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Why Does My Dog Sit On Me: 9 Reasons for This Behavior!

Nothing beats your cute little puppy cuddling up next to you.

But being near to you isn’t always enough.

However, non-lap dogs may get into your lap for many reasons.

Why does my dog sit on me? 

It’s also often about the breed’s characteristics for little dogs. Bigger dogs usually climb up to their owners to demonstrate their adoration. They, too, want to play if they want to. Even when you’re on your way somewhere or they’re bored and want to cuddle.

Moving forward, you’ll understand why your dog sits on your lap. Would you like to find out more about it? We’ve got your back.

9 Reasons Why My Dog Sits on Me

Have you ever noticed your dog treats you like a beloved comfy chair? Your dog prefers to sit on you instead of all the other sitting places. 

Here are nine probable reasons your dog could engage in this activity, including how to rid them of the habit if you decide to do so.

Reason 1 of 9: Affection

Dogs are friendly creatures that require displays of affection from their owners. When your dog desires play and attention from you, he may come to sit on you. Sometimes he comes carrying a toy or exhibiting his tummy. 

They aren’t humans and can’t seek affection vocally. So it’s their method of doing so. 

This is natural as long as your dog isn’t incredibly aggressive. Such as by snapping at you or barking loudly for nothing

Does he do this regularly? Then it may indicate that you need to invest more time in your dog by offering him tummy massages or playing tug-of-war. This will satisfy him, and you’ll most likely like it.

Reason 2 of 9: Characteristics of the Breed

Smaller dog breeds would naturally like to sit on you. Breeds such as the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, and Maltese are known as “lap dogs” because they fit well in your lap! 

This is a cozy, stinky, and cuddly place where they can feel protected and cherished. It also provides additional height, which can help them feel safer.

Specifically, your dog might feel intimidated or insecure if other dogs or young kids are nearby. 

On the other hand, more giant dog breeds seem to think they’re little lap dogs sometimes. Considering their enormous size, great Danes and English Mastiffs try to sit on their owners’ laps.

These dogs are lovely creatures. And they’re only attempting to demonstrate love the same way the smaller dogs would. 

Reason 3 of 9: Fragrance

Dogs prefer to sit on you to disseminate their smell to establish their territory and claim you for themselves. This does not imply that your dog is attempting to control you. 

But instead that he is alerting others to the fact that you are available! Sitting on you is a pretty harmless method used by dogs.

Reason 4 of 9: Cuddling

When you watched TV and desired your dog was there to cuddle with you? Dogs will occasionally lay on you just for the joy of being in your presence. Physical touch is essential for dogs to keep them healthy and emotionally content.

Do you or your dog suddenly feel emotionally boosted in the middle of the night? In such a case, grab some popcorn, your favorite movie, and a treat for your buddy. You’ll both feel good, and your friendship will be strengthened.

Reason 5 of 9: Supremacy

One of the reasons dogs sit on you is to demonstrate supremacy over you or others. Then it’s a matter of concern, and your dog should be taught out of this habit. 

Because he might sit on you and begin to act violently. Such as growling at you. This is dominating behavior, and it is not charming. 

If your dog behaves this way, remove him from your presence. It’s natural for him to want to be on your lap when other dogs are around. 

He shouldn’t be pushy about it. Never promote or reward obnoxious barking or growling.

Reason 6 of 9: Playtime

Another reason your dog may hop on your lap is to begin playing. It usually happens when your dog is on the floor or licking the ground. And your dog interprets it as a signal to come to play with them. 

If it’s the cause of your dog’s behavior, you may observe them snuggling, licking, or whimpering. You’ll see some of their playful body language, like putting theirs behind up in the air. 

While the front of their body is down, they’re invited to join the fun. Anyone requires a little fun occasionally.

Reason 7 of 9: Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety is another typical reason for your dog sitting on you. Dogs with this condition always want to be at your side. 

When you go out without them, they may scream, howl, and occasionally, which turns into a dangerous behavior to seek your attention. They’ll also sit on top of you to keep you from running. 

Does your dog show additional anxiety-related symptoms such as excess pacing or drool? In that case, you can determine if this is the cause. 

Reason 8 of 9: You Might be on His Way 

It’s also conceivable that your dog will sit on you since you’re in his territory! You might be on a section of the sofa that he considers his dog bed. And if so, he’s spent a lot of time identifying that location with his smell.

He considers it his domain and is not about to vacate it quickly. It would help if you showed the dog that you can sit anywhere. Also, if you make him sit on your bed, he’ll start peeing on it.

Reason 9 of 9: Perhaps He is Bored

Sitting on your lap might suggest that your dog is bored and wants to do something. He’s attempting to catch your interest and make you fun with him. Take him for a stroll or engage in some fun. 

Understand that he adores you and desires to spend time with you. It’ll assist in exciting them and make him feel like he is receiving plenty of your care. Also, it’s beneficial for you to go out and have a little fun with your closest buddy.

Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Sitting on You

You have several options if your dog is sitting on you. The best solution for your dog will be determined primarily by the reason for its behavior.

We’ll list a few ideas you can follow further down.

Tip 1: Training Them 

You may train your dog not to sit on you. This can be achieved by commanding it to sit or lie down. Then progressively, you can educate it to stay there for longer. 

Tip 2: Avoid Negative Reinforcement

As previously said, you may have unintentionally trained it to sit on you. Instead of offering what it wants when it sits on you, train it to sit elsewhere. And treat it when it performs appropriately.

Tip 3: Pay Attention 

They may be doing it to grab your attention, so it’d be beneficial to pay attention. You may fulfil this by working out, training, and having fun. You can also buy a dog toy to divert his focus away from you. 

If you wish to buy some dog toys, here are some suggestions:

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With these tips, we’ve come to the end of the discussion. I hope we got to help you properly. 


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