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Can Dogs Eat Honeydew? Things To Consider Before Letting Your Canine Have A Bite!

If you are someone who likes fruits, your dog might get the habit from you as well. And juicy refreshing fruits like honeydews can be one of your favorites. Honeydews are a great source of hydration for you as well as your dog.

Can dogs eat honeydew?

The brief answer to your query is, yes, dogs can eat honeydews. Honeydews are safe and healthy for dogs. They provide some necessary nutrients. But due to its high sugar content, some moderations should be followed. Otherwise, some unexpected situations might occur.

If you still didn’t get the whole idea, no need to worry. Because a thorough discussion is stated below for your convenience. Keep reading along to get into details.

What Is Honeydew?

Honeydews are a kind of fruit similar to watermelons. But the sugar content is high in honeydews compared to watermelons despite growing from similar plants. As it contains more sugar, the inner fruit body is sweeter than most other melons.

Honeydews are used for preparing juice and there’s an intense flavor in them. Originating from Australia, honeydews have some varieties in India and Africa as well.

Can Dogs Eat It

Honeydews are safe for dogs just like watermelons. So, they can eat honeydews unless they are allergic to it. But as it contains high sugar, it’s not suitable for dogs that have diabetic problems.

Too much consumption of honeydews may lead to some health problems. Also, some certain breeds having urinary or kidney problems may not be compatible with this fruit.

Adding to that, honeydews can be fed at a moderate level. But you should not consider it as the only food source. Overall, it’s better to consult with the vet before introducing it to your pet.

Now let’s get to know more about how dogs can eat honeydew.

Health Benefits Of Honeydews For Dogs

Being a healthy and nutritious fruit, honeydews have a lot of health benefits for the dog. We have discussed the benefits one by one below:

  • Honeydews are rich in vitamins and minerals. They can compensate for the lack of vitamin A, B, C, and more. Also, honeydews help to increase red blood cells.
  • Honeydews contain huge amounts of juice and water in it. As a result, they can help your dog not get dehydrated on a hot summer day.
  • Honeydews contain a sufficient amount of potassium which keeps the electrolyte balance of your dog.
  • Honeydews are low in calories. So, they can help to keep the weight of your dog in a balanced range.
  • Honeydews contain a fair amount of fiber which improves the digestive system and prevents constipation.
  • Antioxidants in honeydews bring down the risk of certain diseases, keep the dog healthy and build the immune system.

So, here you can see that honeydews can be helpful to your dog in many ways.

Health Hazards Related To Honeydews

Although honeydews are a great source of proper nutrition for your dog, there are some possible hazards related to them. And before feeding honeydews to your dog, you should know the risk factors which are stated below:

  • Dogs don’t require that much natural sugar like humans. As honeydews contain large amounts of sugar, consumption of honeydews over a certain limit can cause difficulties.
  • If your dog eats too many honeydews at a time, vomiting and diarrhea might occur. So be careful about that.
  • Although the fruit body of the honeydews is good for dogs, the rind isn’t. Choking the rind can lead to digestion or internal blockage problems. It can cause death to your dog as well.
  • As honeydews contain a lot of sugar, it can cause tooth problems for your dog such as tooth decay over time.

So, these were some of the risks associated with honeydews. Also, your dog is already having commercial dog foods, you may not always need to feed honeydews to your dog. Because they contain all the nutrients in a balanced way.

Please have a look at some of them listed below:

Product 1
Product 2

We hope this list can help you find the best dog foods for your dog.

How To Serve Honeydews To Your Dog

Serving honeydews to your dog is not like serving chicken bones to it. If you decide to feed honeydews to your dog, then you should follow some instructions. We’ve gathered the suggestions regarding feeding honeydews for your convenience.

Remove the rind and seeds of honeydew before serving it to your dog. Cut the fruit into small pieces and then serve it to your dog.

As consumption of too many honeydews can be risky, give only the recommended amount to your dog. Also, observe the behavior of your dog after feeding honeydews to your dog.

Consulting a veterinarian would be best before introducing it to your dog. Keep these things in mind before feeding honeydews to your dog.


Honeydews have both good and bad sides. Considering all the factors, you can feed your dog honeydews under proper observation. And if your dog is used to home-cooked meals, then adding fruits like honeydews can bring variety to your dog’s diet as well as some health benefits.


Question: How many honeydews are safe for dogs at a time?

Answer: For medium to large dogs, one-fourth or half of the honeydew is just enough to feed at a time.

Question: Are honeydew seeds safe for dogs to eat?

Answer: No, honeydew seeds are hazardous for dogs.

Question: Which foods are not for dogs?

Answer: Foods containing toxic substances and causing problems to the digestive system are not for dogs.


Your dog’s health is a big concern for you and we understand that. That is why we tried to cover all the things on whether dogs can eat honeydew.

We hope the article will be of great help to you. Have a good time with your pup!