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Why Does My Dog Pee On My Bed [6 Reasons Behind It]

It can be extremely frustrating to see your bed wet all of a sudden. If that’s because of your dog peeing on your bed then an angry reaction isn’t abnormal. But that will be of no help rather it will make the situation worse.

Why does my dog pee on my bed?

Urinary tract problems are one of the most common reasons behind urinary accidents. Over excitement, fear, anxiety, stress, all of these factors can also contribute to abnormal urination. Training issues may also be the reason. Territorial dogs may mark their territory by peeing as well.

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Why Does Your Dog Pee On Bed?

There can be many different reasons behind your dog peeing in your bed. Some can be trivial but some can be life-threatening as well.

The reasons can both be a medical issue or a behavioral issue. For that, clearing out the possible medical reasons is ideal before checking for behavioral problems.

Reason 1: Urinary Tract Problems

Urinary tract problems are very common among household pets. This can be very likely to be the reason for your dog to urinate accidentally.

You can observe your dog and understand if it’s controlled urination or an uncontrolled one. If not then your dog is likely to be suffering from a UTI.

Sometimes too much consumption of cheese by your dog or other dairy products can cause UTI. Be cautious about the diet of your dog.

To diagnose this problem, your vet will run a urinalysis on your dog’s urine sample.

Typically antibiotics are given by vets to fight urinary tract infections. Other than UTI, other issues with your dog’s urinary tract problems can be a reason too.

That’s why it can get really hard for your dog to control its pee. Thus the accidental urination.

There are some other possible urinary problems as well. Such as cystitis, bladder stones, structural abnormalities, tumors, kidney problems, crystals in the urine, etc.

Most of the time a simple diet change or medication can solve these problems. You can also give prescribed supplements to your dog for such problems. But in extreme cases, bladder stones or tumors may need surgery.

Reason 2: Over Excitement

Among dogs, excited urination is quite common. Your dog may urinate a little when they are overly excited. Like, your dog dines salmon and upon giving it he might urinate out of excitement.

Dogs typically grow out of this habit after growing up. But some dogs may need training and behavioral change to solve this issue.

Reason 3: Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

It’s quite common for dogs to have abnormal urination if they are stressed or anxious. A lot of the time a sudden change in the environment can cause stress to your dog.

It’s also common that if you bring a new pet your existing pet can get stressed. Sometimes, your behavior may also affect your dog and make him upset or stressed.

Remember that undetected medical conditions may also be the reason for your dog to be stressed. Be sure the dog is medically alright and then look out for behavioral problems. 

If your dog consumes spices, it might cause irritation in the digestive system of the dog. That might lead to stress as well. That’s why be aware of the things you give your dog to eat.

Reason 4: Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence leads to involuntary leakage of your dog’s urine. It mostly occurs during your dog’s sleeping or after they wake up. 

It’s quite a common symptom for older dogs. Young dogs are less likely to have this problem.

Hormonal reasons causing urinary incontinence are quite common in female dogs. But the good news is these can be easily treated with medications.

Reason 5: Issues with Training

Most of the pet dogs are house trained by their owners. Sometimes they may get trained and pee in the right place. But it’s not unusual that your bed will become the next place.

You might need to retrain your dog to prevent it from peeing on the bed. Look out for his behavior and pattern. Once you have understood a pattern behind its behavior, act according to that.

Marking their Territory

It’s natural for dogs to mark their territory by urinating. Some dogs mark their territory more than other dogs and can be more territorial.

For that, they might pee on your bed which can be a big issue for you. But these behavioral issues can be solved by proper training and behavioral correction.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Peeing in Your Bed?

The immediate response should be contacting your vet. A urine sample will be taken by the vet for a urinalysis. Before that, they might do a full physical examination. 

Sometimes additional tests might also be needed, such as radiographs, x-ray, etc. But prior to that, your vet will discuss the possible problems. Then proceed with a treatment plan.

Below are some steps you can take in order to prevent this from happening.

Solution 1: Find Out the Reason

If you think your pet is anxious or stressed try to assess the situation. You can try to find out the reason. Even small changes like moving, the addition of a pet can make your dog stressed. Even if you are stressed, that might also affect your pet dog.

You may also try anti-stress or anti-anxiety supplements for your dog discussing with your vet. Here are some recommended ones:

Product 1
Product 2

These are not so powerful supplements to harm your pet. But they are effective enough to keep them relaxed and happy.

Solution 2: Restrict Your Bedroom while Training 

While you try to train your dog, keep your bedroom closed. Restricting your bedroom from your dog is important to prevent him from peeing in your bed. The time you’re away or busy with something else, make sure to keep your room closed.

Solution 3: Don’t Punish Your Dog

Don’t scream at or punish him if you catch him peeing in an inappropriate place. Instead, interrupt him gently. Because screaming at your dog will make his behavior worse. If your dog pees at the right place then reward him.

Now let’s move on to the FAQ section.


Question: What if my dog keeps peeing in the same place?

Answer: It’s probably because of the urine odor that is in that place. Unless you completely remove the odor from that place your dog will keep peeing there.

Question: Is there anything to keep my dog away from a specific place?

Answer: Yes. You can use dog repellent spray to keep your dog away from a specific place. Spay over the place you want to keep your dog away from. 

Question: How do I clean dogs pee from my bed?

Answer: Use baking soda on the place wet in dog pee. Baking soda can help soak up the moisture and also fight the odor. Keep it covered in baking soda for a while and later vacuum it.

Wrap Up!

We come to an end to our article on why my dog pees on my bed. Hopefully, this guide brought value to you.

In case of any extreme symptoms contact your vet immediately.

Good luck and hope to see you at the next one!