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Pet Care Tips: Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Your pet dog is keen to have a bite of the pork that you consume. Although you’re willing to treat your dog with occasional pork, you’re not sure if it’s safe.

Can dogs eat pork?

Dogs have difficulties digesting pork that aren’t cooked properly. Moreover, processed pork can cause severe illness to your dog due to having high-fat content. Raw pork can lead to nausea, pancreas inflammation, upset stomach, etc among dogs. Plain, properly cooked pork is a safe option for your pet dog.

All of the above still lacks much crucial information. Don’t skip yet! Take some time to read this very important article about porks in the dog diet.

Let’s start!

Should I Let My Dog Eat Pork?

Porks, despite being a rich source of protein and other nutrients, are not ideal for dogs. Unlike humans, dogs are not well equipped to handle the salt present in processed pork.

But why so?

Most of the pork that we consume today is widely supplied processed pork. This processed pork sold in the market is produced for human consumption. Processed pork contains high-volume salt and spices which are highly toxic for dogs.

Pork, however, isn’t entirely toxic for dogs. Given certain conditions, even your dog can enjoy a delicious treat of pork. 

Plain pork is safe for dogs as long as it’s left out of seasoning and cooked properly. Completely avoid mixing any form of add-ons with the bacon you’re going to feed your dog.

Your dog might be okay if it’s fed only a minimal amount of unsalted plain pork. But we suggest you’re better off scraping off the pork completely from its diet.

There are other types of pork that offer less processed or less fatty alternatives. Similar to pork, we don’t recommend letting your dog eat ham. 

Is Eating Raw Pork Okay For My Dog?

Raw or undercooked pork is equally hazardous for both humans and dogs. Raw pork grows parasites that can lead to having an infection known as trichinosis. Porks infected by trichinella spiralis larvae can harm your dogs if served raw.

Although humans are more vulnerable to trichinosis, dogs too can be affected greatly by it. Trichinosis can lead to severe pain, nausea, upset tummy, diarrhea, and many more side effects. The severity of the sickness can vary depending on the immunity system of your dog.

On the contrary, the presence of pork in raw dog food is safe for consumption. Dog foods are refined through several stages of calculated processing and freezing. Doing so kills existing parasites as well as impedes their growth.

You can feed your dogs raw dog food that contains raw porks. But make sure to properly cook the pork if it’s standard processed pork. 

If your dog shows any sign of illness after consuming pork, consult a vet immediately.

What Is The Healthy Amount Of Pork For Dogs?

There are contrasting opinions on the healthy amount of pork in the diet for dogs. Vets don’t offer an exact number for the pork portion in the meal. The amount can vary from dog to dog depending on their health, breed, and other factors.

To find out the healthy amount of pork for your dog, you’ll have to experiment. Try serving a small amount of pork at first. Keep a close eye for any physical reaction. 

Similar to pork, lamb and rabbit can trigger allergic reactions in your pet dog. Dogs have difficulty digesting a certain type of fat present in pork.

That certain type of fat can cause digestion problems for your dog. In the worst-case scenario, your dog can end up having an inflamed pancreas.

Anyways, if your dog is healthy and loves to have occasional pork treats, go for it. But make sure that the pork is properly cooked, plain, and free from any add-ons. 

Try to stir away from feeding your dog large servings of meat as much as possible. Go for low-fat foods and more fruits and vegetables. You can give occasional treats to your dog by letting your dog eat grapefruit.

DO NOT serve your dog pork if it’s allergic to it. Such carelessness can be fatal for your pet dog.

Is There Any Alternative Meat To Feed My Dog?

From what we’ve learned so far, one thing is clear—pork is not the ideal food for your pet dog. However, there are many healthy alternatives to pork that your dog can still enjoy without difficulties.

Some healthy alternatives to pork are-

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Turkey
  • Lean Ground Beef
  • Duck

The above-mentioned alternatives are way safer and healthier for your dogs. Nevertheless, they need to be well cooked to prevent any sign of salmonella and E-coli bacteria. You can feed your dog raw chicken.

You can find a lot of healthy dry dog food options in the market. Here are some dry dog foods from top brands you can pick for your pet dog-


They’re rich in a balanced diet for your dogs and easily digestible for them.

Cut the meat into small, bite-sized pieces. This will make the meat easier for the dog to chew and digest. Avoid adding any additives to the pork you feed your dog. 

Take your dog to the vet immediately if it starts displaying the aforementioned symptoms.

Following a proper diet and feeding practice will keep your pet healthy all year round. Closely monitor your dog’s habits and its reaction to certain foods.


Question: Is a raw diet healthier for my pet dog?

Answer: A typical raw diet for dogs includes a number of food components containing all necessary nutrients. These nutrients help build up shinier coats, improve skin and dental health. A raw diet can get rid of lethargy and other weaknesses in your dog.

Question: Are Bananas good for dogs?

Answer: Bananas, if provided in moderation can be a great nutrition-filled treat for dogs. They are a great source of potassium, fiber, and other vitamins essential for growth in dogs. Moreover, bananas contain very low cholesterol and sodium. Just be careful not to include it in your everyday diet as bananas have high sugar content.

Question: Are Dogs allergic to peanuts?

Answer: Peanuts aren’t considered to be toxic for dogs. But one must still take careful approaches to learn what his/her dog is allergic to. Peanuts also boast a high-fat content. So it’s advised to feed peanuts to dogs in moderation.


So, can dogs eat pork? Yes, they can. But only if the pork is plain and thoroughly cooked. Even so, we suggest you go for the better meat alternatives for your dog.

That said, we are going to wrap this article now. Hope we were able to help you know better about your dog’s diet. We wish you and your pet the best of luck!