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Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruits: Things You Need To Know

Want your furry buddy to try out new fruits from time to time? You must have thought of dragon fruits then. But in most cases, new fruits become a matter of concern for dogs.

So today, I’ll clear all your doubts regarding this.

Can dogs eat dragon fruit? 

Yes, dogs can eat dragon fruit as dragon fruits are not harmful to them. It doesn’t contain any sort of toxin which might be harmful to the dogs to eat. White, Red, and even Yellow fleshed dragon fruits are healthy for your canine friend to have. So, don’t worry if they bite into a dragon fruit while you’re looking away. 

Sounds intriguing? This was only the brief of what you’re looking for. Read along to find out more on dates and your puppies’ food consumption!

What Sort of Dragon Fruit Can Dogs Eat?

Dragon fruit is a summer-grown fruit that can be mainly cultivated in cactus. There are plenty of varieties of it that can be found. Also, some dogs enjoy the weird taste of it like edamame

So, it’s normal to wonder how many of them are safe for your dog. Here are some descriptions of dragon fruit that are safe for your dogs to consume;

Pink Dragon Fruit 

Yes, Pink dragon fruits are not harmful to dogs. You can treat them with it without getting worried.

Pink dragon fruit can be found in Vietnam generally. It has bright pink skin and white flesh. Also, in countries of South America such as Nicaragua pink dragon fruit with pink flesh can be found. 

These dragon fruits are also safe for your dog to consume. 

Purple Dragon Fruit

Purple dragon fruits are also safe for your dogs to have. It contains a high amount of folate. Also, it is full of antioxidant betaine. 

Additionally, it contains a high amount of beta carotene which keeps the eyes in check. 

Red Dragon Fruit

These types of dragon fruits are very healthy for dogs to have. They contain many essential natural ingredients. Potassium, fiber, and vitamin C can be found in high numbers in this type of dragon fruit. 

Red dragon fruit can be found throughout the entire year. It is mostly cultivated in Costa Rica or other South American countries. 

Yellow Dragon Fruit

It’s also safe for your dogs to eat. It’s also cultivated in South American countries. It has yellow skin with white flesh and the seeds are usually black. 

Yellow dragon fruit contains more concentration of vitamin C than any other variety of it.

Can Dogs Eat the Skin of a Dragon Fruit?

No, you should not give your dog the skin of dragon fruit. The skin is usually very chewy and hard to digest for the dogs. Also, it’s spiky which might hurt their mouth. 

It has a leather-type taste which the dogs do not like. So, it’s not recommended to feed the skins. 

While treating your dogs with dragon fruit, cut it in half and scoop the flesh inside with a spoon. Then serve it in a bowl. Throw the skins away. 

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Dogs

There are plenty of health benefits of dragon fruit to your dogs. Plenty of natural minerals and vitamins can be found in dragon fruits which are healthy for dogs. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the dog’s immunity system. It boosts the immunity in addition to the cognitive functions of the dogs. It also reduces the inflammatory systems.

Although dogs can naturally produce vitamin C in their body, giving some extra definitely helps them in the process. 

Low Calorie

Dragon fruits are weirdly delicious yet contain fewer calories. It keeps the dog fed and full while reducing the chance of having an obesity issue. 

If you’re concerned about your dog’s weight, then you should definitely give them food with lower calories. Dragon fruit contains only 60 calories in every 3.5 ounces. 

High amount of Fiber

Fiber is essential for a dog’s dietary system. Foods high in fiber such as dragon fruit and papaya help the dog to regulate their blood pressure. Also, fiber lowers the cholesterol level of the dogs. 

In every 3.5 ounces of dragon fruit, 1.8 ounces of fiber can be found. 


Antioxidant compounds inhibit oxidants. It is usually a good thing for both humans and dogs because free radicals are produced in body cells when oxidation happens. 

Free radicals can be harmful and harm the cells. Free radicals can be blamed even for cell cancers as well.

As dragon fruits are high in antioxidants, it protects the cell from getting damaged by reducing the aging process. 

How Much Dragon Fruit Can a Dog Eat? 

Although dragon fruits are extremely beneficial for the dogs to have. But it is recommended to give them in smaller portions. Too much dragon fruit can be harmful for the dog. 

The ideal amount is two to three tablespoons worth. This is the ideal amount of serving that will benefit the dog. But the amount is variable due to the size of your dog. 

While smaller dogs such as Bichon Frises should only be given one tablespoon. Larger-sized dogs such as mastiffs can be given four tablespoons. 

Also, you should not give dragon fruit to your dog on a daily basis. It should be given once a week. There is nothing wrong with giving them dragon fruit daily. But you should introduce your dog to a variety of fruit selections. 

Hence, once a week is more than enough. 

Finally, if you’re giving dragon fruit to your dog for the first time, don’t go overboard. Some dogs’ digestive systems cannot tolerate dragon fruits

So, start with smaller portions and see how their tummy reacts to it. Then increase the size of the portion. Once they are used to it, you can frequently serve them in necessary amounts. 


Question: Is a dragon fruit poisonous? 

Answer: No, the skin of the dragon fruit is not poisonous. But it is highly recommended to remove the skins of the dragon fruit before you give it to them. The taste of the skin is not pleasant to the dogs and the spikes might hurt the inside of their mouth.  

Question: Why should dogs not eat too much dragon fruit?

Answer: dragon fruit reduces the blood sugar level. Having an excessive amount of dragon fruit might cause them to lower their blood sugar level severely which might bring health concerns. 

Question: What are the side effects of dragon fruit?

Answer: so far, there have not been many recorded side effects of having dragon fruits. But if the dog shows any sign of having an allergic reaction after having dragon fruit, stop giving it to them immediately. 


So, here is a brief explanation to your concern on whether dogs can eat dragon fruit. I hope you have found your answers. 

Now you can treat your lovely puppy with dragon fruits. But if you still have queries, make sure to visit a veterinarian. 

Until then, have a beautiful day!