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Can Dogs Eat Tortillas [All You Need To Know]

Tortillas are delicious everyday food for humans. But in regards to your fur baby, its consumption raises a few barks and boos. And that may lead you to question whether it’s edile for them.

Can dogs eat tortillas?

Yes, dogs can eat tortillas but there are certain restrictions. They should only eat corn tortillas that are unseasoned. Though it isn’t the healthiest option for your dog, it could be used as a reward. Tortillas should never be served to dogs on a regular basis. That’s because they contain toxic elements full of gluten.

Now we understand that this may have still kept you in the dark. Hence we’ve curated a detailed article on this topic. Just scroll down and give it a read!

Can I Feed My Dog Tortillas?

The debate of if you should feed your dog tortillas is as old as the debate of dogs eating popcorn. Now, feeding your dog tortillas isn’t wrong itself. You can definitely feed your dog tortillas. 

But there’s a catch. You can feed it to your dogs in restriction and only resort to a specific tortilla kind. Not all tortillas are good for your puppy’s health. Even those that are beneficial to us may not be beneficial to others.

Tortillas, on the other hand, might be used to train your dog or simply as a reward. So serve them with care and precision.

What Kind of Tortillas Is Healthy for Your Dog?

Tortillas are made of different things, for instance, wheat, flour, corn, etc. But, are all these tortillas good for your dog? Actually, experts have suggested only giving corn tortillas to dogs. 

Let me explain to you why-

Corn Tortillas

Now, even though there’s a buzz about dogs eating corn, corn tortillas are considered better for dogs. Corn tortillas, in fact, have fewer carbs, gluten, and calories than wheat tortillas. That makes them a suitable candidate for consumption.

They’re a great replacement and can be used to treat your dog. Although the nutritious value of it towards a dog’s health is still questionable, it does make a great snack. 

Even so, take it slowly and don’t serve too much at a time. That could become a concern in the future.

Here are some of our favorite brands for corn tortillas. Check them out-

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Hope you like these as much as we do. These will make a great dietary supplement for you and a tasty snack for your dog.

Wheat Tortillas

Tortillas made from wheat or whole grains are another option. It’s now a safe and healthful substitute for flour tortillas for people. But this is a recipe for catastrophe when it comes to dogs.

Wheat and whole grain are indigestible to dogs. If they consume wheat goods, they’ll begin to throw up or experience severe diarrhea. In this instance, wheat tortillas are unbeatable.

That is why wheat tortillas should never be fed to your dog. If necessary precautions aren’t taken, it could be disastrous for them.

Flour Tortillas

Tortillas made with flour are heavy in salt, oil, and fats, all of which are unhealthy. It has a high carbohydrate and gluten content. Also, its high inflammatory factor might make you question if your dog eats flour tortillas at all.

If your dog is allergic to gluten, you should avoid it at all costs. Aside from that, flour tortillas might lead to obesity and excessive cholesterol in your dog. So be cautious when serving it.

If the stars align in your favor and your dog requests tortillas and all you have is flour, go ahead and feed them. Taking a bite shouldn’t hurt. 

How Much Tortilla is Too Much Tortilla for Your Dog?

Dogs have different appetites than humans and also other dogs. So, that’s why their serving should be separate according to their size, breed, and tolerance.

For a small dog like a pomeranian or Shih Tzu, don’t give them more than ¼ of a 7-inch tortilla. Which is a few bites if you’re counting.

For medium to large dogs like corgi or german shepherds, ½ -¾ would be enough. If you want you can also give a whole tortilla to a large dog of 40-50 pounds. But that’s the limit.

Don’t give them tortillas regularly though, it should be an occasional thing. Feeding them tortillas once or twice a week would be enough.

There’s one more thing to keep in mind. Avoid giving tortillas to your dog if they are allergic to gluten. Or if they start having health issues after having tortillas, stop giving it to them immediately.

Benefits of Giving Your Dog Tortillas

Though tortillas bring no visible health benefits, they’re still pretty good. They might not be nutritious but they can be used for many other dog hacks.

You can start with a training session. It’s already hard to discipline dogs. But with the right treat, they might cooperate more. So, here’s where tortillas come to play.

Giving tortillas as treats would motivate the dogs during training. Also, because tortillas aren’t very addictive for dogs, there’s no chance for them to beg for more.

A replacement for fat supplements. If you just rescued a pup that’s deeply malnourished and needs to gain weight soon, feed them a tortilla. This will boost the gaining process and help your dog to regain its strength.

Lastly, it does make a fun treat. Maybe because of its texture or flavor, tortillas are a good treat. So, after a warm-up session gives this as a treat to your good boy.

Health Hazards of Tortilla Among Dogs

For starters, the health risk it poses would be obesity due to over consumption, indigestion, bloaty poop, etc. Other than that, over consumption of tortillas could cause fatty liver, high blood pressure as well. 

Also, if you’re being careful, your dog’s cholesterol might hike. And this may cause them to have heart diseases. 

Seems like the side effects of tortillas aren’t just limited to diarrhea or vomiting. And that’s a major flag for you not to overdo the amount of tortilla consumption for your furry friend.


Question: Can dogs eat popcorn?

Answer: Yes, but not frequently. Popcorn for dogs should be unseasoned and unbuttered and not too hot. Also, too much popcorn can cause serious health issues to your dog.

Question: Can dogs eat salad?

Answer: Most definitely. But just like before, not too much salad and no salad dressing should be added to it. Moreover, too much lettuce consumption can be harmful so be careful with the serving amount.

Question: Are tortillas safe for cats?

Answer: Yes, they are safe. That is, as long as they are served in small batches and are only made of flour and without any seasoning.


Hope this answers every query you have regarding whether dogs can eat tortillas. We’ve tried our best to explain everything we know.

But make sure to contact a vet fast if your dog shows any reaction to it. No way you should compromise your pooch’s health for anything.

We hope you and your dog have a wonderful journey ahead.

Stay safe and have fun!