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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries: All You Need to Know!

Providing the same food again and again often bores your dog.

Seasonal fruits can be a good source of proteins, vitamins, and fiber.

Strawberries are one of them.

So, it would help if you regularly treated them to different healthy and nutritious meals.

Can dogs eat strawberries?

Yes, they can. Strawberries have many proteins that allow the body to function correctly. Antioxidants fight against free radicals and protect their health. Vitamin C boosts the immune system. Multiple minerals present in them help the digestive system and muscle function.

This is just the summary of this entire discussion. We’ve shared a few tips and tricks for feeding strawberries to dogs. So keep reading!

Nutrition Facts in Strawberries

There are uncountable nutritional benefits dogs will get from strawberries. All the variants of berries, such as blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries, are filled with antioxidants. 

Berries offer only a tiny amount of calories. They also provide dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

Here’s a secret: enzymes like malic acids will help whiten your dog’s teeth! 

Anyways, let’s dive into the nutrient factors of strawberry-

Protein and FatsAllows a doggy’s body to function correctly. It helps to reduce kidney failures.
Vitamin CIt’s a powerful antioxidant that omits free- radicals and boosts the immune system. It helps to diminish inflammation, reduce cognitive aging, and fight cancer.
ManganeseMicro-minerals help to metabolize proteins and fatty acids. Also, to regain energy, ligament, and bone development. 
Folic AcidWorks directly on DNA synthesis and red blood cell reproduction.
PotassiumMaintains the pet’s kidney and heart. Helps run the digestive system and muscle function.
Malic AcidThe enzyme helps to whiten your pet’s teeth.  
FiberFiber works on digestion by letting the food go through the digestive system. Prevent diarrhea.
AntioxidantsIt fights against the free radicals from damaging the molecules and cells. 

This fruit is the complete package of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. These will help build a robust and healthy body and protect your dog from health complications. 

Negative Impact of Strawberries

You’ve already learned all the positive nutrition facts about strawberries. The fruit is filled with almost every kind of nutritious element—these help build a healthy body. 

But yes, there are also some destructive impacts of strawberries as well. It applies to both the human body and dogs. 

Natural Sugar

Strawberry is a sweet fruit that contains high sugar levels. The natural sugar in strawberries is damaging for diabetic or overweight dogs. Excess sugar is always harmful to humans as well as other species. 

This fruit must be served only as a treat, not regularly. It can increase blood sugar levels and will be the culprit causing numerous health issues.

Still, if you follow a strict diet chart as a pet parent, there’s nothing to worry about. Feed strawberries to your pet occasionally, and there’ll be no health complications.


Allergy can be another side effect of having strawberries. However, it’s not that noticeable on dogs. But we can’t deny the possibility of any rare situation.

Generally, proteins in strawberries are the reason behind unwanted allergic reactions. You’ll notice skin itching, hives, vomiting, or diarrhea as symptoms. It’s common for both dogs and humans. 

Similar complications will occur if your pet accidentally eats raisins or grapes.

If you observe these complications, know your dog has caught an allergy. In this situation, talk to your vet immediately. Take the necessary steps to relieve the pain in your pet’s body.

And if you feel that the allergy is not so severe, provide an antihistamine to your pup. 

But make sure you’re doing that under the supervision of your vet. You can find antihistamines in our suggestions below-

Product 1
Product 2

We hope this will do the work.

2 Amazing Strawberry Recipes for Your Doggo!

Despite all the opposing sides, we’ll still encourage you to feed strawberries to your pets occasionally. Being a responsible pet parent, you probably want to serve every dish uniquely. 

For strawberries, it won’t be an exception.

We’ll show you two fabulous recipes that own the puppy’s heart. Both of the recipes are easy to make. And you can prepare these within 30 minutes to an hour.

Strawberry Cookies

In our first recipe, we will be making a perfect summer-time dish for your pal. You can serve this frozen food to your pet in hot weather. 


  • ½ cup sliced strawberries
  • One banana
  • ¼ cup of oat flour
  • 1¼  cup of wheat flour
  • ¼ cup of whole grain rolled oats
  • ¼ cup of almond milk

Now, let’s learn the preparation method.

First, blend the banana and the strawberries in a blender. Make a smoothie and place them aside. Further, grab a bowl and gradually add flour, oat flour, and whole grain oats. 

Lastly, add the Honest Kitchen Perfect form. 

Mix the ingredients thoroughly until it’s fully combined. Then add the smoothie we prepared before. Also, add the almond milk and knead the dough using a hand.

Next, place the dough on a plain surface and roll out to ¼th thickness. Now use different shapes of cookie cutters and cut the dough into pieces. Lastly, bake the cookies in the oven at 360° for 15-20 minutes. 

Finally, please remove them and keep the cookies aside for cooling.

Voila! Our cookies are ready! 

Now, you can serve freshly homemade strawberry cookies to your furry friend anytime. 

Frozen Strawberries Shake

Now, let’s move on to our second dish. We’ll prepare a smoothie this time. This drink is, again, a perfect summer-friendly treat. 


  • 500gm of fresh strawberries
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • ¼ cup of water
  • Knife
  • Blender
  • Ice Cube Tray 

We bet this is the most straightforward recipe you’ve ever prepared. You slice the fruit into pieces and blend it with water. Blend until it becomes a thick paste. Assemble the elements and start the cooking session. 

After that, pour the paste into ice cube trays and keep it inside your refrigerator. Freeze it properly and serve the cold fresh iced strawberries and some peanut butter.

Isn’t it amazing to knock up simple yet flavorful dishes for your doggo?

Try to serve meals in unique ways so the pet loves the dish and grasps it at a glance. That’s all for today.


How many strawberries can I serve in a day to my doggy?

Serve your puppy only one strawberry a day. Medium-sized dogs can eat 3-4 pieces, and the full-grown ones can have up to 5 strawberries. However, you have to serve the fruit sensibly.

Is honey safe for doggies?

Answer: Well, yes, it is. But only in a small quantity. You can add honey to a sweetish taste to their meal, as it’s used as a sweetener. But never serve raw honey to your doggy who has immune system issues.

Can dogs eat all types of veggies?

No, they can’t have all the variety, but most of them are safe. You can feed them veggies like carrots, parsnips, green beans, broccoli florets, peas, cauliflower, and so on. Meanwhile, avoid onions, leeks, and corn on the bulb.

Final Verdict

That was all we gathered on whether dogs can eat strawberries. Hopefully, you have gotten some ideas and are more convinced than before. 

Remember! Do not ever feed your dog something that you aren’t sure about.

Lastly, happy feeding!