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Why Does My Dog Rub Against Me [4 Possible Explanations]

Your dog has likely brushed up against you.

Now you’ve thought of a dozen justifications for why your dog might do this.

Anyways, this is pretty normal pet behavior. You are not the only one.

Several dog owners have the same query.

Why does my dog rub against me?

When your dog craves your time and attention, it may rub his body against you. It can even come when it feels sick. Smell glands around their mouth help them to remember you. It’s necessary to adhere to their needs to reduce their stress.

Want to learn more about your dog rubbing against you? Continue to know more!

Explanations For Your Dog Rubbing Against You

Your dog loves you, and obviously, you also adore your dog. 

And brushing can be a relaxing method to get to know your dog’s physique. Also, savor his companionship. 

This may result in some bonding time between you and your pup. 

I’ve compiled a list of why your dog rubs up against you.

Reason 1: Craves For Your Attention

A dog can have a few ways to show that it loves you. When a dog requires love, it will offer such gestures.  

It can come to cuddle, lick and wiggle its tail at you. One of the gestures could also be rubbing its body with you. Just a brush by you can make your puppy so much happier. 

You can give them some toys as a reward, so we are recommending some:

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Also, if your dog does this frequently, it implies you have an excellent bond. Don’t be surprised if your dog puts his butt on you one day too.  

But this might irritate some. However, there’s no need to feel concerned—animals, whether people or other animals, will express affection to one another.

Reason 2: Loyal and Submissive

Dogs are loyal. They tend to listen to their owners and seek acknowledgment from them only. There’s no second thought to that. 

Within this, your dog might get submissive to you. Submissive dogs are normal to see. But you would want to look out for some factors too. 

Why is your dog docile, even if you’ve never asked for obedience? Also, you’ve hardly ever shown superiority? 

Signaling he is obedient is an indication that he recognizes your authority. Yet, if you do this after severe discipline. There’s a chance that he is afraid of you.

Reason 3: To Share Each Other’s Smell 

Dog clans have the most increased capability of smell. You must have seen national security dogs used to locate bombs or missing persons. 

They can recognize a person just by sniffing their nose. It can extend up to one or two lickings. As a result, they can get intimidated by their owner’s smell. 

Dogs can even transmit their scent to you so that other dogs don’t approach you. This shows extreme protectiveness from your canine friend. 

An interesting fact is that dogs smell glands on their faces. This causes their aroma to transmit when they rub against you. And it’s very likely to be like this as well.

Even your dog can stand over you to smell you properly. It helps them understand you better. Try to reciprocate with them by patting them. Ignorance will make your dog feel distant. 

But you must be careful so your pup doesn’t get obsessed with you. This may show future neuro issues in your dog. 

Reason 4: If It Feels Sick

Isn’t it true that when we are unwell, we seek to care and attention?

Your dog may get rashes. As a result, it rubs against you. The same is true for our canine companions.

Rashes may be quite bothersome for your dog. It is unable to talk or signal otherwise. As a result, it is your obligation as a dog parent to understand what your dog needs.

A dog has its own set of requirements and temper tantrums. It might be either hungry or chilly. Rubbing its tummy with you might be an indicator that it’s hungry.

Even with its fur coat, it may be as chilly as cold-blooded animals. To find warmth and care, it may come to you for heat in your body.

If in doubt, ensure your dog isn’t in pain. Scratch and pat your dog gently.

Your dog may be suffering from diarrhea, but this poor soul cannot say it. Check for any inconveniences. If your dog appears to be in discomfort, contact your veterinarian immediately. 

Advice On What To Do If Your Dog Rubs Up With You

Pet training is as necessary as providing them with food. They are animals, after all. Without proper professional training, they might become what you don’t expect them to be. 

  1. Seek ways to reduce their anxiety

Dogs are susceptible to sound. Loud noises may be the source of their trauma and stress. 

Here are some clear indicators that your dog is stressed:

  • Shedding
  • Panting 
  • Whining or barking
  • Hiding from you 
  • Excessive drooling 

They may feel uneasy with a specific individual too. 

But, here’s something to bear in mind. When your dog hears the doorbell, it may rub up against you. Immediate consolation will indicate to them that it is something to be anxious about.

Allow your dog a chance to get accustomed to loud noises. 

  1.  Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries will train your dog from the start. It will know that rubbing can’t be done. Or how to be while rubbing. 

In many cases, rubbing can become an extensive injury if your dog is big. 

While setting boundaries and rules, you also have to groom them properly. Grooming includes proper playtime and exercise. 

  1.  Praise your dog when it responds as you intended

When you will be praised for not rubbing against you, or ignore your dog when it rubs. It will soon understand what is appreciated and stop. 

Make sure not to make your pup sad. Time out for your dogs will work wonders here. Here you can set a time and place when he can do whatever he wants to do. 


What does it mean when my dog rubs against everyone?

When one dog approaches a person and rubs its head against them, this is seen as a passive gesture. It might be an attempt to please someone or a dog.

How will I know if my dog is sad? 

They whine and whimper more than usual. Whiny behavior in the presence of items they usually appreciate—reduced energy utilization.

Can rubbing against me prove dominance?

A dog can show superiority by pushing or rubbing against you. This can be controlled with proper training and guidance.