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Can Dogs Eat Corn: All You Need to Know

Corns are great for health; dogs and humans alike. But dogs won’t be able to digest anything that you give them. That’s why dog owners often worry before giving a new type of food. 

Can dogs eat corn? 

In a simple answer, yes! There’s a high amount of protein in corn that keeps a dog healthy and functional. They’re also extremely rich in vitamin C which prevents skin cancer and stops aging. Other than that, they’re high in vitamin B12 or folic acid which stops blood cancer. But dogs may choke on corn and sometimes can be allergic to them. 

That was just a summary of the entire discussion. Keep reading if you want more information regarding dogs and corn. 

Are Corns Healthy For Your Dog?

We humans heavily depend on a good diet to keep ourselves healthy. Dogs aren’t any exception to that either. A dog with sound health has a rich diet. 

But richness doesn’t always mean expensive food. There are many cheap foods and snacks that can boost nutrition levels. 

For example, cabbages for dogs can fill up the lack of minerals. Is your dog suffering from magnesium deficiency? Cabbage can solve that problem right away! 

Corns are also the same as they contain several minerals and vitamins. So, are corns good for your dogs? Absolutely! Corns are perfect for your dogs but in a small amount. 

But a small answer like that won’t satisfy everyone. That’s why we’ve further elaborated on all the health benefits that corn possesses. 

Sit back, relax and stay with us till the end!

Positive Effects of Corn For Dogs: 4 Health Advantages 

Grains have always been a good source of protein, carbohydrates, and fibers. They’re also comparatively much cheaper than fruits and vegetables. 

Other than that, grains also have acids that are beneficial for dog skin. There are a lot more! 

Anyways, we’ve categorized all of them and brought them to one place. Simply go through them and you’ll realize why we’re telling you to feed corn. 

Benefit 1: Corns are High in Protein

We all know how important proteins are for both humans and dogs. But still, let’s have a brief look at them. 

Proteins keep your dog’s body well-functional. It’s the most essential of them all. The amino acids in them keep your dog’s hair, skin, organs healthy. 

But the most important benefit is tissue growth. Lack of protein may hamper your dog’s growth and therefore will create many diseases. 

If your food budget is low, corn is a great choice for you. For an alternative option, you should feed beets to your dog

Benefit 2: Corns Keep Dog Skin Healthy

Like humans, dogs also require healthy skin. A dog with healthier skin tends to be happier than others. It’ll also make your dog stand out among other dogs.

Other than that, aging is also a problem that you want to avoid. This only occurs due to a lack of essential vitamins. Without proper care, your dog will age faster. 

Corns are extremely rich in vitamin C which is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are super helpful for skin tissues. It also keeps your dog skin protected from UV rays. 

If you often take out your dog in the daytime, UV rays can hurt skin growth. But a good amount of vitamin C easily solves that problem. 

Other than that, antioxidants also slow down the aging process. We all hate to see our dog get old. There’s no denying that. 

Corns contain just the right amount of vitamin C. You can easily fill up the lack of vitamin C with corn. 

Speaking of corns, here are our favorite picks-

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You can now get whichever you like and start feeding! 

Benefit 3: Corns Can Keep Your Dog Cancer-Free

Unfortunately, dogs have a higher chance of having cancer than before. This is due to excessive pollution, smoke, and poor nutrition in food. 

That’s why it’s always advised to take some extra steps for your dog’s safety. But proving every nutrition for a canine cancer patient isn’t always possible. 

Because of that, it’s better to always have at least one food that can fight cancer. And guess what? Corn is one of them which makes it extremely beneficial. 

Corns are high in vitamins that can prevent cancer. We’ve already talked about vitamin C which helps prevent skin cancer. 

Corns also contain vitamin B that can keep your dog away from blood cancer. 

Benefit 4: Corns are Rich in Fibers

Fibers like vitamins and minerals are important for dog health. Fibers help with muscles and also help with digestion. 

Fibers are particularly beneficial for dog guts. Since they can’t be digested properly, they act as a cleaner. 

Simply put, raw fibers will increase the digestive abilities of your dog. Like corn, cabbages are also beneficial for dogs due to their richness in fibers. 

Disadvantages of Feeding Corns: Should You Be Worried? 

There are a number of risks that you should be aware of. But don’t worry; they aren’t serious. But a heads-up is always nice due to better safety. 

Risk 1: Dogs Can Choke on Corns

The first thing that you need to be worried about is the choking. Corns are fairly tough to chew and dogs may try to gulp them at once.

That’s why I try to avoid giving too much corn at once. Other than that, avoid feeding corn from cobs. 

We humans may enjoy some corn from cob but it’s super risky for dogs. If they try to eat it, they’ll choke. 

Digesting it will cause a serious problem. You definitely don’t want that to happen. 

Risk 2: Dogs Can Be Allergic to Corns

Corns and allergies? Yes, you have read that correctly. Dogs can be allergic to corn under some conditions. 

But the best news is, 99% of dogs aren’t allergic to corn. But you can’t ignore the possibility either. That’s why it’s a good practice to start with a little amount.

This doesn’t just apply to corn. Rather it applies to every type of food. Give a little amount of corn to your and monitor their health. 


Question: How much corn can a dog eat?

Answer: Dogs benefit a lot from corn in their diet. It’s a good source of vitamin C and fiber. If you plan to feed corn, make sure it’s not exceeding 10% of your dog’s diet. 

Question: What foods can dogs not have?

Answer: Chocolates are really bad for dogs because of methylxanthines. Other than that, avocados, grapes, garlic, and onions aren’t good for dogs. Some of them can be fed to dogs but have to be maintained strictly. 

Question: Is corn muffins OK for dogs?

Answer: Meals prepared from corn are generally good for dogs. Like corn muffins, cornbreads are also safe. But you have to make sure whether your dog is allergic or not. 

Take Away

That was all we gathered on whether dogs can eat corn. Hopefully, you have gotten some ideas and are more convinced than before. 

Make sure to keep the feeding to an amount. Dogs that like corn may become addicted and try to eat their cob. That’s why keep cobs and corns away from your dogs at all times. 

Finally, have a nice day and happy feeding!