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Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal: 5 Dietary Tips For Feeding Oatmeal!

Oats is a tasty and beneficial pantry staple that is found in every American home. It’s high in amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and a significant source of dietary fiber.

Since it’s good for us, you might also wonder if it’s good for your dog. 

Can dogs eat oatmeal?

Oatmeals are not harmful to a dog. But it is best avoided if uncooked. Whole grain organic ones are the best to have with extra supplementary snacks. Their  intestines can’t handle complex food. Avoid fancying food for your dog. Try giving food in small portions. 

Want to know more about your fuzzy friend’s healthy diet? Continue reading for more information about oatmeal and your pups’ food intake!

Can You Give Oatmeal to Your Dog?

Yes, you certainly can. Oatmeals offer a bunch of benefits to dogs that are good for them. Yet, there are some ground sets of rules here. You need to know the nutritive value of oat for dogs, as well as some precautions.

Offering oats to your dog’s diet, you’ll be providing a slew of health advantages. Besides that, the right process of making oats is also to be followed.

And what amount do you give your puppy?

As customary, consult your normal veterinarian before feeding any meal to your pooch, even oatmeal. Here’s all you should know about oatmeal and dogs.

Benefits of Oatmeal to Dogs

Oatmeal can help your dogs to boost up their immunity with oxidants. 

Oatmeal is high in vitamin B, which helps to keep your dog’s fur in good shape.

Oatmeal also includes a high concentration of linoleic acid and omega 3 acid. This also helps in canine skin health.

Other advantages include the high fiber content of oats, which can aid digestion. This can decrease cholesterol. 

Oatmeal is a perfect carbohydrate for dogs that are intolerant to grain or other carbs. 

Linoleic acid is contained in oats, which aids in the development of proper skin. They’re also high in soluble fiber, which can help manage blood sugar levels.

Several pet food companies promote oatmeal as a significant item in their products. This natural choice is low in fat and its soluble fiber can benefit dogs.

If you offer boiled oats to your canine, be careful not to overdo it. While basic oats are beneficial to dogs, it is better to offer it in limits. 

Try mixing a tiny tablespoon into your dog’s usual food. Or offer a dollop for breakfast now and again.

Never give your dog flavored oats or oatmeal laced with flavorings. 

5 Tips On Feeding Your Dog Oatmeals 

Now, we have some tips for you on feeding Oatmeals to your dogs.

To start off, no matter what, your dog should not eat uncooked oatmeals. 

Also, remember to make it bland. That’s because excess salt can be dangerous to dogs. But a moderate amount of salt won’t trigger your dog’s fur to shed.

The trick is to make oatmeal a nutritious food for your animal. That can be achieved by the correct kind and preparing it properly. To prevent issues, follow these tips: 

Tip 1: Always Serve Cooked Oatmeal

Dry flaky oats can be hazardous to your animal friend if not cooked. Although it seems to be tasty, it will be tough for your canine to ingest. They’re not only difficult to chew and swallow but also pose a choking threat.

Simply boil the oats in water to make pet-friendly porridge. Never feed raw oats to your dog or sprinkle them on his meal.

There should be no dairy or sweetener in the recipe. Dogs are sensitive to dairy because their systems cannot break down lactose.

Also, don’t garnish the completed dish with any extraneous ingredients like nuts, brown sugar.

Most of the nuts typically have a coating of salt. As a precaution, avoid feeding them to your dog. Feeding peanuts to dogs can harm them if salted or not dry. 

Oatmeal prepared in this manner is a nutritious snacking for your dog. It’s also a clever technique to smuggle in extra nutrients and water.

According to dietary standards, 4 ounces of uncooked oats have 7.96% fluid. After the oatmeal is completely cooked, add a little lukewarm water to raise the water content. 

Remember that oatmeal should never be a total meal replacement for your pet. When used solo, it lacks many minerals and vitamins a dog requires.  

Tip 2: Use Whole Organic Grain Oatmeals

Serve only oatmeal prepared by whole grain oats to your dog. Grain products have fewer health benefits and may cause a tummy ache in your dog.

Processed grains lack many of the positive benefits of whole grains. They are also much more challenging for your pooch to process.

If at all possible, use organic oatmeal. These will be free of chemicals and will include more nutrients than other commercially produced oats.

You might want to look into many of the chemical-free oats:


With these chemical-free organic oats you can give your pet a snack without any worries. 

Tip 3: Stick With the Basic Flavorings

While you are having your oatmeal with different flavors. Your dog pet won’t like it the same way. It is best to stick with the basic flavors for oatmeals if offered to dogs.

First of all, additional flavors are prohibited for your fur friend. Many foods are a complete no-no. Like feeding cherries to dogs, if you offer oats combined with cherries, it can cause intestinal irritation. 

Tip 4: Use Oatmeal as A Meal Supplement

While oatmeal offers advantages for dogs, it lacks many elements. These are required as a proper canine diet. 

Use as a treat or a meal supplement instead of a meal. This will ensure your pooch receives what he requires.

If you start giving your dog oatmeals as a whole meal, it will have digestive problems. Oats are micro-fibrous elements that are very complex for a dog to digest. 

Tip 5: Prepare Right Amount of Oatmeals

Yes, there are. A cup of plain, cooked oats provides approximately 170 calories. 

Does not seem like much, but dogs require far fewer calories than we do. A 20-pound dog should only be eating about 530 calories to maintain its weight. 

If it comes to giving oatmeal to your dog, a teaspoon or two is generally more than enough. There’s a decent thumb rule. Give your dog 1/2 scoop of cooked oats per every 22 pounds of body weight.

Along with it add some supplements which your dogs are going to love. 

Dogs love having raspberries in their treats. But too much can be harmful. Add a moderate amount of raspberries and see your pup getting happy for the day!

Make sure you do not really overburden your dog. 


Question: Can oats be a good alternative to protein for your dog?

Answer: Yes. Oats can be a good alternative to protein for dogs. It’s even healthier than the typical sources of protein like meat, fish, etc.

Question: Which other ingredients can you use in your pet’s oatmeal?

Answer: In substitute for sugar you can put peanut butter, fruits, and puree pumpkin. 

Question: What are the nutritional values of oats?

Answer: Vitamin A, Vitamin b6, phosphorus, zinc, copper, calcium,  and magnesium are all nutritional values of oats.


That is everything you need to know about whether dogs can eat oatmeal.

Hopefully, this has cleared up any confusion.But unless your dog is acting differently after eating it, always ask a vet.

Have fun with your fuzzy companion till then!