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Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream: A Few Things to Consider!

Did your furry pet lick some whipped cream from your cake? You might be worried about the consequences. Well, everyone likes whipped creams. For dogs, it could be a sugary treat.

Can dogs eat whipped cream?

Whipped cream is not poisonous to dogs, so it’s safe to feed. You should give plain and unsweetened whipped cream to your dog. Otherwise, your furry companion might develop problems like gaining weight, dental decay, diabetes, or even have a stroke. If your dog is lactose intolerant, stay away from whipped cream.

You might still be worried. That’s why we’ve prepared this article. Hopefully, it will give you insights into all things related to whipped cream and dogs.

Let’s get started without any more hesitation!

Should I Give My Dog Whipped Cream?

You might be tempted to give this delectable treat to your pet. In moderate amounts, whipped cream is neither detrimental or beneficial for dogs.

Whipped cream is safe for dogs to eat on occasion, according to animal health experts. It should not, however, be consumed daily. It’s best not to give it more than once a week.

A tablespoon will suffice to satiate their sweet taste at times such as Christmas.

What Kind Of Whipped Cream Can I Give To My Dog?

You should only give plain unflavored whipped cream to your dog. Unsweetened whipped cream is the best choice. The store-bought whipped-ready mixes contain a lot of artificial flavors and sweeteners. 

So it is better if you just make the whipped cream on your own. Just add a minimal amount of sugar. In that way, you’d be able to avoid the side effects. 

Can Whipped Cream Be Bad For My Dog?

Nothing is essentially toxic in whipped cream except in some conditions. So your dog can have whipped cream. But there are some side effects to giving whipped cream. 

We have listed the potential impacts of whipped cream on canines. Let’s check them out!

Weight Gain 

Overindulgence in whipped cream poses the greatest danger to pets. It’s fine to have a small amount of fat and sweets. However, taking too often can result in significant weight gain.

That’s why you should avoid sugary treats like marshmallows. Excess weight in dogs is significantly more widespread than most people realize. A dog’s weight can swiftly rise if the whipped cream is regularly consumed.

Dental Problems

Overindulging in sweets has its consequences! Your dog encounters the same problems. Whipping cream is high in sugar, which can contribute to a variety of tooth problems.

Dogs and cats aren’t likely to have actual cavities, but dental decay is credible.    Sugar accelerates this process by making acids that are bad for your dog’s mouth.

Digestive upsets and 


Whipped cream’s light and airy consistency are due to the presence of air. Whenever your dog eats the cake topping, they take in quite a bit of air that you aren’t aware of. Dogs can get bloated if they overeat.

There is more to bloating than simply having too much gas. It can be fatal! In extremely rare circumstances, the stomach may begin to twist and turn.  This stops your dog from getting enough air and puts pressure on his other organs. If it’s not addressed correctly, dogs can die.

Stroke and Diabetes

With more weight comes an increased risk of stroke and diabetes. Whipped cream, as previously said, contains a lot of sugar. A dog’s health can be jeopardized if it consumes too much sugar. 

The bad news is that when your dog eats it in bulk, its blood glucose levels will rise. You should avoid making high blood glucose levels become a frequent occurrence. Otherwise, your dog might develop diabetes.

Lactose Intolerant

Lactose is difficult for dogs to process. But lactose sensitivity differs amongst dogs. Some dogs are susceptible to dairy products and should not be fed them. Nausea, acid reflux, and allergic responses are all possible side effects. 

Many canines are not completely lactose intolerant. They wouldn’t eat yogurt if this were not the case.

Can I Feed Dairy-Free Whipped Cream To My Dog?

The best kind of treat for dogs is dairy-free whipped cream. When a dog reaches old age, the enzyme lactase is no longer produced. It is necessary for the digestion of dairy products such as milk and cheese. Because of this, some dogs are opposed to all forms of dairy products.

I have listed some non-dairy whipped cream options. Let’s check them out.

Coconut milk Whipped cream

It is acceptable for dogs to eat coconut-milk whipped cream. You don’t need any dairy or sugar to make Coconut Whipped Cream. You can make this at home with just a few ingredients.

The coconut milk should be whisked until it resembles whipped cream. Store-bought coconut whipped cream may contain sugar and dairy. Look out for artificial sweeteners on the label. 

Vegan Whipped Cream

The majority of vegan whipped creams are created with aquafaba.  It is the liquid extracted from tinned chickpeas. This is entirely safe for dogs to consume. You can try out the vegan whipped cream brands.

Almond Whipped Cream

Dogs can eat almond milk whipped cream. But ensure that your pooch is not sensitive to almonds.  Give your dog plain almond milk, neither sweetened nor flavored with raisins or chocolate.

Sugar substitutes like xylitol are harmful to dogs. Raisins can also be poisonous, causing renal failure if consumed in large quantities. Never take a chance with almond milk; always go for the simple, unsweetened variety.

These were the dairy-free alternatives. But there are a few types of whipped you should avoid entirely. 

What Kinds Of Whipped Creams Should I Avoid?

In some cases, whipped cream could be bad for your furry friend. You should avoid whipped cream altogether if your dog has an allergic reaction to dairy and a few other products. 

We have prepared a few types of whipped cream that could be fatal for dogs. Check these out!

Vanilla Whipped Cream

Vanilla extract, which contains alcohol, is a typical ingredient in whipped cream. Alcohol is hazardous to dogs in general. The quantity of alcohol in vanilla essence used in whipped cream is far too small to hurt our canine companions. 

The same goes for vanilla-flavored ice cream. A dog who eats too many vanilla desserts may develop alcohol poisoning. 

Special Flavored Whipped Cream 

Caffeine-rich beverages and foods are deadly to dogs. Convulsions, high blood pressure, restlessness, and barfing may be seen if a significant portion is consumed.  A tiny amount of coffee, on the other hand, can be tolerated by canines. 

Although chocolate contains coffee, theobromine is the crucial component that makes it poisonous to dogs. This is bad for your dog because it could make them sick from chocolate poisoning. Coffee and theobromine are not effectively metabolized and digested by our canine buddies. 

Canned Whipped Cream

Dogs may experience bloating due to the gas included in canned whip cream. That’s why you should always read the food labels on everything you buy for your dog. 

When a dog’s stomach becomes bloated, it means that it has too much gas in it. It can be a real stumbling block. It can also create stomach twists, a painful disease that requires immediate medical attention.


Question: Can dogs eat whipped cream on cakes?

Answer:  Typically, cakes include chocolate, coffee, or vanilla-flavored whipped cream. Dogs can’t process these flavors, and snacking cream with either of them can make them very sick.

Question: Can I give my dog a cool whip?

Answer: You should not give Cool Whip as it is essentially a sweet, syrupy oil. Cool whip has a lot of corn syrup, artificial flavors, and preservatives which is bad for dogs. 

Question: Can I give my dog Puppuccino from Starbucks?

Answer: Starbucks offers a Puppuccino, a small cup of whipped cream, to patrons who have furry friends. It is created specifically for dogs so that it is harmless for dogs that can’t digest milk.


Now you know everything about whether dogs can eat whipped cream. Now you can decide if you want to add whipped cream to your dog’s diet or not. 

Whipped cream won’t harm your dog, but it also won’t help them. There are considerably better options. Leave the heavy cream for the personal delicacies and indulge in some healthy treats for your furry friend!