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Can Dogs Eat Walnuts [3 Facts You Should Know About]

Walnuts have many benefits for us, humans. It can help to reduce cholesterol. Plus, it can reduce blood sugar and also blood pressure.

Walnuts, especially fresh ones, are high in omega oil, antioxidants, and protein. I understand that you want your dog to enjoy all these benefits. 

Can dogs eat walnuts?

No, dogs cannot eat walnuts. They can choke after having walnuts. Also, they might not be able to digest them. Walnuts are rich in fat content and it’s not good for dogs. You should avoid Black walnuts at all costs. Because they are extremely harmful to dogs.

That was just a preview. I’ve included all the relevant information in my article. Read along!

Is It Okay For My Dog to Eat Walnuts?

Before I answer this question, it’s imperative that you know some facts. Because it will help to understand things better. So, let’s get to it.

Black Mold

You see, walnuts are prone to a sort of mold. It’s known as the black mold. I’ll tell you why that’s relevant.

Well, these molds are extremely harmful to your furry best friend. Dogs can get sick from this.  

Fungus and Mycotoxins

The walnut’s moisture content is high. Actually, it can start the growth of fungi. 

And the fungi can develop at any point in the walnut’s growth process.

Starting from harvest to ending up on the store shelf, the fungi can grow. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether the walnuts are shelled. Because it can grow inside the shells.

Do you know about mycotoxins? Basically, the fungi can produce mycotoxins. It’s a type of metabolite. But the more important part is – these are regarded as carcinogenic. 

It can cause seizures and also tremors. Your dog might even end up in the hospital.

High-Fat Content

You know that walnuts are high in fat content, right? Actually, that has negative impacts on your pup’s health.

Suppose you have walnuts and their weight is an ounce. Take a guess on how many grams of fat is present. It’s 18 grams.

Yes, I know 18 grams doesn’t sound much. But allow me to put that into perspective for you. 

Let’s say your dog weighs 30 pounds. Do you know the safe amount of fat for a dog of that size? It’s 14 grams.

So, because of all of this, it’s not okay for dogs to eat walnuts. But you should find out if dogs can have cashews.

What Are The Risks Of Feeding Walnuts to Dogs?

Are you still thinking of giving walnuts to your pooch? Let me stop you right there. Because you need to know about the risks.

Walnut Poisoning

Remember I told you that walnuts can develop fungi and mold? All of that can result in walnut poisoning. 

Keep an eye out for the following signs and symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Panting
  • Hyperthermia (elevation in body temperature)
  • Restlessness
  • Excessive salivation
  • Weakness
  • Appetite loss
  • Dehydration
  • Seizures
  • Incoordination
  • Muscle tremors

Take your pet to the veterinarian straight away if something doesn’t look right. Also, your dog might react differently to another nut which is a peanut.

So, you should find out whether dogs can eat peanuts.

Intestinal Blockage and Choking Hazard

Have you seen the size of walnuts? Yes, it’s one of those nuts that are larger in size. You might be thinking what does that have to do with your dog.

You see, these nuts cannot be digested properly. And that might lead to intestinal blockage. The case might be severe if your pup happens to be of a smaller breed.

Also, intestinal blockage can be difficult for dogs. Because they might require surgery to remove the blockages. That’s not something you want to put your dog through.

Eating walnuts that are shelled can also create an obstruction in your dog’s intestine. Because shelled walnuts might get stuck very easily. 

Another thing – your pup might wind up choking when trying to eat walnuts. 

On another note, almonds are also larger in size. So, you can find out whether dogs can eat almonds

Diarrhea and Vomiting

You already know about the fat content in walnuts. As a result, your furry best friend’s stomach may become upset.

Actually, you can tell if your dog has an upset stomach. Because the symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting. 

As a result, your pup might lose appetite. That can also lead to feeling weak. 

So, quite a few risks are linked to one another here.

Gastroenteritis And Pancreatitis

These are the extreme and the most serious cases of walnut consumption.

Basically, gastroenteritis is an infection. It happens in the tract which is gastrointestinal. To be more particular, it can especially happen in the intestines and stomachs. It gets inflamed.

Pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas gets inflamed. 

All of these can totally break your happy and healthy pup’s spirit. The point is, it’s too much for your dog to handle.

So, you know all about the risks now. Let’s go to the next part then. 

What If My Pup Accidentally Had Walnuts?

Are you getting worried because a walnut fell off the counter and your dog had it? It’s alright. Because just a small amount won’t harm your pup. 

Besides, the fresh walnuts that are bought from the store have fewer chances of containing black mold. It’s the walnuts that are gathered from the outdoors that are more toxic.

Wait. Did that change your mind? Well, don’t let that be a green signal to feeding walnuts to your dogs. Because the risks outweigh everything here.  

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These walnuts are of good quality. You’ll enjoy them!

If your dog ingested black walnuts then you should keep a close eye on him. These types of walnut are very toxic to your four-legged friend. 

That’s about it. 


Question: Can my dog have walnuts that are pre-packaged?

Answer: No, your dog cannot have walnuts that are pre-packaged. Because these are usually heavily salted. Also, it includes other additives like seasonings. So, it’s not good for your pup.

Question: Can my dog have walnuts that are cooked?

Answer: Usually, when germs contaminate foods, boiling destroys the bacteria. It makes the meal safe to eat. But cooking isn’t going to remove mycotoxins. So, your dog cannot have cooked walnuts.

Question: Can my dog have walnut oil?

Answer: Your dog can have walnut oil. But you need to keep an eye on the calorie intake. In addition, you need to adjust your dog’s regular intake of food accordingly. 

Final Words

To sum up, feeding walnuts to your dog is just not worth the risk. It’s best to keep walnuts away from dogs. I’d say that trying to stay on the safe side is a better call. 

I hope you liked my take on whether dogs can eat walnuts. That’s all I have for you. But if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

Alright, then. Bye. Take care!