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Must-Have Items When Collecting Your Puppy From the Breeder

My love for pets, especially dogs, led me to pursue a career in dog breeding. Besides being a dog enthusiast, dog parent, and breeder, I love educating people about dogs.

Being passionate about dogs is one thing, but it is never enough, especially if you plan to adopt one. You must prepare the correct form to pick the puppy from your breeder.

You need a few things to help you and the puppy transition. The settling-in phase must work smoothly.

Below are must-have tools and items I recommend when picking your puppy up from a breeder. You can rarely go wrong with these.

What you Must Know When Collecting a New Puppy

Before we get into the exact items, there are a few things to help you prep. It would help if you prioritized comfort.

The puppy will certainly feel scared in the new environment hence the need to ease them. Make up for what they miss when away from their mothers.

Plan and come up with a list of the things they need. Some essential items are critical in helping create a puppy’s routine.

Think about the socialization needs. The puppy needs to get accustomed to the people around and other pets.

Find the right provider to make it easy for your new puppy to adjust. Get tools and accessories that foster easier and better interaction.

Also, think about the habit-forming tricks. Your puppy will learn new things for the first few weeks. Provisions, toys, and supplies make this phase easier.

What to Get for Your Puppy

My advice to first-time dog parents is to think through their decision to adopt a puppy carefully. Different categories of puppy accessories should be considered must-haves.

Items Needed When Picking the Puppy

When picking the dog from the breeders for the first time, make sure to bring the following items:

  • A soft collar to help the puppy learn and adjust to wearing one
  • A leash
  • A carrier or crate to help you carry the puppy
  • A camera to monitor the puppy’s every move
  • Soft training helps to start training at a good time. You can reward the puppy for good behavior when picking it up.

Home Supplies You Must Have

Make sure you prepare for the puppy’s homecoming. I have learned over time that you need more than the items you get when collecting the puppy. I recommend getting the following supplies.

Food Supplies

Since the puppy is transitioning, the correct type of nutrition is essential. Make sure your list of food has the following:

Puppy-friendly foods

  • Treats for training – preferably the soft kind
  • A food bowl
  • A water dish

A food storage container. (This is optional but helps with ensuring your puppy does not overfeed because of easy access to food)

Sleep Supplies

Besides eating right, your puppy needs adequate sleep to grow healthy and strong. Train your puppy early to help them adopt healthy sleeping habits and patterns.

You can achieve this by getting them the right place to sleep. Some of the supplies you need for their bedroom include:

  • A bed and pillow – choose the softer kind. If the puppy is a chewer, use old blankets to avoid destroying the expensive mattress and pillow.
  • Buy a good crate
  • Some puppies may not sleep on the new bed immediately. Buy a comfortable crate and create a cozy sleeping den at the corner of your home.
  • Get CDs and DVDs with soothing canine lullabies to help ease the puppy to sleep.

Toy Supplies

Puppies are playful and always want a few toys to keep them busy. There are lots of toys to choose from at the pet store.

Look for more robust and more challenging toys. They last longer and are likely to be more durable. Also, keep an eye out for safe toys and throw away toys as soon as they get damaged.

Make sure that the squeakers you get your puppies are not choking hazards. Also, watch out for stuffed and frayed toys lest they cause severe damage.

Top choices of puppy toys include:

  • Chew toys (Choose those made of hard rubber)
  • Unstuffed animals are safer for puppies that chew
  • Fetching toys (These include tennis balls and flying disks)
  • Toys that stimulate critical thinking (A good example would be a dispensing toy)
  • Tug and rope toys (These help with flossing and cleaning the teeth)

Training and Walking Supplies

In addition to being comfortable at home, you need a few unique training tools. I recommend having the puppy fully vaccinated before allowing them to open areas.

All vets will agree with me as this protects the puppies from unwanted infections. Whether you train the pups at a boarding facility or Open Park, safety is a priority.

The fact that they’ll interact with other dogs puts them at risk of diseases. Complete vaccination gives your puppies a fighting chance in case anything goes wrong.

Besides vaccinating them, your puppy needs a few tools to ensure successful training. Some of the items you already have, so get only those you lack.

  • Leash and collar
  • Choke-free harness
  • Poop dispensers and bags
  • Dog training pouch/bags
  • Puppy first aid kit. Preferably one that comes on its leash
  • Warm dog coat or sweater for when it gets cold
  • Dog training clicker

Also, get a few cleaning supplies. Grooming is essential to keeping a puppy healthy and safe as it transitions.

Dog Lovers Also Ask

What supplies do you need when picking up a puppy?

When collecting your puppy from a breeder, a leash, and collar are mandatory. Also, add soft treats, warm blankets, and poop bags.

What do you use to bring a puppy home?

You need a comfortable crate to get your new puppy home.

Where should a new puppy sleep on the first night home?

It’s best to have your puppy sleeping in a comfortable crate close to your bed. You can always react and attend to the puppy’s needs sooner.

A video of the things you need when bringing a new puppy home