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Can Dogs Eat Pistachios [Explained In Detail]

Pistachios are a great snack that’s full of fiber and nutrition. But can the same be said for your canine companions? What if they gobble up 1-2 pistachios that have fallen on the ground?

Can dogs eat pistachios?

Yes and also no. Pistachio isn’t toxic for dogs. But it shouldn’t be a regular food for them either. It can only be a rare snack for them that too with moderation. Although pistachios are nutritious there are a few substances that put dogs at risk. Eating one or two pieces of it won’t be harmful. But never let them eat too many pistachios at once.

That was only a small preview of my discussion today’s discussion. Keep reading to know more about pistachios and dogs.

Let’s begin!

Is It Okay For Dogs To Eat Pistachios?

While many nuts are toxic for dogs, pistachios aren’t. These small green nuts are non-toxic and even have some health benefits. 

A few pistachios once in a while is a good change for your dog. But you must be mindful of the amount that can be fed to them.

If your dog has eaten one or two pistachios there’s no need to be worried. It’s not gonna cause harm to him. 

This may make you wonder whether feeding pistachios are good for dogs. The answer is, it’s best that you don’t. 

Pistachio is not a food that you should consider on your dog’s diet menu. Yes, I’ve mentioned they are not toxic and have some health benefits too. 

But it’s still better not to include them in your dog’s food. You’ll find plenty of other substitutes for the nutrition it’s gonna provide.

But if you really want to share it with dogs then do with moderation. Let it be a very occasional treat for them. One or two pistachios once in a week can be called moderation here.

Pros of Feeding Pistachios to Dogs

Aside from being delicious, pistachios are packed with nutrition. It is high in fat, antioxidants, fiber, and protein. 5g of pistachios contain 28 calories, 2.22g fat, and 1.03g protein. 

It also contains many other nutritious substances. Let’s see how they are good to your canine friends-

Pro 1: Minerals

Pistachios are rich in minerals. It contains calcium, zinc, iron, folate, phosphorus, and manganese in it. 

Many of these minerals are present in other fruits like raspberries or kiwis. That’s why some vets suggest feeding raspberries to dogs for gaining minerals.

These minerals are good for dogs’ bones. Especially calcium, and iron. Calcium is good for dogs’ nails and teeth. It makes their bones stronger too.

Potassium is good for cell functioning. It improves the nerves and heart condition by promoting standard electric-charge through their body. It also works on strengthening the muscle.

Folate, also known as B9, is good for blood formation. It also improves cell division and growth. Other minerals fill up the failings and boost your dog’s immunity system.

Pro 2: Vitamins

Pistachios contain vitamins E, K, B1, and B6 just like papaya. That’s why feeding papaya to dogs can be sometimes considered. Anyway, let’s talk about what these vitamins are useful for.

Vitamin B1 also known as Thiamine is good for brain functions. High energy organs like the brain perform carbohydrate metabolism. Thiamine is needed for it. 

That’s why your dog requires B1 in its diet chart. It also helps with the body growth and maintaining optimal health of your dog. 

Vitamin E and k both are fat-soluble in nature. As a result, they are also good for improving your dog’s metabolism. 

Vitamin E solves reproduction problems, muscle degeneration, and oxidative damages. Vitamin K helps with blood clotting. Vitamin B6 promotes a healthy heart and a healthy brain.

Pro 3: Fat

Pistachios are high in fat, calories, and protein. Fat is essential for your fur babies. It provides energy, insulation and boosts their metabolism. 

It also helps them grow to be healthy. Vets prescribe foods with fat to skinny dogs that are suffering from metabolism issues.

If your dog is also facing the same problem I recommend these dog foods. They are high in protein:

Product 1
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But do remember to read the labeled instructions mentioned on the packet. Following the amount regulation is important.

Protein gives them power and keeps them energetic for long times. If your dog is lethargic, give it foods with high fat and protein.

These are all the good sides of pistachios. Now, let’s talk about why giving pistachio to dogs isn’t a great option.

Cons of Feeding Pistachios To Dogs

Eating a few pistachios won’t hurt your dog. But feeding its shell will sure do. 

Pistachio shells are bad for dogs. It’s hard shell can cause a choking hazard to your dog. Always discard its shell in a way that your pet can’t eat it. 

Pistachios are bad for dogs with obesity. Because it’s high in fat and protein. Your dog might easily gain a lot of extra fat from it. 

Eating too many pistachios can even lead to the pancreatitis of dogs. The symptoms of pancreatitis are diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, abdominal pain, weakness, and lethargy.

The phosphorus in the pistachio causes problems like forming stones in the bladder. Another concerning substance in pistachio is aflatoxin. It is a compound produced from aspergillus mold. 

It causes pistachio poisoning in dogs. The symptoms of pistachio poisoning are vomiting, orange-color urine, jaundice, liver failure, and lethargy. 

There’s another chemical called urushiol that is found in pistachios. It’s usually found in poison ivy. Urushiol causes an allergic reaction in the faces and mouths of dogs.

These risks might not be as serious as the ones after feeding popcorn to dogs. But still, I think these are enough reasons to keep your canine friend away from pistachios. 


Question: Can dogs eat salted pistachios?

Answer: Salted pistachios are not good for your dogs. The salt in pistachio can cause dehydration or even kidney failure. So, salted pistachios must be avoided for dogs.

Question: What nuts are toxic for dogs?

Answer: Macadamia, black walnut, and pecans must be avoided. Because these are toxic for your dogs. Also, feeding nuts to dogs has a high chance of causing a choking hazard. 

Question: Can dogs have pistachio ice cream?

Answer: Dogs tend to have lactose intolerances. So, giving ice cream to them is a bad idea. Even more so if it’s a pistachio ice cream. The sugar level in ice cream is generally high. So, it’s inappropriate for dogs.


So, have you gotten your answer regarding can dogs eat pistachios? I hope you did. After all, your fur buddy’s health is very important to us. 

Always keep your dog hydrated. And don’t forget to reach vets if any problem arises.

Good luck with your beloved pup!