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Can Dogs Eat Crab [Important Facts To Keep In Mind]

You probably have a lot of leftover crabs in your fridge. Or maybe you want to introduce something new to your dog’s diet. But you’re not exactly sure whether you should feed your dog crab or not. 

It’s a pretty common confusion among dog owners.

Can dogs eat crab?

Yes, you can feed crabs to your canine friend. In fact, crabs consist of nutritional values that can be very helpful for your dog. You must boil the crab properly and remove the shell before serving. But you can feed crabs only once in a while to your dog. Otherwise, it might cause health complexities.

That was just the gist. The whole article will give you a detailed explanation and insights about the topic. Let’s jump into the details!

Nutrition Facts Of Crabs

Now as you know that crab is safe for your dog, let’s look at its nutrition value. Crab contains a very good portion of protein. It’s also rich in phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acid. 

All these ingredients are very essential for your dog:


These were the main nutritional facts of crabs.

Are Crabs Good For Your Dog?

Crabs can make a good diet for your furry friend. This is pretty similar to dogs eating shrimp. The lean protein of crab meat helps your dog strengthen its muscles. It’s the most important constituent of a dog’s diet. 

Phosphorus makes sure you have healthy bones while vitamin B12 improves the brain’s functionality. Magnesium helps your dog absorb vitamins and other minerals. 

Zinc makes the bone joints healthy and strong. Omega-3 works as an overall health booster for dogs. It happens to lessen the risks of heart diseases and kidney dysfunction and reduces inflammation.

What About Imitation Crabs?

As the name suggests, the imitation crab is not an actual crab.  It’s basically made of white fish and other artificial additives like sodium. These are not healthy for your dog at all. 

Especially dogs have a pretty hard time with foods containing high sodium levels. That’s why feeding imitation crab to your dog is strictly prohibited.

But one or two-bite might not cause a huge problem. But regular consumption of imitation crab can lead to health complexities like GI distress.

What About Canned Crab?

Consuming canned foods regularly is deteriorating health for you and your dog as well. Canned crabs have preservatives like sorbic acid, sodium benzoate, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA). 

Research shows that these additives tend to make you and your dog vulnerable to colon cancer. The extra salt of canned crabs can also harm your dog. So despite the convenience, you should avoid canned crab for your pet dog.

But some brands don’t include all the harmful chemicals mentioned above. If you don’t want to avoid removing shells from crabs, check the ingredients carefully. 

Here are some of the good quality canned crab for you and your dog:

Product 1
Product 2

Can Your Dog Eat Raw Crabs?

Though crabs are a good source of nutrition for your dog, feeding them raw can be risky. Raw crabs often carry parasites that can cause fatal diseases to your cute furry friend. Apart from the parasite risk, raw crabs can cause harm in other ways as well. 

The crab shell sometimes gets stuck on a dog’s throat. It can be a huge threat to the GI tract of your dog.

Feeding crabs with shells can even lead to blood vomiting and breathing problems. Feeding your dog chicken bones can cause similar complexities. If you ever see these syndromes, take your dog to the nearby vet as soon as possible.

Also don’t feed your dog crab dishes like crab cakes, crab rangoon, or crab salad. Most of the time, these dishes have a lot of ingredients harmful to your dog. It’s always better safe than sorry.

How To Serve Crabs To Your Dog?

Well, now you know serving raw crabs to your dog is a bit risky. So you are probably wondering how to prepare the crab for your canine companion. You can simply boil the crab properly and serve it to your dog. 

Using a bit of salt and garlic is okay. But make sure you don’t overuse them. But avoid putting any kind of spice, seasoning, butter, or oil into the crab. 

These ingredients are not very well-suited for a dog’s stomach. And most importantly, always remove the shell before giving it to your dog.

Crab As Your Dog’s Main Diet

So you see, crabs possess a lot of vital nutritional value for a dog. And you also know how to serve it to your dog properly. But should you feed your dog crab on a regular basis? The answer is NO.

Crabs should never be the primary source of protein for your dog. You can either give it by combining it with the main diet or give it as a treat. 

Sometimes you can even give veggies like cabbage to your dog. Crabmeat is high in cholesterol which your dog will have a hard time digesting. 

It also has a considerable portion of iodine and some dogs are iodine sensitive. Like every other seafood, crabmeat has an excess amount of sodium as well. Consuming it daily can cause serious electrolyte imbalance.

Nonetheless, these issues will not occur feeding your furry bud crab once in a while.

What If Your Dog Is Allergic To Crabs?

There’s another key factor to remember is whether your dog is allergic to crab or not. The allergic reaction is mainly caused by iodine. 

But you can easily find out if your dog is iodine tolerant or not. For that, first you have to feed the dog a very small amount of crab a. If you see any adverse reactions, you must avoid feeding him crab right away. 

Some of the allergic reactions to look for are diarrhea, runny nose, watery eyes, lethargy, etc. Consult with a veterinarian if you find out any of these symptoms.

So that was the end of the article. We hope it was helpful for you.


Question: Can my dog eat lobster?

Answer: Yes, lobsters are safe for your dog. However, you must boil it properly first and remove the shell and all the nasty parts. But don’t feed it as the main diet. Feeding it once in a while is just fine.

Question: Is it okay if my dog eats crab legs?

Answer: Crab legs are just as safe as crab meats. The shell of a crab’s shell is harder than the rest of the body. So it’s a bit challenging to separate the leg meat from the shell. Other than that crab legs are no different than the rest of the body.

Question: Can I feed my dog broccoli?

Answer: To introduce variety to your dog’s diet, you can sometimes feed him vegetables. Broccoli is an easy choice when it comes to feeding your dog veggies. Dogs can eat both raw and cooked broccoli. Just make sure that it’s not seasoned and fed only once in a while.


I hope everything is clear to you about whether dogs can eat crab. Be careful while choosing the perfect diet for your dog. 

Always do a thorough research before you introduce anything new to the diet. And don’t forget to take him to the vets for regular checkups.

Have a good day. goodbye!