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Why And How Are Marshmallows Bad For Dogs [3 Reasons]

Marshmallows are a common camping treat. And you might be tempted to share it with your dog if you’ve taken him camping.

Can dogs eat marshmallows?

No. They can’t. Marshmallows can seriously harm dogs. Some marshmallows contain ingredients that are outright poisonous to dogs. Such as xylitol. It’s an artificial sugar that can also cause death to your dog. Even without xylitol marshmallows are bad for your pet canine. Since the treat contains lots of sugar, it’s wise to not share it with your dog. 

Read along to learn more about marshmallows. And what to do if your dog ingests one.

Thus, we hope you stick around. 

Why Are Marshmallows Toxic For A Dog?

Marshmallows are hard to resist for us. We are never satisfied if we eat one. But, can dogs enjoy them as well? 

The straight answer is no. Marshmallows defer in their ingredients. But it is wise if you don’t share your marshmallows with your dog. 

Some marshmallows can contain some toxic elements. But in general, the ingredients of marshmallows are not good for a dog. Marshmallows are mainly made out of sugar. Other than sugar, there are a few extra things. Such as corn syrup and gelatin. 

Sugar isn’t good for dogs because it can cause a sugar rush. Not to mention, it also makes them fat. Which can lead to diabetes. Sugar can also cause problems in the teeth. Speaking of fat, you might also want to have a second thought while feeding them fast foods. Especially when it comes to feeding fries.

There are a few other toxic things in the marshmallow. Also, it can be difficult for a dog to eat marshmallows. We have talked about them below. 

Xylitol In Marshmallows

Marshmallows can have a lot of different ingredients. But one, in particular, can be very dangerous for your dog. It’s known as xylitol. It is a type of artificial sugar. Even in trace amounts, xylitol can be deadly to your pal. 

Xylitol causes low blood sugar. That can lead to seizures. And without immediate veterinary care, xylitol ingestion can also end in death.

It’s toxic to the liver as well. Even after days of eating it. So be careful if your dog has eaten a marshmallow. Check the label on the pack to see if there’s any xylitol in it. 

No Nutritional Value

We and all the animals eat food to survive. Food contains nutritional values which our body uses. But marshmallows don’t have any nutritional values. 

Marshmallows are made out of a few ingredients. Such as sugar, corn syrup, gelatin. 

Sugar itself can be broken down into glucose. Which the body can use. But even a small quantity of sugar can provide a lot of energy. And our body takes that excess and converts it to fat. 

All of these are applicable for dogs as well. Marshmallow does not help your fluffy dog get more fluffy. Marshmallows do not contain any value to your dog’s diet. 

On top of that, marshmallows can have nondigestible coloring and flavors. Which can cause harm to your dog. 

Hard To Chew

Marshmallows melt in our mouths once we put them in. They’re soft and fluffy to us. But it’s harder for dogs to digest. Like that of whipped cream

Humans and dogs don’t have a similar set of teeth. We have flat teeth in our mouths. It is easier for us to chew anything soft. But dogs have sharp teeth. Fluffy foods such as marshmallows can get stuck in between them. 

Afterward, it can cause problems with the gum and the teeth. In general marshmallows are made entirely of corn syrup and sugar. And that is the perfect recipe for cavities. 

Marshmallows also have powdered sugar. It can cause irritation to the nose. 

When Are Too Many Marshmallows Bad For A Dog?

Even one marshmallow for your dog can be harmful. However, if there’s no xylitol in it, it won’t be of any immediate consequence. Even so, marshmallows themselves are not that good. Nothing too much is good for us. 

In case your dog’s munched down on marshmallows, check how many it’s had. It’s fine if it’s just 1 or 2. But any more than 5 or so and you’ll need to contact the vet ASAP.

Too many marshmallows can cause problems to the digestive system. Dogs do not process sugar that well. Also, check whether there’s any xylitol or not. If there is, take the dog to the vet. Or it might cause death to the dog.

What To Do If Your Dog Has Too Many Marshmallows?

Get your vet on the phone asap if your dog ingests a marshmallow. The vet will most probably tell you to make the dog vomit. If the vet is not available. Call the pet poison helpline.

If the dog has eaten the marshmallows within a couple of hours. Then the vomit will bring all the marshmallows out. If the dog has eaten marshmallows that contain xylitol. Even one marshmallow can cause death.

Your best bet will be to take your dog to the vet. 

Do let your dog eat water. As sugar can draw water out. The copious amounts of sugar in marshmallows can also cause a sugar rush. Where the dog will be super active. 

But it’ll end soon. Then let the dog take a nap

Giving your dog a sugary treat is never a good idea. It might not be an issue right now, but that can change over time. 

Are There Any Alternatives To Alternative To Marshmallow?

Using marshmallows as treats is a really bad idea. Marshmallows are really dangerous to dogs. But there are other alternatives.

We all like sweets. And so do our dogs. But choosing natural sugar over artificial ones is best. Watermelon can be a healthy example at this instant. Natural sugar will not give your dog a sugar rush. It will not make your dog fat. 

Alternatives of marshmallows:

  • Cantaloupe chunks: It has loads of vitamin A and C. It also has fiber and important acids for the body.
  • Watermelon: It can be hydrating and low on calories.
  • Strawberries: Small treats low on sugar and fat.
  • Mango: Has vitamin A, B6, C, and E.
  • Apple: Rich in potassium, fiber, and vitamin A. 

Now you know the alternatives to marshmallow treats for your dog. So, hopefully, you know what to do when your dog gives you the ‘puppy eyes’.


Question: Can dogs eat S’mores?

Answer: S’mores are still marshmallows. It doesn’t add nutritional value to it. Nor reduces the risk. So no, dogs can’t eat S’mores.

Question: Are homemade marshmallows good for dogs to eat?

Answer: The answer is still no. marshmallows have a lot of sugar in them. It can cause harm to the dog. 

Question: How to make a dog vomit?

Answer: Use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. No more than that. Take 1 teaspoon for 5 pounds of the dog’s body weight. Mix it with ¼ cup of water. then squirt it inside the dog’s mouth. Always consult with the vet. 


That’s all you need to know about, can dogs eat marshmallows? We hope it is crystal clear to you now. Always consult your vet when your dog is not behaving as usual. 

Have fun with your fluffy friend!