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Can Dogs Eat Pecans Or Is It Too Toxic?

We all know pecans as a great source of protein and micronutrients. But do dogs benefit from it the same way as we humans do? Even if it’s not safe then why is that?

Can dogs eat pecans?

The answer is a big NO! Firstly, the coating of pecans along with their calorie intensive food value is harmful. Moreover, juglone in pecan can be very toxic to dogs and lead to great health risks. Additionally, high-fat content in pecans is another reason resulting in obesity in a dog. Lastly, the size and shape of the pecan can create choking hazards.

Still, confused? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Go through this explained guide to know more.

Let’s get started!

Are Pecans Safe for Dogs?

Although pecans are nutritious and rich in protein for humans, they are toxic for dogs. Yes, even though it’s amazingly healthy for us, unfortunately, it’s not the same for dogs.

There are many reasons why pecans are considered toxic for dogs. Moreover, consuming too many pecans can be fatal for a dog.

Now, let’s explore deeper regarding pecans as dog food.

Why Should You Avoid Feeding Pecans To Your Dog?

As we said, pecans are toxic for dogs and there are many reasons behind it. You might be wondering- why can dogs eat cashew but not pecans? Because cashews don’t have such risks as pecans. 

Now let’s talk about the risk factors one by one. It can create a bunch of life-threatening symptoms due to poisoning as well.

Reason 1: Coating of Pecans

Pecans or nuts are often coated with different kinds of substances. Like, cocoa, garlic, pepper, salt etc are used for them. But these coatings can be dangerous for our dogs. 

Especially, high salt content in nuts creates greater risk since salt is deadly for dogs. Spices and other common substances that can be found in the coating can be deadly.

Too much salt in the diet might cause high blood pressure in certain dogs. A high-salt diet can contribute to urinary stones or have underlying heart or renal illness.

Reason 2: High Calorie

As we all know, nuts are enriched with nutrition and their caloric value is high as well. Because of that consumption of too much of it can result in gaining extra weight.

Also, dehydration can lead to obesity. If your dog is drinking water too fast it might stay dehydrated. In that case, help them to drink water slower, this can help the hydration issue. 

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The breed of dogs that are more prone to getting overweight has higher chances. This is why you should keep in mind to give your dog a balanced diet.

Reason 3: Juglone in Pecan

Despite being tasty, pecans contain a toxin known as juglone. Juglone can be very poisonous for dogs and create deadly health issues if left untreated.

Juglone, also known as naphthoquinone, is a parent chemical present in pecans and walnuts. This becomes toxic when exposed to oxygen.

The juglone present in pecans isn’t enough to harm humans. But it’s just enough to be harmful to your precious dogs. Even in pecan leaves and trees, there’s enough juglone to harm your canine companions.

Reason 4: Too Much Fat Contents

Furthermore, the high-fat content of pecans might induce GI discomfort in dogs. Some of the common digestive issues can be seen in dogs with weaker stomachs. Also, those who are inclined to pancreatitis are more prone to facing these digestive problems.

Pancreatitis is a disorder in which the pancreas becomes swollen and irritated, necessitating an appointment with the veterinarian.

Reason 5: Gastrointestinal Distress

Nuts are known to be hard on the stomach due to their enriched nutritious values. This is why dogs can’t handle nuts that well unlike humans.

This is due to chemicals in pecans such as phytates and tannins, which make it more difficult for dogs to digest nuts without having negative side effects.

Pecans being high in fat creates more risk factors. They can cause gastrointestinal (GI) problems in your dog, such as excessive bloating and diarrhea.

A dog with bloat can lead to constipation and further health risks. Obstructions and other GI irritation can result in spasms or even death, which is scary for both the owner and the puppy.

Reason 6: Risk of Choking

Choking hazard is another key risk factor for dogs. Because of the size and shape of pecans, it’s very dangerous for dogs to eat pecans. 

Depending on the size of the nut, it may lead your canine to choke. It can even induce intestinal obstructions or further complications, particularly in smaller breeds.

Reason 7: Mycotoxin in Pecan

Molds may form on pecans if they aren’t properly stored. This is due to the fact that pecans belong to the mycotoxins that produce tremors. Fungi create tremorgenic mycotoxins, which induce neurotoxicosis in dogs. Mycotoxin has the ability to be both harmful and cancerous.

These are the reasons why you should steer clear of pecans while planning your dog’s diet chart. But accidents can happen, we understand. But that calls for a separate action protocol which we’ve discussed below-

What To Do If Your Dog Has Consumed Pecans?

If your pet has eaten pecan by any chance, then look out for symptoms. Symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, etc are the most common due to the consumption of pecans. If you see any of these symptoms, contact your vet immediately. But if there is no symptom and then there’s nothing to worry about.

Pecans have a nice aroma and can be quite intriguing for your dog to taste. So keep it away from your dogs’ reach for their safety.


Question: Is there any alternative to pecans?

Answer: Yes. Cashew, peanuts are safe for dogs if consumed in moderation. Keep in mind that nuts are generally not ideal for dogs. So it’s better if you give a small amount for your dog to eat.

Question: Can dogs eat zucchini?

Answer: Yes. In fact, it’s quite beneficial for dogs in terms of hydration and nutrients. But too much of anything is bad and the same goes for zucchini as well.

Question: Is fried food safe for dogs?

Answer: No. Fried food has a lot of oil in it along with toxins created by frying. A minimal amount of fried food can be okay but it’s better to avoid.


So, can dogs eat pecans? Absolutely not! Dogs should never be given pecans as their food. Consuming pecans can be extremely dangerous for dogs which can bring many health issues. We hope you now understand how dangerous it is and why it’s dangerous.

Hopefully, this will also help you to create a proper diet for your dog. That’s all from our side today. If you have any further query then do let us know in the feedback section.

See you in the next article. Good luck!