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Can Dogs Eat Mashed Potatoes [Unraveling the Mystery]

Mashed potatoes can be a great option for Thanksgiving dinner. But are you wondering what to feed your cute little furry buddies during these dinners? Well, don’t worry because you may as well feed your dogs some of that delicious and smooth mashed potatoes.

Can dogs eat mashed potatoes?

The answer may be yes but with some moderations. As mashed potatoes are rich in a good amount of carbohydrates, it is better to serve in a small amount. But if your dog suffers any complications, these may lead to adding more problems to your shoulders. But there are additional benefits of vitamins and minerals in this item. 

Still skeptical whether to feed your dogs, mashed potatoes or not? Head over to the article for a detailed guide on this topic.

Usually boiled potatoes and mashed potatoes without any spices or ingredients are acceptable. But what can be the other reasons?

Is it Beneficial to Feed My Dog Mashed Potatoes?

Potatoes normally are safer to consume for dogs in their normal form. But you see, potatoes contain other elements than just carbohydrates. 

They have Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 which are helpful for animals to build up a stronger immune system. It could also help cure fever, cold and sore throat. So to cure these you may as well want to know if you can feed dogs tangerine.

Similarly, the simple potato contains the minerals potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, niacin, and folate. Minerals like magnesium and phosphorus help in the absorption of other nutrients like calcium in your dog’s body. 

They’re quite important. Potassium, on the other hand, is an electrolyte that keeps your dog’s organs and cells working perfectly.

So yes mashed potatoes without additives play an important role in your dog’s diet. But you’ll also need to provide additional multivitamins to your pup.  

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So if you don’t want to feed your pet puppy mashed potatoes, you can feed them in the form of supplements. These supplements are beneficial for your pet dogs to consume.

Should I Feed My Dog Mashed Potato?

There are some potential risks that may be concerning to you. A lot of research has been conducted by experts on why dogs are having DCM. This is due to finding out the exact cause and how potatoes may be related. It hasn’t been found yet. 

You can add a few amounts of mashed potatoes to your pet’s menu. But consulting a veterinarian before adding potatoes may be the right idea. So your consultant may help on how to add and in which amount it should be added. 

You can also see if there are any yeast and yogurt-related infections in your dog’s tummy which may need a separate treatment.

How Should I Feed My Dog Mashed Potato?

Usually, your dog can eat potatoes mashed if it is kept simple without flavoring. Potatoes are comparatively safer to consume until they are kept moderate. Although they have a lot of carbohydrates.

Your dog can consume a tiny amount of mashed potatoes. You can do this as long as there are no substances that are poisonous to dogs. The biggest issue with mashed potatoes is that they are high in calories. 

This happens when there is the addition of fatty ingredients such as butter, oil and cream. These can cause hair loss and also weight gain. Sometimes, dogs cannot digest fatty oils or fats. So their stomach might get upset. 

Instead, you can use lean oil and other vegetable and low-fat oil. Although these may not taste good, they will keep your pet healthy. They may even dislike the taste and refrain from having these.

The mashed potatoes need to be kept away from extras that accessorize your appetites. Avoid using sour cream, spices, seasonings in your pets’ food. These may lead to hair loss, irritation in the stomach, new illness, and health complications.

But if your pup has diabetes, obesity, or any heart conditions, it’s better to avoid it. Having a heavier chunk of mashed potato may cause heart attacks and high blood sugar. 

Potatoes are often believed to cure diarrheas for dogs that occur at night.

Sometimes, you can also pair this carb shot with some fried protein or maybe grilled chicken or turkey. Sometimes, your pet may like a lean shepherd’s pie with low-fat beef. This can also interest your pet to have mashed potatoes.

But one thing is a must. That is to avoid instant and frozen mashed potatoes from stores. These may have cheese, nitrate salts, seasonings, spices, artificial flavors and worse things like pesticides and fertilizers which may be bad for your pet dog. 

So when in need, simply boil a few potatoes, smash them and serve your pup. You can look up many recipes for healthy mashed potatoes.


Question: Why can’t dogs eat ham?

Answer: The taste buds of your pet dogs may be super sensitive. The sodium-based nitrates and nitrites used in ham preservatives are high in amount. In reality, salt causes vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst and urination, lethargy, and abnormal fluid accumulation in dogs.

Question: Can dogs eat scrambled eggs?

Answer: Before feeding eggs to your dogs, try to make sure they’re cooked properly. You should cook or boil eggs without the use of any oil, butter, salt, seasonings, spices, or other ingredients. It makes no difference what your dog prefers as long as they are cooked. So you can feed them just plain and simple but cooked eggs.

Questions: What meats are off-limits to dogs?

Answer: Pancreatitis that occurs for too much consumption of protein. This disease in dogs can be caused by high-fat diets such as bacon, ham, or pork trimmings.  Moreover, as these meats are frequently heavy in salt, they can irritate dogs’ stomachs. Also result in severe situations, cause they consume too much water, resulting in bloat, which can be fatal.


Now you may have a clear answer to whether dogs can eat mashed potatoes. I hope I could successfully clear your doubt on this topic. Plain mashed potato with only boiled potatoes, low salt, low-fat oil, and low-fat meat is acceptable. 

Now you shouldn’t be having any further questions while feeding mashed potatoes to our dog. 

Have fun with your dog and help it to stay healthy!