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Can Dogs Eat Lima Beans: Here’s the Answer!

There’s no doubt about the health benefits of lima beans. They are a great source of vitamins and keep your sugar level in check. Despite having such health benefits, you are not convinced whether it’s good for your dog.

Can dogs eat lima beans?

Dogs can eat well-prepared lima beans, but only in a moderate amount. Lima beans are a great source of sodium and fiber for the dog. However, consuming too much lima beans can result in a bloated tummy. Lima beans should not exceed any more than 10% of your dog’s diet.

Want more? We got you covered. After completing this content, you’ll understand the significance of lima beans in dog diets.

Can Dogs Eat Lima Beans?

Lima beans, also known as butter beans, are edible for dogs and quite nutritious too. But certain types of lima beans can have negative effects on dogs. 

They are rich in high fiber, making them an excellent dietary supplement for dogs. Certain types of lima beans easily blend in well with other components of the dog’s diet. They don’t evoke any negative reactions among dogs if provided in moderation.

Dogs with diabetes can certainly welcome lima beans as a major part of their diet. The next time you find out that Sam gobbled up some lima beans, don’t panic. It won’t hurt your dog.

What Are The Nutritional Values of Lima Beans?

A healthy portion of protein can be gained from eating lima beans. They have high dietary fibers, meaning that your dog can feel full after consuming generous portions.

You might find this chart containing the nutritional facts of lima beans helpful-

Fat1.3 g
Sugar 2.,3g
Sodium12.5 mg

As you can see from the chart, lima beans hold very little fat. They also contain necessary components like potassium, fiber, and manganese.

Health Benefits of Lima Beans

In this segment, you’re going to learn about several health benefits of lima beans. Let’s break them down.


Containing around 24 percent protein, lima beans help with muscle growth for puppies. It also eradicates lethargy among dogs and keeps them strong. 

Protein helps to build up stamina in dogs and keep their body fit. So lima beans can be a great diet option for your aging dog or newborn puppies.


Feeding dogs raw meat can give them diarrhea. In this situation, you can give your dog lima beans to reduce the effect of diarrhea.

Lima beans contain a good amount of dietary fiber. It’s a useful component for cleaning up the dog’s bowel from bacteria and reducing constipation. A good thing about fiber is that consuming little fiber can make your dog feel full.

For dogs that are overweight, lima beans can be a healthy solution.

How Much Lima Beans Should Be Included in The Dog Diet?

You should always let the dogs have lima beans as treats. Its lima bean intake should never surpass 10 percent of its daily calorie intake.

As we’ve seen in the aforementioned chart, lima beans contain a lot of calories. A high portion of lima beans in its diet can be harmful to the dog.

Thankfully, lima beans have high dietary fiber which can easily make dogs feel full.

Looking for the ideal lima beans to add to your dog’s regular diet? We recommend you the following dried lima beans-


These beans have high dietary fibers, making them ideal for dogs of any age.

Are Lima Beans Bad for Dogs?

Lima beans contain particular sugar components that the dog’s digestive tract can’t break down. As a result, its body starts forming gasses and your dog can have a bloated abdomen.

Canned lima beans usually come with a high amount of sodium. This can lead to severe heart conditions for your dog and result in bloat too. 

Apart from sodium, canned lima beans also use other preservatives as well. Consumption of such preservatives will result in nausea, upset tummy, and diarrhea in dogs.

You should also be well aware of your dog’s allergies. If your dog has legume intolerance, lima beans are simply off the table.

3 Alternatives to Lima Beans

Looking for some alternatives to lima beans? We’ve got 3 suggestions for you. Let’s check them out.


Soybeans can be a great replacement for lima beans. As a member of the legume family, they are high in protein and dietary fiber. And your dogs can eat soybeans without many complications.

Your dogs can benefit from the abundance of amino acids present in soybeans. The fatty acids present in soybeans help your pooch grow a healthy coat and nervous system.


Being another member of the legume family, plain edamame is edible for dogs. Edamame contains fiber, calcium, vitamin C, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. Edamame can be a good source of dietary fiber for dogs. 

Some dogs may be allergic to edamame, so you should be aware of your dog’s allergies.

Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are known to be a good plant-based protein source. They also contain low-cholesterol fiber, helping your dog digest foods better. 

Similar to lima beans, you should feed dogs pinto beans in moderation.

Extra Tips

Avoid feeding your dogs lima beans if the dog shows any sign of a bloated tummy. Likewise, avoid providing lima beans if your dog has legume intolerance.

Keep your dogs away from canned lima beans. Instead, prefer dried lima beans. Avoid adding any preservatives and additives to lima beans if you’re intending to feed your dogs.

If the dog exhibits any negative reactions to lima beans, consult the nearest vet immediately. You should also take your vet’s suggestion to organize a lima bean diet for your dog.


Question: Can dogs eat corn?

Answer: Yes, dogs can safely consume corn if it’s provided in moderation. Many vets believe that corn helps to maintain a well-balanced diet for dogs. However, you shouldn’t allow corn to exceed 10% of your dog’s diet.

Question: Is bananas good for dogs?

Answer: Bananas can be a quite nutritious source of vitamins for your dog. Dogs love to have them. Bananas provide a low-calorie diet option dog, rich in potassium, vitamins, and fiber.

Question: What kind of foods should dogs avoid?

Answer: Highly citrus fruits such as lemons, grapes, persimmons, etc should be avoided by dogs. You should also keep your dogs away from Cherries as they can be toxic for them. Dogs can face upset stomachs for these fruits.

Final Words

We reached the conclusion about whether or not dogs can eat lima beans.

Try not to feed Lima beans to your dogs if it has severe issues of bloat. Consult a vet if your dog faces any further complications.

Hope you have a great time with your dog!