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Why Does My Dog Hide Under The Bed [7 Reasons + Solutions]

For a new pet dog owner, it can be scary to see their loving pet behaving unusually.

Especially some character traits can be pretty worrying.

Hiding under the bed can be one of those alarming characteristic traits. 

Why does my dog hide under the bed?

Dogs are naturally denning animals. Dogs hide under the bed due to the comfort of that place. They find it very relaxing in areas that are cramped and small. It helps them to relax more. They also prefer those places due to the temperature as well. It helps them to take a nap or to relax a bit. 

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Dogs Hide Under the Bed: 7 Reasons

Dogs feel comfortable in cramped places. They seek some personal space whenever they feel the need for it. The small space under the bed replicates what seems to be a den-like area. 

Plenty of reasons can make a dog comfortable under the bed. I have listed some of them below.

Reason 1: They Need Private Spaces

Like humans, dogs need personal space as well. They are den animals and feel a lot more comfortable in small areas.

If they feel scared and fall ill, they need a comfortable place to relax. And we all know how comforting private spaces can be. 

Dogs are similar to humans in that case. 

Dogs are protective of their territory inherently. A bed is much less likely to be moved in a home than a table or chair. Also, dogs are not particularly fond of getting used to changes. 

Dogs feel a sense of protection under the bed due to its relative permanency. They want specific locations to remain unchanged. They feel safer in these permanent places than in other spots in the house.

Reason 2: They Might be Scared

Naturally, dogs are very intuitive. They can sort out anything that is out of the ordinary. They also have empathetic hearing that can detect minor differences in sound. 

Therefore, anything from the fire alarm to loud car noises outside can scare them. Also, they feel scared if they feel threatened by any other objects. 

You will notice odd behaviors, such as chewing blankets or other things. 

The private spaces give them a sense of security. So, hiding when they feel threatened or scared is an instinct. 

Reason 3: They are Ill or Physically Injured 

If a dog falls physically sick or becomes injured, it’ll find a place to remain uninterrupted. Also, they can heal faster without worrying too much. 

If your dog frequently hides under the bed, ensure they have not fallen sick. And if they show any signs of sickness or injury, contact your nearest vet immediately. 

Reason 4: They Are Trying to Hide Something

Often, dogs will hide particular possessions they acquire. They might try to hide certain treats in places to enjoy all of them by themselves. 

Under the bed is a good place for them to enjoy their treats without interruptions. 

Also, they portray these behaviors in the mating seasons as well. You will find them dry-humping in the air in certain seasons if they are sexually inactive.

Reason 5: They are Hungry

This correlates to the previous points to some extent. Sometimes your dog is hungry and looking for food. Then you will often find them going under the bed. 

Your dogs might hide treats under the bed. They will go and look for those treats whenever they feel hungry. 

Reason 6: They Sense a Change in the Environment 

As we mentioned earlier, dogs are very protective of their surroundings. They also don’t like changes in their comforting environment. 

A dog who is used to being in quiet houses might feel panic in a large gathering. They might find quiet places in your home when you have other dogs or people over. 

At times like these, they love to go hiding under the bed to take a break. Usually, they come out again once the house is empty again. 

Reason 7: They Enjoy Themselves

Some dogs find it enjoyable to hang out and relax there. Usually, they find the bed quiet, dark, and cozy where they can relax. 

Prevent Dogs from Hiding Under the Bed: 3 Solutions

Although it might be comforting for the dog to hide under the bed, it can cause some issues. It can seriously impact their jolly habit and build insecurity within them. 

To address this, you can take some precautionary steps which might help. Those are; 

Solution 1: Ensuring a Safe Space

The best thing you can do for your dog is to ensure its safety. You can make a cozy bed for them where they will feel safe. 

Make the bed with lots of blankets and block outside lights from entering. This will make them feel cozier. So while choosing a bed, ensure that you’re buying the best bed for your dog.

Leave the door of the box open. So that your dog can enter and exit all the time. Also, make a crate and place it in an area away from any draft. 

And if you are not sure about which crate to get, check the recommended products:

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These crates will allow your dog to feel safe. At times they want to be alone and seek comfort. These crates will be a massive help to that. 

Solution 2: Rewarding Them When They Follow Instructions 

If you notice frequent hiding behavior in your dog, it is best to ignore it.

Also, constantly reward them with treats when they rest where you want them to be. 

Solution 3: Addressing the Reason for Anxiousness 

If you see your dog frequently getting anxious about something, it’s best to address that issue. For example, if you live in an area with loud noises, your dog builds anxiety about it. Try to reduce the noise entering your house as much as possible. 

Also, if your dog is anxious in the presence of another animal, don’t yell at them. This will likely make the situation worse. 

In addition, plenty of other things might resolve this problem. And if you can’t get your dog out of this behavior, contact a vet for calming treatment. 

Try to comfort your dog by keeping them as close as possible. Or by letting them stand over you.


Should I let my dog hide under the bed?

It is best to discourage the habit of hiding under the bed. Frequent behavior like this hampers their regular life. They lack confidence and build anxiety when people surround them. 

Do dogs hide when they are dying?

Dogs do hide when they are dying. They are highly aware of their health. They can understand that they are weak and unable to protect themselves from predators. Hence, they go into hiding while dying. 

How to tell if the dog is depressed?

The traits of a depressed dog are pretty similar to humans. The most common characteristic is a low activity rate and lack of enthusiasm. Also, changes in sleeping and eating habits will start to appear.