zone

Your dog is where he feels most at ease. They don’t care even if it’s on top of you. You will notice it will huff around you a lot.

If your two buddies spend a lot of time together, this will happen. They don’t want you to be separated; they’ll want to climb on top of you.

Your dog may, on the other hand, find you comfier than their bed or space.

This is especially true for dogs with such tiny breeds. Your body heat turns you into a cozy cushion for your dog.

You’ll notice this more throughout the winter. To stay warm, your dog will want to snuggle with you more.

Reason 2: It’s a Form of Defense 

It may be doing it to defend itself. This is more likely if it also gets protective when you’re around other people or animals. This is possible if it does it while there are several people around. 

You form a bond with your dog with time. They take you to be a member of their gang. As a result, they feel compelled to defend you against potential dangers.

Reason 3: If the Action is Encouraged

You got back home after a hard day at work or school. It’s been a long day, and you’d like to loosen up by watching TV before supper. 

While on the couch, your buddy wriggles on top of you. It rests on your abdomen for a while. You reach out reflexively to massage their hair. Or to offer them hugs and kisses on the head. 

For a dog, these things are reassuring.

You didn’t ask them to go, and they believe lying on top of you is acceptable.

Reason 4: It Gives the Impression of Being More Secure

The majority of dog breeds were created to work alongside their humans. This way, they feel more confident in a pack.

Sleeping or laying on top of you may make it feel safer. It makes them feel like it is part of a group and hence less insecure.

Reason 5: Your Dog is Seeking Attention

Attention-seeking behaviors in dogs can become excessive at times. You will often find them standing on you. This scene is typical in pups. They are dependent on their mother’s care.

But their attention-getting strategies might become irritating as it gets older because dogs are sociable creatures. Daily, they seek attention and engagement with their people.

Sadly, owners often unintentionally foster undesirable habits. 

Reason 6: Separation Anxiety is There

Separation anxiety occurs when their human is not there. When their owners are not near them, dogs cannot handle it.

This issue becomes more intense just after the owner leaves. When the owner gets back, the dogs become too excited.

According to the study, the following are the most prevalent damaging behaviors for separation anxiety:

They may attempt to express their delight by lying on top of you.

Reason 7: Your Dog is Begging You to Give Him Something

Dogs may not be able to talk verbally. They may, however, convey their demands and desires in various ways. 

Humans only need to improve their ability to comprehend these messages. They might lay on top of you to transmit a message if they desire anything.

It might act like this to get some food or for you to play with him.

Next, we will tell you how you can make it stop lying on top of you.

How to Make it Stop

An alternative is using positive behavior to teach your dog to lie elsewhere.

This is when you teach it a specific behavior. You can reward it when it exhibits such behaviors.

To make your dog sleep or lay somewhere else, try these ways:

  • Make the setting you wish to sleep in as pleasant as possible. Buy some toys and stuff to keep on the bed.

You can check these items. I recommend you buy these:

Product 1
Product 2.

If you want to distract your dogs, these are some fantastic toys:

  • Reward your dog for convincing it to lay down.
  • Instruct your dog to stand still and give it a treat.
  • Keep doing this thing. Eventually, your dog will realize that laying somewhere else gets him treated.

Dogs are pretty intelligent animals and learn fast. If you try these techniques patiently, they will learn fast. 

Your puff ball might need some time and attention to get it right. 


Why does my dog lay on my stomach?

Your dog may sleep on your stomach because it is protective. It feels safer near you, or it suffers from separation anxiety.

Why is it that my dog sleeps on my bed?

Dogs still have the desire to be a part of a pack. They want to be with you because they adores you. Sleeping in a group also adds to the warmth and security.

Do dogs have any idea while their owners are sleeping?

Yes. Chemical changes happen in the body, which can smell on our breath. They smell your breath to check whether you are sleeping or not.


We hope we cleared doubt about why my dog lay on me.

Dogs enjoy laying on their owners for a variety of reasons. Letting a dog sleep with his human is okay as long as both sides are comfortable in the snuggling.

May you and your fluff ball have a great time!