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Why Does My Dog Chatter His Teeth: 3 Reasons & Solutions

Sometimes dogs chatter their teeth like they are running a motor. The chattering sound seems hilarious at first. But as a good dog owner, you will surely become cautious soon.

Why does my dog chatter his teeth?

Several reasons can be behind the problem of teeth chattering. First, the dog can be suffering from cold or other physical problems. Then there is the possibility of mental issues of the dog. Also, some diseases cause teeth chattering. You’ve to check all the symptoms to identify the exact cause.

To solve the issue of teeth chattering you have to identify the reasons at first. For that details are must. 

Stay with us and get to know everything!

Why Does My Dog Chatter His Teeth?

The sound of chattering teeth can be very familiar if you own a dog. The phenomenon of teeth chattering is very common as dogs shake their heads. Your dog can chatter his teeth for lots of reasons. 

On a large scale, these reasons can be divided into three categories. We have discussed all the categories here for your better understanding. 

Reason 1: Physical Causes 

Several physical problems or discomfort can make the dog chatter the teeth. Look at some major causes below.


Almost all types of animals shiver in cold weather. Even human beings chatter teeth in too-chilled temperatures. Though your dog has a layer of fur on him, sometimes it is not enough.

The body temperature of the dogs can fall easily due to cold weather. There are lots of benefits to having small dogs. But if you own a small dog the possibility of chattering due to cold increases. 

The temperature that’s moderate to you can be uncomfortable for the dog. And then he will chatter his teeth.


Dogs are always jumping and playing. Many times they hurt themselves while doing such mischievous things. But dogs are unable to express their pain through words. For that they use chattering noise as a sign.

New Smell

New and unknown smells can also make dogs chatter their teeth. Dogs smell everywhere By smelling around a dog makes himself familiar with the environment. 

Dogs have a vomeronasal system for conveying more information from the smells. When smelling a new scent this system can have effects on the face of the dog. And as a result, teeth chattering starts. This is normal for a dog.

These are the physical causes for which a dog can chatter his teeth. Now let’s go through the mental causes.

Reason 2: Mental Causes

Dogs also have feelings like human beings. These feelings have effects on their brains which cause reactions. A dog can chatter his teeth due to these reactions.


Anxiety or fear is a prime reason for chattering. Several animals including humans chatter teeth in fear. Your dog can do the same too. Fear of a new place or people or environment can make the dog chatter.

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This is the complete opposite reason for fear. When the dog gets too happy he clicks his teeth and humps the owner

They can do this behavior before eating. That’s why don’t be alarmed if you find that your dog is chattering teeth in excitement. 


Dogs can get nervous pretty quickly. At that time dogs start chattering as a defense mechanism. By rubbing teeth dogs try to warn the things they are threatened by.

A dog sometimes chomps his teeth to communicate during nervousness. They try to distract the other animal or thing by clicking teeth.

Besides these physical and mental causes, a dog can also suffer from diseases and start chattering. Look at some diseases for which your dog chatters his teeth. 

Reason 3: Sickness 

Diseases have different kinds of symptoms. One of the most common symptoms of sickness in dogs is chattering. Your dog can chatter his teeth if he has any of the following diseases. 

Periodontal Disease 

Periodontal diseases mean the disease of gums. Like humankind, dogs also suffer from gum disease. And chattering is a very repeating symptom of gum disease. 

But before deciding on the disease you have to look for other symptoms too. Lots of drooling, bad breath, and eating difficulties are the signs of gum infection. Check if your dog has these signs too.


Epilepsy can be a reason for teeth clicking or chattering. Epilepsy occurs randomly. No relation exists between Epilepsy and any specific person, food, or place. 

Find if your dog chatters his teeth in any certain situation. Then you can rule out the possibility of Epilepsy. Otherwise random teeth clicking signals that your dog might have Epilepsy. 

Dental Problems 

Rotten teeth and other dental problems are very painful and create discomfort. If the dog suffers from these diseases, he rubs his teeth. He tries to get attention in this way.

The swelling of the dog’s mouth and bad breath are symptoms of dental problems. If you’re feeding them rib bones, it might hurt your dogs’ mouth accidentally. In such conditions, they rub their teeth and make sounds.

Neurological Problems 

An important disease in dogs that many people often look over is Neurological sickness. Dogs can have Neurological disorders just like us. At that time they start chattering teeth.

You should check for random teeth chattering sounds. Because random clicking refers to more serious problems that your dog may have.

You can see that your dog chatters his teeth for several reasons. Observe to find the actual reason. Below we will discuss some measures that you should take when your dog chatters.

How to Stop Your Dog from Chattering His Teeth?

Though a dog chattering his teeth is funny at the beginning, it becomes serious with time. As a sincere dog owner, you will surely want to solve your dog’s problem. 

To help you we have some solutions to offer. Let’s have a look!

Solution 1: Find the Time of Teeth Chattering 

The first and most important thing to do is to find the exact timings of chattering. Because this piece of information will enable you to find out the exact reason behind chattering. 

Solution 2: Pet the Dog 

Petting the dog is a very good way to calm him. No matter what is the reason behind chattering, the dog will love some pets. As the chattering is not charming for the dog, he will need some care. Pet him and ensure comfort.

Solution 3: Visit a Vet

If the chattering incidents become too old and repeated, visit a vet. Chattering can be a warning of a serious disease. For that, timely visiting a vet will save you from troubles. The sooner you start the treatment the better will be the result.

You can follow these suggestions to cure your dog and make him happy. Because dogs are our best friends and they love us unconditionally. And we should take care of them in the same way. 


Question: What causes a dog’s teeth to chatter?

Answer: Strong emotions can trigger chattering. Excitement, pain, fear, etc will increase it. If your dog is too violent it will keep chattering for small causes. This can be a medical cause too.

Question: Why does my dog’s mouth quiver?

Answer: Your dog’s mouth quivers for many reasons. He can be excited about something. Possible threats can make a dog quiver too. Oral pains and some disorders can also be the reason.

Question: Why does my dog stare at me?

Answer: Your dog stares at you to express love. Staring is a sign of love in all animals. While staring, the nervous system releases oxytocin in dogs. This increases the bonding between you and the dog.


This is all we have on your query: why does my dog chatter his teeth. Now you can find the prime cause and solve it.

Try to keep your dog stress-free. Spend time with him and take him out. This helps to lessen the chattering.

See you later!