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Can Dogs Eat Pretzels: 3 Reasons Why Pretzels Should Be Avoided!

Dogs are a man’s absolute companion. So naturally, when you’re snacking on some pretzels your dog may want to take part in it as well. But, you may be contemplating whether it’s okay to give your dogs pretzels. 

Can dogs eat pretzels? 

As common pretzels contain a lot of sodium, it’s best to not feed them to your dogs. Flavored pretzels are more strongly discouraged. Too much sodium intake can cause severe problems to your dogs like salt poisoning. 

These are only a tiny bit of all the information that you need to know. So, without any hesitation, let’s get to the main event!

Can Your Dog Eat Pretzels?

The quick answer is no, dogs cannot consume pretzels. The main reason is that pretzels are high in salt. Pretzels are one of the saltiest human snacks out there. 

Just like how dogs can’t eat pepperoni as it is too salty, pretzels can’t be eaten by dogs as well. 

Humans and dogs cannot tolerate the same amount of sodium. For a human, the amount of salt that can be taken in a day is 2300mg. Whereas for a dog it is around 100mg give or take. 

So intrinsically, you can see how much of a difference that is. A medium-sized pretzel contains about 40 mg of salt. This amounts to 40% of a dog’s daily salt intake.

Excess salt might be harmful to your dog’s health. It can cause a slew of issues in your dog’s body.

Dogs also cannot process and digest sodium the same way a human can. It takes them a lot of time to digest salt. Taking too much salt in a short amount of time can wreak havoc on their digestive system. 

On top of that if the pretzel is flavored then keep them far far away from your dog. Certain flavors are poisonous to dogs. 

How Pretzels Affect Dogs

Pretzels are incredibly unhealthy to dogs. They cause a slew of issues in your adorable pup’s body.

Even though both bread and pretzel are baked goods, bread contains significantly less amount of sodium. So dogs can eat bread but not pretzels. Now, let’s look at how pretzels might hurt your dog. 

Minor Inconveniences 

If your dog has taken only a little bit of pretzel then the symptoms wouldn’t be too major. Your dog may drink a bit more water than usual as sodium intake would make your dog thirsty.

In addition, your dog may pee a little more and retain fluid.


Now if your dog consumes too much salt within a brief amount of time then it may suffer from dehydration. Dehydration can cause damage to your dog’s brain cells. 

Your dog may suffer from neurological problems like seizures, headaches, and dizziness. Muscle spasms also take place due to dehydration. 

Salt poisoning 

Salt poisoning manifests itself in fast heartbeats, fainting, and respiratory problems along with dehydration in dogs. In severe cases, salt poisoning can even cause the loss of your beloved pet. 

What To Do If Your Dog Has Consumed Too Many Pretzels? 

The first thing that you need to do if your dog has consumed too many pretzels is to consult a vet immediately. In the meantime conserve your dog to see how it’s reacting to it. 

Excessive pretzel consumption might lead to serious complications. Some of the symptoms to check for in your dog include: 

  • Diarrhea 
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Seizure 
  • Vomiting 
  • Increased heartbeat 
  • Muscle spasm 

If you see any of these symptoms in your dog then instantly take it to the ER. Your dog may be suffering from salt poisoning and needs to be treated immediately. 

Your vet after accessing your dog may lay out further treatment plans. Usually, they need to be given oxygen and electrolytes with an IV. This will lower the salt level in your dog’s body at a slow pace. 

Sometimes your doctor may even prescribe medications that your dog needs to take to recover. 

What Are The Problems of Flavored Pretzels? 

Depending on the type of pretzel, your dog can suffer from numerous problems if it consumes. I’ve mentioned a few flavors down below that are particularly detrimental to your dog’s health. 


Just like humans, dogs can be lactose intolerant as well. So giving your dog a cheesy pretzel isn’t the greatest idea out there. 

Dogs that are intolerant to lactose don’t have the necessary enzyme required to break down dairy products. So their body suffers from dietary complications for a few days when they consume dairy products.

You can detect whether your dog is lactose intolerant or not by its previous experiences with dairy. 


Chocolate-covered pretzels are probably the worst type of pretzel that you can feed your dogs. 

Chocolate is one of the most harmful foods for dogs.

Theobromine is a chemical found in chocolate. This chemical is highly poisonous to dogs and can cause chocolate poisoning.

In milder cases of chocolate poisoning, your dog may experience stomach distress and diarrhea. As for severe cases, it can be fatal for your dog. 

Garlic and Onion

We, humans, love to eat garlic and onion-flavored snacks. Pretzels come in these seasonings as well. However, these beloved flavors are extremely harmful to dogs.  

The compounds present in the species of garlic and onion are intolerable to dogs. As a result, they could grow agitated and vomit. Diarrhea is another possibility.

With continued consumption, the red blood cells present inside your dogs can get damaged. Thus, your dogs can get anemic. 

Grapes or Raisins 

There are so many pretzels on the market with raisins or grapes in them. These grapes can cause harm to your dog’s health. Specifically, dried grapes like raisins can be toxic to dogs. 

Eating raisins can cause kidney failures in dogs. So it’s ideal to refrain from giving both fresh and dried grapes containing pretzels to your dog. 

What Kind Of Pretzels Can Your Dog Eat? 

Now you may ask “what if I feed my dogs unflavoured and unsalted pretzels?” In that case, I’d say you can feed them but it’s better not to. Just like how dogs can eat specific tuna, only certain pretzels can be fed.  

Pretzels contain a lot of carbohydrates and not enough nutrition. So feeding them so much carbohydrate isn’t particularly healthy. 

Instead, opt for treats that are specifically made for them. There are so many types of biscuits available for dogs on the market. 

These biscuits are designed specifically for dogs. Moreover, they contain appropriate nutrition for dogs. So they are perfectly suitable for your dogs to consume and enjoy at the same time.  


Question: What should I do if my dog has eaten a lot of pretzels? 

Answer: You should immediately consult a vet and take your dog to a pet clinic. It’s better to get a thorough checkup of your dog.

Question: Can my dog eat soft pretzels? 

Answer: No matter what form of pretzels you feed your dog, at the end of the day it contains a lot of sodium. So it’s harmful to your dog. 

Question: How will I know if my dog is lactose intolerant? 

Answer: Usually you can detect this by carefully observing how your dog reacts to dairy products. For maximum clarity visit the vet. 

Final Thoughts

With that, we’ve reached the end. So next time If your dog wants to eat some of your pretzels, hand them dog treats instead.  We hope you’re clear on whether dogs can eat pretzels.

Until then, have an amazing day. Hope to see you again!