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Pet Dog Diet: Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

You might be tempted to include raw chicken in your pet dog’s regular diet. But before going for that approach, you want to make sure it’s safe for your dog.

Can dogs eat raw chicken?

Although it’s not directly harmful to your dog, raw chicken can have its risks. Raw chicken possesses a great threat of salmonella infection. It can make your dog lethargic, sick, and nauseous. In some cases, feeding raw chickens can lead to worse outcomes for your dog.

The given information isn’t enough to form a general idea. However, you can read this article that we prepared to help you understand this topic better.

Let’s get started!

Should I Feed Raw Chicken To My Dog?

Chicken offers a great protein source for dogs. It’s a common ingredient in almost all dog foods and the dogs seem to love it.

Wild dogs are accustomed to living on raw chicken meat. And it has great nutritional values too. Many people think it’s okay to feed raw chicken to their pet dogs. 

But there are many vets who disagree with the idea of feeding raw chicken to dogs. According to their concern, raw chicken runs the risk of salmonella and other bacterial contamination.

Others argue that a dog is much more capable of handling raw chickens compared to humans. Due to having much more acidic stomach acid, they can protect themselves against bacteria.

According to some research, serving raw chicken to dogs can pose great danger to them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that raw chicken is not good for dogs. But it does carry a great margin of risks in some cases.

On the contrary, properly cooked chicken is safe and a good substitute for regular dog food.

You should play it safe and avoid feeding raw chicken to your pet dog. Buy chicken meat that is fresh and cut it in small chunks for easier digestion. Your purchased chicken meat might have preservatives added on. Make sure to rinse the meat before serving.

Rather than serving only the chicken, try mixing it up with other healthy grains and vegetables. This will offer a balanced diet for your dog.

Another thing to keep in mind — don’t add any additives to the meat. Most dogs face upset stomachs and nausea due to additives like seasoning. The same is true for feeding dogs spicy foods.

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Raw Chickens?

Let’s take a few moments to learn about the benefits of raw chickens.

A lot of owners prefer to feed raw chickens to dogs because of their nutritional contents. About 80% of raw chicken consists of protein. Moreover, raw chicken doesn’t provide any sugar or carbohydrates.

Beneficial nutrients such as vitamin B12, magnesium, potassium, and many more are abundant in raw chicken.

Raw chickens also don’t cause allergic reactions in dogs. So you won’t have to worry about having any problems with allergies.

And lastly, raw chickens are not expensive, which makes them too good to overlook.

What Are The Risks Of Feeding Raw Chickens?

We’ve already discussed whether or not you should feed raw chicken to your pet dog. The demerit of raw chickens hugely outweighs its benefits. Oftentimes, it can even be fatal for your dog depending on its immunity system.

In this segment, we’ll know more about the risks of serving raw chicken to dogs. If your dog’s diet mostly consists of raw chicken, you might have three major concerns-

Salmonella Infections

Perhaps the most common threat from consuming uncooked or undercooked food is salmonella infection. Dogs with salmonella infection face food poisoning that can leave the victim without appetite.

For dogs, salmonella infections can lead to vomiting, upset stomach, fever, and even diarrhea. The dog will be lethargic and will eventually lose appetite. 

If your dog has a case of a poor immunity system, the outcome can be much worse. 

It’s hard to detect the bacteria of salmonella without proper equipment which is not always available. So in most cases, salmonella infection is often detected after the dog gets sick.

To avoid such cases, make sure to thoroughly cook the meat before serving. Don’t serve aged meats as they have a higher chance of contaminating salmonella bacteria.

Digestion Problem

While feeding raw chicken, you might accidentally feed raw chicken bones to your dog. These bones can puncture the intestine and other internal organs of the dog.

Raw bones are also not digested properly. This can cause other severe damage to the organs responsible for digestion.

Separate the bones from the meat before feeding raw chickens to your dog.


Don’t get us wrong. We know that raw chicken has about 80% protein and some other necessary nutrients. However, only raw chicken is not enough for your dogs.

Although rich in protein, raw chickens lack a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. Providing an exclusive diet of raw chicken can result in vitamin and mineral deficiency in dogs. This will eventually lead to serious malnutrition.

Dogs suffering from malnutrition face a number of difficulties. For starters, their growth, as well as bone formation will be significantly hampered by it. The dog will face diseases related to nutrition deficiency.

Furthermore, malnutrition will make the dog lethargic and weaken it. 

Try providing a balanced diet along with raw chickens to reduce the risk of malnutrition. Dog foods or kibbles consist of all the necessary nutrients required for your dog. Make sure your pet gets a proper diet regularly to stay in the perfect shape.

Looking for quality kibbles but don’t know which brand to pick? Why not take a look at these brands that we recommend-


These brands produce kibbles rich in high vitamins and calories for your dog. 

What Are Good Alternatives Of Raw Chicken For Dogs?

For starters, you can try feeding chicken broth to your dog. It’s a healthy mixture of chicken and rice and a good diet for your dog. You can also adopt randomness in your dog’s diet. Throw occasional chicken wings and legs with dog foods or kibble. 

Yet another highly nutritious alternative for raw chicken can be fish. It might not be a suitable option for a regular diet. But it certainly won’t hurt to adopt fish as an occasional treat for the dogs.

The best approach is always to cook the meat properly before serving. Carefully plan your dog’s diet based on its health and weight. 

Consult the nearest vet to learn more about the appropriate diet of your dog. Closely follow your dog’s health. Steer clear feeding raw meat to your dog. This includes feeding other kinds of meats too. You shouldn’t feed raw pork to dogs either.


Question: Should I cook raw dog food?

Answer: Cooking raw food will alter the nutritional properties of the food. Your food will eventually lose some of its nutritional value if heat is applied. This means that your dog will be missing out on the necessary nutrition it requires.

Question: Is too much salt bad for my dog?

Answer: Too much salt is bad for your dog. Because eating too much salt makes the dog extremely thirsty. Moreover, the consumption of too much salt can lead your dog to face several health issues. So it’s better to avoid salt in the dog’s diet.

Question: What fruits are toxic for dogs?

Answer: Fruits that have a high concentration of citrus can be toxic for dogs. Citrus fruits like lemon, limes, and grapefruits can result in an upset stomach for dogs. Moreover, grapes and raisins can cause kidney damage. So steer clear from feeding your dog those fruits.


Can dogs eat raw chicken? Despite having a few benefits, you shouldn’t go on to feed your dog raw chicken. It’s simply not the healthiest option for your dog and is very risky for its health.

We’ve reached the end of our article. Hope we cleared up any existing confusion you had about raw chicken in the dog diet.

Stay safe and have a great day!