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Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes [3 Ways to Be Benefited]

Sweet potatoes are delicious and nutritious at the same time. Sweet potatoes can also make up delicious meals for your dog. But is it safe, and how much of it should you give it to your puppy? 

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes?

Yes. Sweet potato can be very good for your dog but in moderation. It’s rich in fiber, vitamins, etc. It also contains beta-carotene that can prevent severe health issues in your dog. But too much sweet potato can be harmful as well. Excessive consumption may cause diabetes, obesity, etc.

Wanna know more about sweet potatoes as food for your dog? A whole guide is waiting just for you. So, read along.

Is Sweet Potato Good for Your Dog?

Yes, definitely. Sweet potatoes can be a viable source of necessary nutrients along with fibers. They are also filled with carbohydrates like rice but safe for dogs.

It’s safe for dogs but may be problematic if consumed too much.

Now, let’s find out the good and bad sides of feeding sweet potatoes to your dog in detail.

Benefits of Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are natural, healthy, safe, and full of nutrition. It can benefit your dog in multiple ways. Since it’s full of fiber, it improves digestive health in your dog. It also has low-fat content with vital minerals and vitamins.

It’s also cheap and easily accessible. Thus it’s a good idea to include turkey in your dog’s diet.

Let’s explore the biggest benefits that sweet potatoes offer to your dog.

Rich in Fiber

The biggest reason why fiber is necessary for your dog is to promote good digestive health. Fiber encourages consistent and healthy bowel movements. So, if your dog is suffering from constipation or any digestive system problem fiber can help.

It can also help alleviate diarrhea and promote weight loss. Fiber gives a feeling of fullness that can help avoid overeating and thus lose weight.

Rich in Vitamins

Sweet potatoes are an amazing source of health-improving vitamins. It contains a lot of different vitamins which are:

  1. Vitamin A
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Vitamin B6

Sweet potatoes are one of the vegetables that offer a hefty amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes healthy eyes, coat, skin, muscle, etc in dogs.

Vitamin C helps improve the immune system and also your dog’s eyesight. It also promotes healthy blood vessels and blood cells.

Vitamin B6 promotes better brain function and development in dogs.


Beta-carotene is an essential antioxidant that benefits the dog with multiple things. The yellow, orange, gold color that you see inside the sweet potato is because of it.

It also reduces the risk of different kinds of cancer. Also, beta-carotene contributes to the prevention of heart diseases in your dog.

Dog’s can convert beta-carotene into vitamin A. Beta-carotene also acts as a helping hand in improving your dog’s vision, bone growth, and skin. Thus, it also prevents blindness, abnormal bone development, etc.

Now, if you are thinking how you can feed your dog sweet potato, do not worry! We’ll provide you with a detailed recipe to make a delicious treat for your loved one. Let’s check it out!

How to Feed Sweet Potato to Your Dog

Want to feed raw sweet potato to your pup? It’s actually a bad idea. Raw sweet potatoes can upset your dog’s stomach. Also, the skin of the potato might not be digested that easily. As a result, if eaten, this might upset your dog’s stomach.

So, it’s best to boil or cook the sweet potato before feeding it to your dog. Many people tend to use salt to boil the potato. But don’t do that because salt is toxic to dogs.

You can also give it mashed or steamed. It’s best to not roast or bake the potatoes as it will nullify a lot of the nutrients.

Introduce sweet potatoes with meals of chicken, fish, vegetables, etc. If you are still not sure, then here is a recipe for sweet potatoes for your dog.

Sweet Potato Crisps

This recipe is easy to pull off without needing any other ingredient than the sweet potato. Here are the steps:

  1. Preheat the oven to 250 C.
  2. Slice the potatoes like chips. A thicker slice will be a chewier chip while a slimmer slice will be a crisper. Dog’s often like the crispier one.
  3. Place the slices on a baking sheet or a foil sheet over a baking tray.
  4. Put the tray in the oven and bake it for 1 hour.
  5. After baking for 1 hour pull out the tray and turn over the slices.
  6. Put back the tray inside the oven and bake for another 1 hour.
  7. Let it cool down.

There you have it. Delicious sweet potato crisps that dogs will definitely love. You can also store it to feed your dog later. But make sure to put it in an airtight container.

Add some mushrooms safe for dogs to make it better or bring variation. Or any other vegetables that are safe for dogs.

When Can Sweet Potato Be Bad?

Too much of nothing is good. So, despite all the good qualities of sweet potato, too much of it may be problematic.

Sweet potato is a great source of carbohydrates. But as we all know, too many carbohydrates can cause a lot of health issues.

Sweet potatoes are starchy carbohydrates that turn into sugar inside the body. So, it may contribute to gaining too much weight. 

Sweet potatoes’ starchy carbohydrates provide food for pathogenic bacteria and yeast. And this can result in a yeast infection. Then there’s the itching.

If your dog consumed sweet potato but is not itchy then there’s nothing to worry about.

Too much sweet potato also increases the risk of high blood sugar levels. Starchy foods like sweet potato may cause an insulin spike in your dog’s body.

The insulin spike may result in diabetes, insulin resistance, cancer, thyroid disease, etc. So make sure to give your dog sweet potato in moderation.


Question: Should I give the sweet potato skin to my dog?

Answer: No, it’s not entirely dangerous for your dog. But it’s hard to digest so you better not give potato skin to your dog. It may cause an upset stomach.

Question: Can I add seasoning to my dog’s treat to make it tastier?

Answer: Absolutely not. Even though it will make it tastier it may cause serious trouble for your dog. Salt is toxic for dogs and you must not add any kind of additives to the dog’s meal.

Question: Can my dog be allergic to sweet potatoes?

Answer: Yes. If your dog is allergic, don’t give them sweet potato as it carries severe risk. Talk to the vet and find alternative food sources for your dog.


That’s all from our side today. We hope you got the answers to your questions about dogs eating sweet potatoes.

If you come across any trouble regarding your dog’s health do contact a vet immediately.

Hope to see you in the next guide. Until next time!