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Can Dogs Eat Orange Peels? [Trying Healthy Diets For Your Doggo]

If you’re already aware that oranges are pet-friendly, you may wonder if the peels are. Why waste the peels of oranges, right? Well, trust me I’ve questioned that many times. 

Hence I’ve brought the answer to you so you don’t have to look for it anymore!

Can dogs eat orange peels?

Yes, your pet dogs can eat orange peels. It tastes as yummy as pet foods when it’s dried up to small pieces. Your dog may even love having it. They are highly nutritious, having Vitamin C. It also has fiber and less sugar. It is super lean and healthy. But careless portions may lead to indigestion

Not sure if that’s enough information for you to try on this new snack for your pet? Well, don’t worry because I’ve got a thorough article waiting for you. Keep on reading!

Can Dogs Eat Orange Peels?

Oranges are well-known citrus fruits that have very low disadvantages. It is better than many higher tangy fruits. Dogs are comfortable having oranges. Oranges are pretty much accepted by the digestive system of dogs. 

Now, you may wonder, if the peels are equally nutritious. Maybe not as nutritious as the pulp and juices of Oranges. But yes, dogs can definitely eat orange peels and even benefit from it. 

But you must keep in mind that moderation is always the key.

Benefits of Orange Peel For Dogs

Now that you know that orange peels are generally safe for dogs, you may want to know the benefits. Well, I’ve discussed that in detail below. Why don’t you take a look at them before feeding them to your pup?

Source of  Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber in orange peels keeps your dog’s stomach filled. This also enhances their digestive health. They can’t absorb the natural sugars as quickly because of the fiber. 

So these carbohydrates and starches clear out from the system.

Vitamin C as Supplement

Dogs can produce Vitamin C on their own in their liver. But these are not produced in a sufficient quantity. 

So these peels can have few amounts of Vitamin C. Although these can actually work like the exact nutrient amount required as the supplements.

Healthy Treat Substitute

The dogs having obesity and high blood sugar can enjoy dried-up peels as a healthy snack. This can also give the perfect portion of sugar, not too sweet for a quick bite for your dogs. This is a very healthy snack.

Can Orange Peels Cause Indigestion to Dogs? 

Now, as you know the benefits of the Orange peels for your dogs. But what about the disadvantages? Oranges have very few disadvantages and the peels may only cause one discomfort. Which could be stomach unrest. 

Instead, you can feed him other alternatives as mentioned in the list of foods that dog’s eat.

Symptoms for Indigestion

Not all dogs face this issue. But if the portion fed is not kept under watch, dogs may experience indigestion. 

In that case, knowing the symptoms will help you comfort your fur buddy. The symptoms of unrest include a lot of acute to severe signs if they are being ignored and neglected. I’ve discussed the symptoms in detail below-

Light Sensitivity

When your dogs show sensitive nature to highly photogenic areas and moderately accurate intensity of light. This light-sensitive behavior is highly noticeable when they are taken outside in sunlight or any place with lights of high intensity. 

They immediately act like they got flashed or keep their eyes closed. 

Your pets may be light-sensitive by birth or may get light-sensitive while aging. So in order to protect them from the intense light sources, you can protect their leads with the help of these products:

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These are the products that can save your dog’s eyesight and also protect them against these harmful environments.

Unclear Vision 

When your dog doesn’t see well and has an unclear vision, you may see your dog facing looking at and identifying things. They also bump into things and cannot detect objects while moving. 

So try to look for these small signs while observing their day-to-day activities.

Irritable Behavior 

The irritable behavior means your dog may not stay calm, make wheezing noises, cry, bark a lot and even become reckless.

These are seen when any of the above-mentioned characteristics are being shown. They can get easily irritated while going through such symptoms.

Diarrhea and Diarrhea at nights

Having loose motion and an upset stomach and sometimes going through a seasonal Diarrhea. This is a very common symptom. They may poop out more at night as diarrhea too. So do check the stools while cleaning them away. 

Oftentimes they may accidentally poop anywhere. 

Nausea or Vomiting

These are also applicable when having indigestion. So do keep an eye out if they are showing unwillingness to eat and even vomiting out their meals. They might show a feeling of uneasiness in their behaviors. 

So do keep an eye out when they behave strangely.

Pale Looking and Getting Tired 

Having these symptoms may drain out a lot of nutrition from your dog’s body. So your dog may get drowsy, look pale and feel tired. 

Try giving it more easily consumable food and nutritious food along with plenty of rest.

So even if orange peels may taste harmless, consuming too much may actually cause trouble. Make sure to look out for toxic peels and be careful not to feed too much to your dogs. Although, feeding orange peels may not be unbearable as for dogs having lemons. There is a high time, they will not like it.


Question: Are orange seeds bad for dogs?

Answer: Orange peels and seeds should be avoided by dogs. As these portions of the fruit may contain trace levels of harmful chemicals. Before giving your dog orange slices, make sure the seeds are completely removed, as they might be a choking hazard.

Question: Do dogs like oranges?

Answer: Oranges are not poisonous to dogs, so your puppy can enjoy this sweet and juicy fruit. The citric acid and natural sugars in oranges are not harmful to your dog unless you feed them too much. Oranges are high in vitamin C and fiber, and most dogs enjoy the taste.

Question:Is it possible for dogs to lick or eat lemons?

Answer: Citric acid is toxic to dogs, especially when consumed in high amounts. It might result in severe stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Citric acid is abundant in lemons. While a single lick of lemon or lemon juice is unlikely to upset your dog’s stomach. Although consuming too much can make them sick.


Now you know many answers to whether dogs can eat orange peels. You now have a clear idea that orange peels consumed in smaller amounts are pretty healthy. 

So you can definitely feed your dog with orange peels if they tend to like it. If you still want expert advice, don’t hesitate to visit a veterinarian. 

Till then, good luck!