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Can Dogs Eat Plantains: 3 Recipes For Your Fluffy Friend

Dogs don’t crave plantains usually. Vegetables are never a meal for a dog. But plantains do pack a lot of nutrients. 

Can dogs eat plantains?

Dogs definitely can eat plantains. Plantains are really healthy for a dog. But, it is harmful to a dog to eat raw plantains. Boiled or steamed plantains are fibrous and easy to eat. Also, packed with nutrients the dog needs. Plantains can be harmful though. But only in large quantities. 

Want to learn more about the benefits and recipes of plantains for dogs? Below we have 3 recipes for your fuzzy BFF. Also everything you need to know about plantains for dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Plantains?

The straight answer is yes! Dogs can eat plantains. Plantains are basically vegetable bananas. But plantains should not be served raw in large quantities. 

Plantains are packed with fibers and other healthy nutrients. Such as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Like us, dogs need to get their daily supply of each nutrient. Plantains also contain amino acids, carbohydrates as well. They also do have some percentages of protein as well.  

If your fluffy friend already has an upset stomach, plantains can cure it. Since plantains are highly fibrous, like humans, some quantities of fibers are good for dogs

Plantains help your dog digest better. But too many plantains will cause an upset digestive system. Eating too much plantain will cause a spike in blood sugar as well.

Raw Plantains or Cooked Plantains: Which One is Preferred?

No matter what, your dog should not eat raw plantains. Raw plantains contain a lot of pulp. Which is hard to digest even for us. So it is recommended to cook the plantains for your dog’s better digestion. 

It is also easier for a dog to bite onto cooked plantains. Plantains are really fibrous. So it is hard for a dog to chew. Steamed or boiled plantains are easy to chew for your dog. 

Also, do remember to make it bland. Your dog does not require extra salt or sugar in its food. You’re not making it for you. Excess salt and sugar can make your dog shed its fur.

3 Ways to Prepare Plantains for Your Dog 

So here are a few of the plantain recipes for you to choose from for your dog. 

Recipe 1: Boiled Plantain

Boiling plantains are the best for your fluffy BFF. In addition, we have also fried. In comparison to boiling, fried plantains are too oily. 

By boiling plantains, you are not adding any other elements to them. So it’s easy to say, boiling is the most effective and easy way to prepare plantains for your dog. 

You can make plantain’s rice supplements on your dog’s diet. Mashup plantains with commercial dog food. You can also use the protein of your choice as well. Like boiled chicken or beef. 

Plantains are a really good substitute for rice. Rice is not as fibrous as plantains. So if you use plantains instead of rice your dog will get carbohydrates with other nutritional elements. 

Just boil and mash the plantains. Mashed plantains are better than mashed potatoes.

Recipe 2: Steamed Plantain

Steamed plantains can be an alternative to boiled plantains. Steamed plantains have more nutritional value than being boiled. Since they are not touching the water, any nutritional value isn’t drawn out. 

You can serve steamed plantains to your dog as it is. Do remember not to add any sugar or salt to it. Dogs intake sugar and salts from natural elements. Adding extra salt or sugar will cause illness. 

You might need steamers if you’re thinking about steaming plantains. Here are some really good steamers to steam plantain:


With these steamers, you can steam different items including plantains, sweet potatoes, etc. 

Recipe 3: Baked Plantain

Now let us show you a great recipe for your fluffy friend with plantains. Other than steamed or boiling plantains, there are a lot of great ways to cook plantains for your dog. 

Baking plantains for your dog is a great treat. It can also be your dog’s birthday gift. So let’s talk about plantain chips.

You can make plantain chips at home. All you need is 2 pounds of plantains. 

So, now that you have the plantains. Set your oven at 350F degrees to preheat.

Cut them in circles and place them on the top shelf of your oven. Also, do place two rims of the baking sheet.

One on top and one on the bottom of the plantain chips. Now bake them for 35 minutes or until they are golden crisp. 

Rotate the chips when they are halfway through. Remove them from the oven after 5 minutes of rotating. They are ready for you furry friend. 

Do cool the chips down before serving. Otherwise, Your dog will burn its mouth. 

Also, remember this is not a full meal. It can be a snack for your dog once a day for a couple of days in a week. 

Can Plantains Cause Problems to a Dog?

Dogs are not comfortable digesting vegetables or fibrous plants. But, some quantities of vegetables are good for a dog’s health.

Well, if your dog has eaten raw or too many plantains that might cause a problem. It is hard for a dog to digest fibers. And plantains are really fibrous and full of pulp. If your dog has eaten too many plantains, it will be hard for your dog to digest them. 

Also, raw plantains are hard to chew. The fibers in the raw plantain are really tough. That’s why it is recommended to boil or steam your plantains before you give them to your dog. 

Other than that, plantains are a really nice treat for your dog. A small amount will keep your dog’s digestive system happy.

What to Do If a Dog Eats Too Many Plantains?

If your dog eats too many plantains there will be two problems. There will be short-term and long-term problems. 

Your dog might experience constipation or diarrhea. In this case, the best thing would be to consult the doctor. But you should monitor your dog’s behavior. In most case scenarios the plantains pass. So there’s no need to worry. 

In the long run, your dog will develop diabetes. Because plantains have a lot of carbohydrates. In that case, you have to consult a doctor and use medication to stabilize blood sugar. 


Question: Are all types of plantains safe for dogs?

Answer: No, not all plantains are the same. Another plant called plantain lilies is toxic for dogs. Those are not plantains. 

Question: How much plantain is okay for my dog?

Answer: A slice or two or boiled or steamed plantains in a day are good for dogs. 

Question: What are the nutritional values of plantains?

Answer: They are; fibers, vitamin C and A and B6, carbohydrate, sugar, potassium and magnesium. 


That is everything you need to know about whether dogs can eat plantains. Hopefully, that cleared up your confusion. 

Always contact the vet if your dog is not behaving normally after taking it.

Till then, have fun with your furry friend!