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Why Does My Dog Stink Even After A Bath: 3 Reasons

Every dog owner is deeply concerned about everything about their pets, dogs. The owners definitely love their dogs unconditionally. And when the owner sees something unusual, he gets concerned. The dog stinking after taking a bath is one of them at times.

Why does my dog stink even after a bath?

Your dog may stink for many reasons even after a bath. The first reason for this could be the bacteria and yeasts. There are also a few certain illnesses that are responsible for this. Getting dirty while playing and getting allergies are also the reasons. But you can definitely solve these issues!

Don’t assume that this part can help you clarify your concern. You must go through my entire article since I covered lots of things about it.

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Why Does My Dog Stink After Taking A Bath Too

Your dog stinking is nothing alarming actually. But that does not mean that you would overlook it time after time. 

There could be a couple of reasons for the bad odor of your dog. And you must identify which one is it for your dog. 

A few reasons are normal but some of them might have to be looked after immediately. Now, take a look here to know about the reasons.

We have also got here the quick solutions for the respective problems. We have got more tips that are coming in a bit after this. Take a look.

Reason 1: Bacteria And Yeasts

Bacteria is one of the main culprits of the bad smell of your dog. And along with that, yeasts are also responsible for this.

Natural oils and microbes create wet dog odor. While bacteria and yeasts get coupled with water in the bath, a bad odor is produced. 

It could also happen if the dog has been in a pool, puddle, or rain. Throwing up after drinking water can be a symptom of these issues.

If the wet dog odor is caused by typical doggie flora, there are a few things you may do. And the solution is straightforward. 

Quick Solution

In order to fix this, bathe your dog regularly. By regular, I do not mean that you have to do it daily. Because this is something that’s gonna be very harmful to your dog.

Just make sure to bathe your dog regularly as the vet said to do so. Give your dog a thorough bath using dog soaps and body washes. 

This would keep away the bad odor of your dog.

Not sure about the soap for your dog? Get an idea here:

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Hope this helps!

As you are not bathing your dog daily, do not forget one thing. That is, make sure to brush off the dust and debris of the dog’s body. 

If dust gets stuck in the hair of your dog, it can be harmful. With the bad odor, this can also be problematic for skin issues.

These are the tasks to follow to get rid of this problem.

Reason 2: A Few Certain Illnesses

When wet, dogs with fleas and contagious bacterial illnesses can have a foul odor. Such microorganisms can enter the skin’s wrinkles and crevices. 

They grow there, causing skin issues for your pet that are both uncomfortable. As a result of this, it stinks up the place for everyone else. 

Hormonal and heritable diseases, as well as other health conditions, may be to blame. In addition, gastrointestinal problems can make your dog smell worse than usual. 

Problems like allergies are also responsible too. This may make your dog rub against you a lot as it itches.

Remember this problem is more natural and inherited. Thus, you have nothing to put the blame on rather than using remedies for it.

Quick Solution

The remedy would be to treat parasites and bacteria with the necessary drugs. This will alleviate both the pet’s and your own discomfort.

You must not decide what to feed for this. But contact the vet so that he could let you know what to use.

Getting your pet to the vet regularly as needed to handle any medical issues would be good. 

And getting the right medication would let them be strong and happy, as well as your nose.

Thus, do not procrastinate with the treatment of your dog. Also, getting late with any symptoms can worsen any problems.

Reason 3: Getting Dirty And Allergies

A very common and obvious reason for getting stinky is getting dirty. Your dog definitely loves to play around and fetch. If the dog is outgoing, this is a must.

And for this, your dog gets dirty catching dust and other substances from all around. You don’t know what your dog gets when he is playing and getting dirty.

Sometimes, this can be even worse for your dog if it’s in the skin for a significant time. Without a brush-off or a wash, this can even aggregate allergies.

And for this reason, there might be a foul smell that your dog emits. This can be as bad as your dog smelling like fish.

Quick Solution

Since the dog likes to play around, it might get dirty. But try to keep them at a place which is comparatively cleaner. You may also groom your dog to avoid dust and debris.

Do not forget to brush off your dog every time he comes from the outside. Whether he plays or just goes for a walk, ensure to do it.

If needed, you may give a wash too. But don’t just use a random perfume or deodorant to get rid of the bad odor. Remember that this can be really bad for your dog.

Don’t forget to dry your dog if you wash it with water. Because damp or wet hair may cause intense irritation to your dog. And this is how you tackle this issue.

These are the 3 common reasons for your dog stinking even after a bath. I got the solutions for the respective problems too. 

Thus, you would not have any problem resolving them when needed.


Question: Is it possible to bathe my pet in the bathtub?

Answer: Yes, it is perfect and possible to bathe your pet in the bathtub. You might find it tough at first but you can fix it. If you see your pet insisting not to go in the bathtub, just manage it. You may give it a small treat to persuade it. Try to make the bath as fun as possible. This would make your pet more interested.

Question: Should I use warm or cold water for bathing my dog?

Answer: You can actually use both as there are no restrictions for this. But it is better to use warm water to bathe your dog. Because warm water would give your dog more comfort while bathing. In addition to that, this would play a significant role in washing off the dirt. But using cold water would discomfort your dog.

Question: Is it okay if I bathe my dog every day?

Answer: No, you must not bathe your dog every day. If there are any emergencies or medical issues, you may do it. But you can not bathe your dog even once a week without any special cases. You can bathe your dog once every four weeks. This would keep the dog clean. But bathing it more than that can cause irritation. And further, there could be more skin issues.

The Final Words

Now you know why your dog stinks even after a bath! I think you have got enough knowledge here about your current concern.

Remember one thing! Avoid using any random perfume for your dog to get off the stink. Because you may think that it is good-smelling but it could actually be unhealthy.

Some of them could be bad for their skin.

All the best!