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Can Dogs Eat Tangerines: Find Out The Answer Here!

Do you pet a dog and are extremely careful about what it eats? Well no doubt, you should be! But this concern leads to not being able to feed your dog varieties of food. 

You may have thought about feeding tangerine to your dogs. But might have been doubtful whether it’s okay to feed your dog tangerine.

But I’ll clear that doubt once and for all today!

Can dogs eat tangerine?

Well, your dog can actually eat tangerines! In fact, it’s quite healthy for your dogs to have a treat of fresh tangerines. But you need to make sure of one thing. That is your dog is eating tangerines within a limit. Because consuming too many tangerines can increase their sugar level which isn’t good!

Not satisfied with the answer and want more assurance? Then head over to the article in which I’ve discussed all about it in detail. 

Can Dogs Really Eat Tangerines?

Tangerines are not only non-toxic, but they also go well with a variety of other fruits. Vegetables and human cuisine are also generally safe and beneficial to dogs. 

Tangerines are nutrient-dense and beneficial to dogs. So yes, dogs can consume them.

Tangerines can be similar to watermelons for dogs. It contains a variety of nutrients including Vitamin C, potassium, folate, and beta-carotene. These can also be found in carrots. 

Tangerines are safe to give to dogs in little amounts. On top of that, it’ll supply some of the vital nutrients required. 

Tangerines are also naturally sweet, so your dog may appreciate them. A dog’s diet should include a variety of fruits and vegetables in moderation as part of a well-balanced diet. 

Giving sugary treats to dogs on a regular basis can greatly increase their daily calorie intake. It can also assist them in gaining weight that is harsh on their joints. So letting your dogs eat candies might not be that healthy.

Always remember to limit the sugary treat for your dogs. So, to answer your concern, you can definitely treat your dogs with tangerines! But do not make it too often.

Is Sugar In Tangerines Unhealthy For Dogs?

Fruits like tangerines and oranges can contain a significant amount of sugar in them. And sugar in a quantity more than regular is not good for anyone! No matter if it is human, animals, or birds, sugar does always need to be taken in a low quantity.

Even when it’s a healthy fruit such as tangerines, sugar in great quantity is unhealthy for dogs. Sugar content is high, which indicates there are a lot of calories. Fruit sugars, such as fructose and natural sugar, can lead to obesity in dogs. 

Limiting your dog’s treats is one approach to keep sugar in check. Consider your dog’s complete diet and the number of calories it requires. You can reward yourself with 10% of those calories in the form of sweets. 

But don’t give much more than that.

If you want, you can do one thing. I know that it would sound really weird but it may work. You can mix a bit of broccoli with tangerines and trust me it’ll make a great combination.

The combination of broccoli and tangerine is quite healthy for your dog. It can also lessen the sugar for a greater quantity of food. Your dog might not want to eat broccoli just like your kids. 

So, mixing it with tangerine would definitely be a good idea!

As broccoli is essential for your dogs, you can also mix it with pedigree if you want. Now, if you’re wondering about the best pedigree for your dog, hold on! I have got a few suggestions:

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This pedigree can be really healthy for your dogs!

How Can I Treat My Dog With Tangerines In A Safe Way?

Tangerines contain indigestible material and this could upset the intestines of a fragile dog. The stems, bitter peel, and even the beans should all be separated as much as possible. 

A dog could be able to digest it up comfortably, considerably in size. It’s best to stay away from the parts of fruits and vegetables that are the most difficult to digest. This can help prevent vomiting, constipation, and stomach pain in your dog. 

It could also mean a trip to the veterinarian to address an intestinal blockage.

What about the use of essential oils? Well you could have heard that they should be avoided in the presence of dogs. 

Tangerines, for example, contain essential oils. You don’t have to be concerned about the amount of sugar in fruit. Essential oils can be found in citrus fruits. The concentrated oils, on the other hand, can be more unpleasant and troublesome.

What Are The Other Healthy Fruits For My Dog?

I don’t only recommend tangerines for your dog as a healthy fruit. Because there are few more! But I would recommend you avoid grapes and raisins as they can result in kidney failure. 

That doesn’t mean you need to avoid other sweet fruits though. 

You can actually let your dogs eat many other fruits. Apple, oranges, and mangoes for your dogs can be great! Blueberries, strawberries, and pineapples are also healthy for your dogs.

Keep in mind that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. It can range in size from a few pounds to huge hounds. And each dog has its own set of nutritional and medicinal requirements. 

That means a particular meal, or the quantity you feed, may cause your dog to react violently. Another dog, on the other hand, may brush it off. If your dog consumes something that you’re not sure about, call your veterinarian right away. 

Your dog may have consumed too much of something, resulting in lasting stomach issues. If you’re still skeptical, get expert advice. Many veterinarians have an emergency service you can call if you need care right away.

All the best!


Question: Do dogs have cuties?

Answer: Citrus fruits, such as Cuties clementines are not hazardous to dogs. However, you must still be cautious about the amount of food you give your dog. Excess sugar consumption in dogs can result in a variety of health problems.

Question: Can dogs have watermelons?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! You can let your dogs have watermelons. Watermelons are a great and healthy choice for your dogs. In fact, your dogs would love the treat of watermelons. Watermelons can be quite effective for your dogs in hot weather.

Question: What fruit is not considered good for the dogs’ health?

Answer: Animals like dogs are generally poisoned by cherries. In addition, grapes and raisins can also harm the kidneys of dogs. Grapefruit, as well as citrus fruits, can also be harmful to the stomach of your dogs. So, it is recommended to avoid grapefruits as well. 

The Final Words

Now you have the answer to can dogs eat tangerines! With this guide, you should be able to feed your dog tangerines the right way. 

Make sure you take the assistance of medical science for any unexpected consequences for your dog!

Good luck!