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Can Dogs Eat Potatoes [Detailed Guide]

We, the humans, are undoubtedly potato lovers no matter in which form they are. Eating potatoes isn’t easy having a pet. Your dog would surely want to have bites. But you can not feed anything to your dog without proper knowledge!

Can dogs eat potatoes?

It is highly recommended to not feed your dog potatoes. If you are still willing to do so, ascertain that they do have seasonings. You should never feed them the processed potatoes too. Feeding them boiled potatoes once in a couple of months can be healthy for your dog.

You have got a brief about what you are looking for. But we might have missed a few more important tips. Keep on reading to know more!

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Can My Dog Eat Potatoes?

Well, to get an answer to that, read in detail to know about a few things. But to a straightforward answer, it is better not to give potatoes to your dog. 

Because this is not as healthy for dogs as other vegetables like cabbage.

It is not poisonous if you treat your dog with boiled or cooked potatoes with no seasoning. Even though it is not toxic, you should still avoid potatoes for your dog. 

But you can consider it once or twice. In that case, it can be beneficial as potatoes contain vitamins and other essential nutrients. 

Thus, it basically depends more on how you prepare it for your dog. Just because a particular food is healthy to humans doesn’t mean it’d be the same for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Potatoes?

An uncooked potato must never be fed to dogs. White potatoes are a part of every family and that also covers tomatoes. 

Solanine is found in raw potatoes, just as it is in tomatoes. And this can cause potato plant poisoning.

Some dogs get poisoned by this substance. Boiling a potato, on the other hand, lowers the amount of solanine. 

If you still want your dog to have a potato, it has to be cooked or at least boiled. 

And nothing should be added to it. Fried or seasoned potatoes are harmful to dogs. There is no way you can feed these to dogs. 

But you can feed them mashed potatoes if you want. 

Potatoes should not be offered to your pet dog if he or she has diabetes. Because these might increase the level of blood sugar.

A dog obtains the majority of its nutrients from animal protein like raw chicken

As a result, even if you treat your dog with baked potatoes, do it in moderation. Too many carbs in a dog’s diet would lead to obesity along with many other issues.

Is It Safe for My Dog to Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are a better choice than general potatoes in terms of nutrition. This happens as sweet potatoes are more nutrient-dense. 

Various types of vitamins and calcium are available in this. It also contains potassium, magnesium, and iron. 

To add to that, your dog might also love sweet potatoes more than general potatoes. 

Dogs can have different types of immunity than one another. As a result, start with a modest amount of potato. You must ensure that your pet will be able to digest it. 

Try to have a discussion with the veteran once you are willing to add a different item to the diet.

How Can Potatoes Be Harmful to Dogs?

Potatoes have a high glucose content. For animals with diabetes or obesity, this can be a problem. As a result, puppies can consume potatoes. 

However, this does not imply that they must become a regular part of their diet. 

The quantity is also a concern. If your dog consumes too many potatoes, as with many foods, unfavorable health consequences may occur. 

The organs of dogs are built to obtain the majority of their energy from animal protein. 

When you start to give potatoes to your dog, go in moderation. Begin with a tiny amount to verify that they are able to digest it. Make sure to follow the 10% rule. 

That is, ensure that it doesn’t exceed 10% of your pet’s daily calorie intake.

What to Do If My Dog Accidentally Eat Potatoes?

Dogs can sometimes be cheeky and do unexpected things. This is nothing common and is accepted by pet owners. 

Thus, your dog may accidentally eat potatoes without your concern and consent.

Don’t panic over it as you can get help. Just reach out to the professional veteran for help. Make sure you don’t try to do anything without the proper knowledge to treat your dog. 

This can lead to additional hazards in no time. 

Try to reckon the symptoms if your dog vomits or faces any gastric issues. Make sure to let the veteran know everything in detail.

If you want an instant solution for vomiting, then try out medicines.

Not sure what medicine to choose? Here are a few suggestions:

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We hope these suggestions were helpful for you.

What Else Can I Feed to My Dog As A Treat?

You can feed your dog fruits as a refreshing treat. Fruits like apples, bananas, and mangoes for your dog are fantastic! 

You can also feed your dog strawberries or tangerines.

Don’t turn it into an eating habit though. Because this may lead to sugar issues as these fruits have sugar. 

Feeding your dog these fruits can be a reward or a simple training tool too!


Question: Can my dog eat tuna fish?

Answer: Tuna fish are large in size and they are quite high in mercury. But this does not make tuna harmful for your dog. You can feed tuna fish to them in moderation. But remember to see if your dog has any reaction after consuming it.

Question: Is it okay for my dog to have cheese?

Answer: Cheese is not a good item for dogs to consume. You can feed it but is it highly recommended not to do so. Because cheese is really high in fat and contains salt in it. Thus, it can make your dog obese and lead to other diseases.

Question: Can dogs eat eggs?

Answer: Yes, dogs can eat eggs. But remember a few things. Remember to boil the egg properly like not keeping it raw. Do not season with salt or other spices as they would create discomfort to your dog.

The Final Words

Now you know, can dogs eat potatoes or not! We tried to cover the information that would help you out with your concern.

Before we wrap up, here is a bonus tip! You can actually put a small portion of potato on a piece of vegetable. This would make it more attractive with a healthy diet.

Good luck!