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Why Does My Dog Stand On Me: Reasons Explained!

Your pet dog is your favorite. You adore him too. But it sometimes gets too much. Your furry baby’s feet on you seem cute. But when he gets bigger that becomes a problem. Because that can even knock you down.  

Why does my dog stand on me?

Your alpha dog could be showing dominance by standing on you. Dogs being the friendliest pet it can be quite confusing what act means what. Then again it can be to protect and provide love to you. It’s really necessary to exercise them daily for their natural development.  

Want to know more about why your dog stands on you? We have a whole guide for you. Keep reading! 

Why Does My Dog Stand on Me?

Although it is your favorite item around you. Still, it has to stay on boundaries.

Your huge dog’s feet on you might potentially be deadly. It has the potential to knock you to the ground. It may even cause you pain.

Dog training is required for all pet dogs. Whether likable or not. They are creatures that need to be trained.

They are easily handled, although, in rare circumstances, they can become rebellious. As a result, each animal lover should train their paw companion to behave properly.

Only bad dogs don’t need to stand on you. Yet, as is typical, seek advice from dog training centers or personal dog trainers. They will be able to lead you in the right route for your dog.

There could be a number of causes for this. Here’s everything you need to know about your dog’s tendency to stand on you.

Reasons Why Your Dog Stand On You

Even if our dogs’ quirkiness is what makes them so adorable. We sometimes have to wonder why dogs behave in such different manners. 

Often dog owners think, why does their dog stand on them?

Possibly your 70-pound Rottweiler feels he’s a lap dog. Who chose to stand on you all the time you sit. From its adoption to now. Does any of this ring a bell?

The reasons why your dog stands on you aren’t always negative. Pups of all sizes and breeds are prone to standing on their owners. 

Your dog may do it for a variety of reasons, like nature, grooming, and fitness. From here you might also want to know about your dog snoring. Because this also gets affected by dogs’ grooming. 

Now let us explore the most prevalent reasons dogs prefer to stand on their folks. And examine whether this is a cause for worry.

An Alpha Dog’s Dominant Nature

Most people believe that their dogs do it to demonstrate superiority.

Even so, it may be doing it as a result of traditional bullying. As it is proven that the dog comes from a family of wolves. They take turns in showing superiority. 

But that is more apparent if your pooch is aggressive. Or even if it attempts to push you to move. It will growl and be resistant to you. 

He would be less likely to obey your commands. Rather be dominant over you. Thus he can express this behavior by standing on while in any position. 

For this, dog training programs can assist you in teaching it the way you want it to.

Could Be Your Over Protective Dog 

Dogs have a protective nature. They sense danger from their strong instincts. 

It may do so as a kind of protection. It is also more likely it gets extremely protective. Especially if they are prone to acting like guard dogs.

Likely more when you are in the presence of other animals and humans.

Their sense of the gesture is awareness and attentiveness rather than caring and compassion. They may be hyper-aware of the environment. 

If they perceive themselves as the major caregiver and leader of your family.

They might sit on you to express that they care about you. Other than their humans they even sit on other pets. To wish to ensure that you are well looked after.

They Want Your Attention Because They Love You

Aren’t dogs lovely when they come to you wiggling their tails? Yes, it’s indeed.

One of the likely causes our dogs want to stand against us is for attention. Puppies are very sociable creatures. They also develop strong attachments to their human friends.

Since we are preoccupied with our regular living. A tiny fellow waits for you all day. They come and jump on you to express their excitement after seeing you.

In times like these, you can give your fur baby a little toy like the one recommended here:

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That compels it to take a position on you to be closer to you.

Dogs stretching is also an indication that it’s getting less activity than it should. Less activity will cause indigestion and discomfort. 

It would be better to offer it time through the day by interacting with it. Exercising twice a day. Rather than treating it with attention once it towers over you. 

Knock For Their Daily Activities 

A dog is not a showpiece or a barking puppet. Many pet owners do injustice by keeping their dogs in cages most of the time. This hampers their health and behavior. 

Next time they see you they become extra hyper. Also, this indicates that it might be their time for a walk. Or need to go out to pee. 

Standing on you can also say that they want to play with you. You have to understand from their wagging tail and gaze.  

Useful Tips For Your Standing Dog 

The majority of the explanations your dog stands on you are not grounds for arrest. Still, if the behavior gets bothersome, there seem to be actions you may do to reduce it. They are as follows:

  1. Keep a regularity and mealtime timetable to help your dog cope with its anxiousness.
  2. Keep an eye out for changes in your pet’s personality and temperament. 
  3. Lastly, make sure you give your dog the activity and time. It requires quite less on a daily basis. 
  4. Give your dog love and caresses if it seeks attention. Admittedly, the finest present we can give our dogs is love and acknowledgment.


Question: Can it be symptoms of anxiety in my dog if it stands on me? 

Answer: Anxiety might appear in dogs who face disruption in regular activities. Standing frequently by the owner is one of the symptoms to notice. 

Question: How can I train my dog to not stand? 

Answer: The best way to train your dog is to discourage what he’s doing. Keep stopping him repeatedly to stand on you. This act will make him stop standing on you. 

Question: Total how many hours should my dog exercise? 

Answer: A reasonable estimate is that your dog should be exercised for 25 minutes to two hours daily.


There are a range of reasons why your dog prefers to stand over you. Hopefully, this has answered your question: why does your dog stand on you?

Unless, of course, your dog is misbehaving. Seek the advice of a skilled trainer at all times. A little training can help you educate your dog not to stand on you.

Have fun with your cuddly friend but until!