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NashvillePaw acquired has recently acquired, a volunteer organization that rescued and found foster homes for homeless, sick, or unwanted pugs around South Nevada, United States. After the acquisition, the founding members of will act as a board of advisors and technical fact-checkers for ​​

About Southern Nevada Pug Rescue

Southern Nevada Pug Rescue was an organization working with a mission to find shelters of foster homes for pugs around the state of Nevada. Pugs that are neglected, homeless, unwanted, sick, or injured pugs are the primary breed of dogs that the organization used to rescue. Most often, these dogs might require some training to be household pet dogs. 

The organization is totally voluntary and the members did it for a complete cause of charity. The pug rescuing operations aside, they also thought about Pug dog breed, taking proper care of them, en courage pet ownership, and such. 

The History of used to be the official website of Southern Nevada Pug Rescue, which was founded back in 2005. 

However, the history of the website goes back to 1997, when it was first launched as the official website of KC’s Pug Rescue located in Las Vegas, USA. Centering the entity of that organization, a Pug-O-Rama Fundraiser Program also took place in 2001. 

However, upon realizing the essence of a bigger spread of pg rescuers and sympathizers, the organization called “Foundation for Southern Nevada Pug Rescue” began in 2005 and that’s where the latest version of the website originated from. 

Since 2005, the organization has rescued over 800 pugs, which combines into a total of 1100 pugs rescued.

NashvillePaw Acquired, Now What

Nashville Paw is a growing blog about pet care, maintenance, and rearing. Upon the acquisition of, they have expanded their area of concern into dog rescuing, finding foster homes for them, and connecting between people who’re abandoning pets and people who are adopting them.

Especially, whenever the website will create and publish content around dog sheltering/rescuing, they will act as the subject matter experts. Nashville Paw already contains a set of excellent writers who have ample expertise in the industry of Pet. And with the collaboration, the contents of the website will be way better and refined in the future.

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