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Can Dogs Eat Tuna: Know Your Facts

Dogs are our everyday companions. We love to share our food and shelter with them. But we’ve to be sure whether all of our foods are good for the dogs.

Can dogs eat tuna?

Dogs can eat tuna if it is not served frequently. Tuna has mercury in it. Thus, it increases the mercury level in the dog. This is a deadly issue. So you’ve to be careful while serving this dish. The proper time gap between meals is a must. Also, there are alternative fishes that you can feed to the dog.

This is only the gist of the article. If you want a detailed explanation, spare some moments and read through the article!

Let’s begin!

Can Dogs Eat Tuna? 

Yes, dogs can eat tuna but under supervision. Dogs can consume shrimps and other fish without any problem. Fish is very essential for dogs. Because fish contains high amounts of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. But you must be conscious about tuna. Dogs can get sick and suffer from different complex health problems because of tuna fish.

Why is Tuna Harmful for Dogs?  

Tuna is a very popular saltwater fish. But this fish has higher levels of mercury stored in their body. The quantity of mercury in tuna is much higher than that of salmon and tilapia. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that is extremely dangerous for dogs. For this reason, tuna is harmful to dogs. 

Eating tuna can cause mercury poisoning in dogs. This will lead to health complications and it can be fatal. Mercury gets into water bodies from volcanic eruptions and other coal-based industrial operations. The longer a fish lives in the water the more it accumulates mercury. 

Since tuna is a fish with a long lifetime, it accumulates large quantities of mercury. Thus tuna becomes a potential death threat to the dogs. 

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Too Much Tuna?

Now that you know the deadly effects of tuna, you have become conscious. But what if the dog has consumed tuna previously. Don’t get worried right now. Follow our given procedures if you think your dog is in danger.

Many times mercury gets into dogs unknowingly. We accidentally feed them fish like tuna. So, you have to frequently check on your dog’s health

We have made a list of symptoms of mercury poisoning. See the list below.

  • Blindness
  • Loss of feeling in paws
  • Hair loss
  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Vomiting blood
  • Diarrhea
  • Kidney damage 
  • Loss of coordination
  • Tremors

If these symptoms prevail in your dog, it is probably suffering from Mercury poisoning. The dog is in a very uncertain situation now. 

Visit The Vet

Once you have marked the symptoms in the dog, the first thing to do is visit the vet. The vet will check your dog’s health precisely and identify the actual condition. Then he/she will prescribe medicines according to the level of poisoning. 

Check & Change The Diet

Check every item on the dog’s diet list. There must be a breach that is allowing mercury. Alter every suspicious item. If you don’t understand properly, take an expert’s help. Since this matter is directly related to the dog’s health, don’t take the matter lightly. 

You can see how hazardous mercury poisoning is for dogs. So always monitor your dog’s diet. Don’t get all nervous if you identify poisoning symptoms in your dog. Rather stay calm and take the necessary procedures.

How to Feed Pet Dogs Tuna?

The tuna is very tasty and nutritious. As the dogs eat rib bones, they like to eat tuna too. So you must be thinking about whether there is any safe way to feed tuna to dogs. We have made a discussion on that topic for your convenience.

Feed Tuna in Moderation 

Dogs can eat a little amount of tuna. Tuna will be safe if you regulate the quantity carefully. A small volume will keep your dog cheerful. Nutrition will be useful too. But if you cross the limit the chances of mercury poisoning will increase.

The quantity depends on the size of the dog. But even for a large dog, more than one can of tuna isn’t allowed. The quantity will decrease proportionally with the size of the dog. For small dogs, you can feed them one tablespoon. 

Feed Tuna Irregularly 

This is also an important thing to be controlled. Even feeding in small amounts, tuna must not be fed every week. Keep the tuna as a special treat. If you feed once, skip tuna for a few weeks. For large dogs, this gap duration will be lesser than small dogs.

To stay safe avoid feeding tuna regularly. A spoonful of tuna two times a month will be good enough. In this way, the dog will be able to enjoy the taste and also stay safe. 

Choose Tuna with Less Mercury

A lot of varieties of tuna are available in the market. The mercury level also varies in them. Canned tuna is used in plenty generally. They are mainly prepared from Skipjack and Albacore varieties. Among these two the mercury level is less in the skipjack than that of the latter. So you can feed this one to the dog. 

But canned tuna also contains a lot of salt. Too much salt is bad for the dog too. Saltless canned tuna is also available in the market. Try to provide this tuna to your dog.

We have some suggestions for canned tuna that are saltless. Have a look at them.


We think you will be happy to use these products.

You can feed tuna to your dog by following the correct manners. Actually from dogs eating popcorn to eating tuna, accurate procedures are a must. Oppositely the dog can become sick and suffer a lot. Always be careful while feeding tuna. 

What Are The Alternatives of Tuna for Dogs?  

The nutritional value of tuna is undeniable. Also, dogs love its taste. Since you can’t feed tuna regularly you need to know alternatives. Then you and your dog both can be happy.

While choosing fish for the dog you have to check out the mercury level. The best fish for dogs are the ones with the least mercury level. Fishes used in commercial dog food are the safest. The fishes in this food are whitefish, arctic char, flounder, herring, and salmon.

Among all these salmon can be your best choice. It is a very good alternative for your dog’s taste. Salmon is one of the best sources of protein. The functional benefits of salmon are enormous. Besides proteins, it is high in vitamins and antioxidants. Omega 3 is also available in salmon. Salmon keeps the dog healthy by helping in digestion and reducing inflammation. 

Try to give different alternatives to tuna to your dog. A mixed type of food is always better for the health of the man’s best friend. 


Question: Can dogs eat cooked canned tuna?

Answer: Yes, dogs can eat canned tuna. But don’t make it a regular habit. Also don’t feed them canned tuna with extra salt. Check the label thoroughly to choose the best tuna for the dog.

Question: Can I mix tuna with dog food?

Answer: Mixing tuna with dog food is not a good idea. Tuna is not permissible as daily food. If the fog eats tuna daily with its food the mercury level will increase rapidly. This is a severe health hazard. Rather you can give occasional treats of tuna to your dog.

Question: Can you give dogs canned chicken?

Answer: Yes, you can give dogs canned chicken. Raw chicken is good food for dogs. The problem with canned chicken is the excess of sodium. So don’t provide canned chicken to your dog every day.


We think now you have got the proper answer to can dogs eat tuna. Follow our article to ensure the good health of your dog. Comment below for any queries.