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Why Does My Dog Hump Me And No One Else [9 Reasons Explained]

As much as we love our furbabies, their humping can be pretty disturbing to others.

And every dog owner goes through this at some point.

Why did my dog hump me and no one else? Are you confused?

They can hump you for several reasons. They may have a solid emotional bond with you. They feel safe and loved around you. Your dog might do it playfully. They might be seeking attention from you. Or they might be expressing their dominance. Also, they can be stressed or have allergies.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a specific answer. To have a clearer idea, let’s get to the main article. 

Why Does a Dog Hump?

Licking and humping are two common behaviors of dogs. Your dog might lick your hands, and legs, or hump you. 

There are several reasons which make a dog hump. 

Yes, it is a myth that dogs only hump for sexual reasons. Here we’ll be discussing some reasons behind this behavior.

Reason 1: For Sexual Drive

It is widespread in dogs. They hump human legs, pillows, or stuffed toys in season. When they are in heat and can’t approach a mating partner, they hump. 

But they can also hump off-season. This means when they are not in heat. To show their arousal, which is not sexual.

Reason 2: To Show Dominance 

When dogs get dominant or excited, they can bite or hump you. It’s a very natural reason for dogs to hump. Also, they show their dominance over other dogs by humping them.

Reason 3: To Play 

They can also hump while being playful. It is a part of their childhood; they often hump other dogs playfully. 

You shouldn’t take it seriously when they get excited and hump. Sometimes, your dogs can also bite being excited.

Reason 4: For Seeking Attention

We, dog owners, know how much attention a dog needs. Also, what will it do to get the attention of its owner? 

If you are the only person to allow his humping, he will likely stick with you. Also, if your dog keeps seeking attention a lot, it indicates he has insecurity.

Reason 5: For Emotional Attachment

It is more likely that dogs hump those with whom they have an emotional connection. This is why they hump their owners the most: they feel comfort and an emotional bond. 

Reason 6: To Get Rid of Boredom

They often do it to eliminate boredom if they are not active enough. This happens to the dogs who stay indoors and are given less playtime. Also, when they don’t find anything to play with. 

Reason 7: While Being Stressed

Dogs also go through stress and anxiety. And, to get rid of it, they can hump you. To communicate more and let you know. 

By humping, they feel relaxed and less stressed. 

Reason 8: While Feeling Itchy

In rare cases, dogs hump when they feel itchy around their genitals. They scratch through humping human legs or stuffed toys. 

But it should be taken seriously if they have an allergic reaction or skin problems. In this case, you should consult a vet.

Reason 9: Medical Issues

In a few cases, it is seen that humping indicates physical illness. Your dog might have a urinary tract infection or priapism. 

You must contact your vet immediately for an analysis of the illness. 

NB: Female dogs and spayed/neutered dogs can also hump. But, for female dogs, it is mainly for showing sexual arousal.

And in the case of spayed/neutered dogs, they might get an erection. 

Also, their hormone levels may not have decreased yet. In this case, give your companion some time. 

These are the common reasons for your dog to hump you. There is nothing to feel threatened about. 

But sometimes, dogs face complex issues. Such as, your dog might barf water because of anxiety. In such cases, consult a vet immediately.

Should You Be Worried? 

If your dog is humping you in front of others, try to calm them. You should deal with them with love and tenderness. You can give them toys to make them normal.

Here are some suggestions for dog toys:

Product 01
Product 02 

We hope your dogs like the mentioned items. Let’s get back to the main topic.

If your dogs grow aggressive and harsh, get professional assistance to help them. Also, if you feel something unnatural in their behavior: seek the vet’s help.

But it is okay if they are humping you and not being weird. Give your best friend some time to calm himself. 

How to Stop Your Dog From Humping You?

We all know your dog humping can be very uncomfortable in public places. That’s why you need to take measures to stop it. 

What you need to do is.

Solution 1: Discipline Them

You can’t give in to their attention-seeking. You must push them back if they start humping you and discipline your dog. Don’t forget to show affection after they become stable.

Solution 2: Exercise

Make sure your dog exercises frequently. This way, he will lose most of his energy to do anything else. So, they might stop humping.

Solution 3: Be Firm in Your Actions

You can’t send them mixed messages. Let them hump you one day and push them in another day.

You need to be very careful and precise while giving them instructions. That’s why you need to maintain a specific routine.

Solution 4: Maintain a Healthy Diet

Make your dog on a healthy diet. This way, they will be well-fed and have more energy. Your dog will use this energy to play more and hump less. 

Solution 5: Always Act Gently

Dogs are very emotional beings. Behave gently with them and do not punish them. If you punish them, they will get scared, and things can get out of hand. 

But with softer behavior, it will be easier for you to instruct your dog. 

Lastly, you can do these five things to prevent humping. But if you spot even the slightest abnormality, do not hesitate to call a vet.


Can you let your dog hump stuffed animals?

Humping is a very natural activity for dogs. If you let your dog hump a stuffed animal, you will be saved from the humping.

At what age do dogs start humping?

Humping is a non-sexual play behavior in puppies. They don’t hit puberty until they’re six to eight months old. That is when they start humping. 

Why do dogs like belly rubs?

Belly rubs are very pleasant to dogs. It feels good when their belly is rubbed and comforts them. Also, they only let their close ones rub their belly.