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Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me [5 Reasons & Solutions!]

Your dog standing over you can be perplexing. Many dog owners are completely unaware of their dog’s behavior. Yes, I’m one of them too.

Why does my dog stand over me?

It’s possible that your dog is persuading you to act in a certain way. It can also mean that it’s trying to be protective or looking for attention. This can be a way to ascertain their authority and not feel threatened. Or simply because you’ve accidentally encouraged the behavior.

There are several things that influence your dog’s behavior. Let’s go right to the point and learn everything there is to know.

Dog Standing Over You: 5 Reasons And Solutions!

Although dogs have been tamed for generations, some experts feel that they still retain certain primitive impulses. While you were sitting or lying down, your dog may have attempted to jump on you.

It’s a regular occurrence in certain dogs, just like humping in the air. It might imply a single cause or a combination of causes. For a long time, animal behavior specialists have disagreed on the matter. 

Regardless, there are several elements to consider while seeking to pinpoint the exact reason.

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They are great and can undoubtedly assist you with your dog’s behavior. Below, I’ve outlined all of the reasons for your dog’s behavior. Let’s have a look at it!

Reason 1: It’s Being Dominant

Many people assume that dogs do it to assert dominance. It’s conceivable that this is the outcome of bullying. 

Which is more probable if it displays symptoms of aggressiveness or attempts to move in front of you.

In this scenario, it would be beneficial to avoid causing it to be afraid and to use training programs to teach it how to act the way you would like it to.

Reason 2: It’s a Case of Self-Defense

It could be because it is trying to be protective. If it occurs more often in situations when another person is present, this is more likely. 

If it gets very protective when you’re with other animals or humans, it’s also more likely.

You’ve trained it to do it unknowingly. You may have taught it to do that. By rewarding it with items it desires if it does it. If you reward it with treats, additional care, or treats when it gets over you, it will repeat the behavior. 

Reason 3: It Is Trying to Get People’s Attention

It’s possible that it’s doing so to attract more attention. This is more likely if it happens frequently when you are not paying attention. Or maybe you’d rather pay closer attention to it when it happens.

It’s better to offer your pet attention during the day by interacting with it. Like coaching it, or exercising it.

Reason 4: It is Looking For Something From You

It might be that it is attempting to extort something from you. It’s probable if it does it more often around the same time you feed it. It’ll be far more likely if it tries to do it while you’re eating.

Especially if you’re eating food that dogs love like pizza or sausage.

Reason 5: It Provides a Sense of Security

It might be because it gives your dog a sense of security. If your dog does so while it is insecure, this is more likely.

For example, when fireworks or construction are going on outside. Dogs are very sensitive to loud noises. He might get scared and stand over you to feel protected.

Should You Allow This Behavior?

Allowing the dog to be dominant is not ideal for most of us. Your dog’s attitude can be changed with just some effort and training. The first thing to keep in mind is that we should not react aggressively or overreact.

It’s possible to be firm and courteous without tolerating undesirable conduct. In any training for the dog, consistency is essential. Spend more time with him or her.  It will be easier for them to determine their place in the pack.

When you try to train your dog’s behavior, it may become hostile and snappy. Indicating a more severe problem. You can give him a slice of apple as a reward for behaving. Call your veterinarian if you think the problem is beyond your abilities to resolve.

You can connect with a behavioral expert to assist you to deal with your erratic behavior. You should never dismiss signals of aggressiveness. Since the attitude will only worsen over time if you do.

If your pooch is still young, you should start teaching him as quickly as possible. This helps to prevent significant complications later in life. 

Other Possible Solutions

Finding a canine behavior specialist is a fantastic first step. If you want to control an issue before it gets out of hand. 

You don’t want your dog to continue behaving in this domineering manner. Since he or she may end up being hazardous to themselves.

Whatever you choose, be sure to inform your veterinarian. They’ll need to know whether your dog has shown dominance or aggression in the past. Even if you’re collaborating with a pro to address and fix the issue.


Question: Why is my dog standing on my baby?

Answer: This might be because she understands that your child is a ‘baby thing,’. And that she must be cautious in her actions. It’s also possible that your dog is bothered by the crawling and wants to stop it.

Question: Why does my dog seem to be hovering over my toes?

Answer: Curling up at its owner’s feet is a dog’s natural instinct. This might be a way of showing affection. It’s as though you’re sitting next to a loved one. It’s a popular approach for dogs to engage or communicate.

Question: What factors influence a dog’s choice of a human companion?

Answer: A dog’s favorite human is the person who spends the most time with him.    Dogs have a close bond with the person who provides them with the most attention. How a person treats that dog influences the dog to choose.  


Now you know the answer to “why does my dog stand over me”. We hope you found our discussion to be useful.

Keep in mind that you are now the pack leader of your dog, and it is your responsibility to look after them. Even if it means preventing them from harming themselves.

Until the next time, friends! Best wishes!