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Can Dogs Eat Pancakes [Everything You Need To Know]

Dogs are our best companions. Since the beginning, they have proved again and again that they are our most loyal friends. And to treat our most beloved and loyal friend in the best way possible is our duty.

To think of it, what’s better than pancakes for you and your best fur buddy to bond over right? They do sound like the best treat to share with your dogs.

Can dogs eat pancakes?

Yes, they can. Pancakes are really not harmful to your dog unless they are allergic to any of its components. So, make sure your dog is not dairy intolerant or allergic to any ingredient from pancake batter. Feed them pancakes only if it’s safe for them. 

Still, have questions on this topic? Let’s go read the article about it to clear up the air!

Pancake Toppings That Are Safe For Your Dog

Pancakes are the tastiest treats for both people and pooches. They are absolutely safe to eat and make a delicious dessert for dogs. 

There are some toppings that are safe and suitable for your dog, rest not that much. Let’s see what toppings are best for your dogs!


Bananas are by far a voted favorite low-calorie food of dogs all around the globe. They also make a great topping for pancakes as well. Bananas are rich in vitamin C and b6. They are also filled with fibers. Magnesium and potassium are the prime ingredients for them. They help your canine to have strong teeth and bones.


Apples are an excellent source of vitamin A and C. They’re also very low in protein as well as fat. Apples are high in fibers making them essential for the growth of dogs. 

It’s important to remove seeds and core before giving them to dogs to avoid them from choking.


Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and produce vitamin A. This helps with your dogs’ eyesight and teeth. Orange and yellow vegetables are great for your dog.


They’re great cooling agents for your dog. They help in fast metabolism and calming down an upset stomach. They’re also filled with copper, biotin, vitamin b1, K, and C. 

These are suitable for your dog’s bones, teeth, and fur coats.

Peanut butter (xylitol free)

Peanut butter is absolutely safe and sound for your dog. Except for the ones that have xylitol, your dogs can consume any kind of peanut butter. 

Xylitol is a sugar substitute that causes health issues in dogs. There are many dangers surrounding xylitol that could be lethal for your dog so be careful about it.

Dog Biscuits

Dog biscuits are the ultimate treat for your fur baby. To have a topping of pancakes is a double treat for the dogs. Dog treats come with various nutrient factors for you to choose from.

Here are some of my best recommendations for these tasty treats-

Product 1
Product 2

Pancake Toppings That Are NOT Safe For Your Dog

As I’ve seen, some pancake toppings are absolutely fine and delicious for your dog, it’s time for the flip side.

Not all toppings are suitable for your dog. Some could be deadly or harmful. Let’s talk about some toppings to avoid in pancakes for dogs!


Chocolate has theobromine content that causes metabolism issues among dogs. So, it’s deemed as poisonous for them.

Raisins or Grapes

Raisins and grapes are toxic for your dogs. They are so toxic that the consumption of one grape might lead to kidney failure.


Nuts aren’t safe bait for your dog. They’re high in fat and might cause high cholesterol issues in your dog. This might lead to heart failure or water retention.

Dairy Butter or Whipped Cream

Dogs tend to be lactose intolerant like humans. There is a chance for them to be allergic to dairy products. So, it’s safe to avoid them. It’s better not to have dairy products than yogurt and yeast infection.

Golden syrup

Even though pancakes and maple syrup go hand in hand, avoid it in your dog case. Golden syrups have high sugar contents that can cause liver failure, hypoglycemia, and even death in dogs.

Suitable Serving Proportion And Time Of Pancake

Pancakes are tasty, we all know that. But eating it uncontrollably can be pretty damaging for both humans and canines. 

Every dog has a different build, size, and shape. Hence, different dogs, different appetites. So this is why they should be serving in proportion. 

A full pancake in comparison to humans, shouldn’t be given to any breed. 2/3th for big ones, 1/2th for mediums, and 1/3th for the small ones would be enough. 

Also, pancakes are high in sugar and fat. Overconsumption of these can cause harmful reactions on your puppy. Be careful about this factor while serving pancakes to your dog.

Even though you want to pamper your dog, make sure to give them pancakes. Never serve pancakes to your dogs more than 3-4 times a month. For older dogs, the proportion should be way less. 

Also, dogs with diseases should be careful as well.

Side Effects To Note

Too much consumption of anything isn’t beneficial. But if the over-eaten product is high in sugar and carbohydrate, you should be more careful.

Especially in the case of dogs, they have a sensitive digestive system. And might not be able to digest pancakes. Now pancakes are not seaweed, filled with nutrients. Even seaweed has limited consumption. So, there should be a limit to consuming pancakes.

If you’re giving your dogs pancakes every day, you’re throwing them to death. Pancakes are high in cholesterol. It can cause heart diseases to your beloved dog.

Also, the sugar contents are both damaging to the health and teeth of dogs. Sugar can increase the blood sugar level in dogs and cause kidney and liver failure to them.

Also, too much consumption of flour and milk products can be deadly and even cause obesity.

Overall Thoughts

I understand if the health hazard of pancakes made you upset. Don’t let it stop you from enjoying a fun pancake with your pup. 

With proper ingredients, serving proportion and consumption of the right amount can save your dog from any harm. 

Just remember pancakes are for occasional celebration. Everyday consumption will harm humans and it’s just your poor dog. So, it’s better to Some toppings are safe than sorry. 


Question: Can my dog drink milk?

Answer: Yes they can. Unless they are lactose intolerant or have dairy allergies of the sort, a few spoons of milk would make a good treat.

Question: Can dogs eat avocados?

Answer: No they can’t. Avocado leaves, stems, and seeds consist of a toxin called persin which causes vomiting and diarrhea among dogs.

Question: What can I use in place of eggs in pancakes?

Answer: You can use greek yogurt or sour cream as an egg replacement. 


Your furry friend’s safety is important and I know it. So I hope your question about can dogs eat pancakes has been answered.

Over-eating of anything isn’t good for any creature. So, be careful with the proportions. In case of any discomfort, communicate with your trusted vet immediately. 

Other than that, I hope you and your pooch will be safe and healthy!