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Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe: 4 Things You Need To Know

Want your beloved puppy to try out new treats from time to time? Cantaloupe must have been raised as an option here and there once in a while. But introduced foods, in this case, fruits can cause some concerns for the dogs. 

I have brought you an entire segment clearing all your doubts on this. 

Can dogs eat cantaloupes? 

Yes. Dogs can eat cantaloupes. This melon-like tasty fruit is not harmful to your puppy at all and you definitely can treat them with cantaloupes as a substitute for traditional treats. But you will need to give them in moderation for them to savor it properly. 

Sounds intriguing? This was only the brief of the entire discussion. Read along to have a better understanding of cantaloupes and your puppies’ food consumption!

Is It Safe for Your Dog to Eat Cantaloupes? 

You may want the answer to be very straightforward if you can treat your dear puppy with cantaloupes. 

Yes. Your lovely puppy can be treated with cantaloupes. 

Cantaloupes are relatively safe for your dog to consume. As with every new food that you might want to introduce to your dog, you should start out slowly and see how they react to it first. 

Then you can change the portion size according to their digestive capabilities. 

As we may already know, there are plenty of benefits for humans to consume cantaloupe. 

But as much as it is researched for human health benefits, there is not much definite research on how it benefits dog health. 

As with every other food, cantaloupes are also full of many nutrients which are beneficial to a dog’s health. 

Cantaloupes contain very few calories. They are also a great source of water and fiber. 

So, treating them with cantaloupes in moderation will essentially benefit them in the long run. 

On the contrary, too many sweet treats can lead to canine obesity. 

It can become much more severe if the dog is prone to joint issues such as hip dysplasia, obesity will have a much more detrimental effect on them. 

If you are treating your dog cantaloupes, then give it to them without the rind. 

Health Benefits of Cantaloupes

Apart from being a tasty treat, cantaloupes are filled with many nutrients. Cantaloupe’s different name is muskmelon or rockmelon. 

Cantaloupe falls in the same family as the watermelon, honeydew melon and cucumbers. 

Cantaloupes’ bodies are 90% filled with water. Which keeps the dog’s body hydrated.


Antioxidant compounds inhibit oxidants. It is usually a good thing for both humans and dogs. Free radicals are produced in body cells when oxidation happens. 

Free radicals can be harmful to the cells. It can also be blamed even for cell cancers as well.

As cantaloupes are high in antioxidants, it reduces any damage by slowing down the aging process. 

They are also known to have anti-inflammatory agents. Anti-inflammatory agents help in fighting cancer. Also, it strengthens brain functionality and the immune system. It also prevents diarrhea

It also prevents the dog from having heart disease. 


Potassium supports kidney and heart function. It also maintains healthy bone density. Furthermore, regulates the fluid level and helps in muscle development. 


Niacin breaks the fat content and sugar of the body into energy.


These micro-minerals support the metabolizing process of the protein and the fatty acids. 

It Produces more energy within the body. And strengthens the ligament and the bone maintenance. 

Vitamin K 

This essential vitamin prevents blood clotting and coagulation. 


It is known as folic acid. It also aids in the metabolic process within the body. DNA synthesis and red blood cell production also increase for folic acid. 

Low Calorie

Cantaloupes contain very few calories. It keeps the dog fed and full. Also, reduces the chance of having an obesity issue. 

You should give your dog foods with lower calories if you are concerned about their health. 

Cantaloupes contain only 60 calories in every 3.5 ounces. 

The High Amount of Fiber

Fiber is necessary for a dog’s dietary system. Foods high in fiber such as Dragon fruit or cantaloupes aid the dog to regulate blood pressure.

Also, fiber decreases cholesterol levels. 

In every 3.5 ounces of cantouples, 1.8 ounces of fiber can be found. 

How Much Cantaloupe Is Too Much for the Dog?

As cantaloupes are high in sugar, having too much will not bring benefits for your dog. But a few bite-size pieces can be very beneficial for the dog. 

Treating them in moderation always brings the best health for them. 

At times, the dog is sensitive in the digestive system or is diabetic. It is best to skip this snack if that is the case. 

Here are some of the symptoms your dog might show if their digestive system is sensitive to cantaloupe:

  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Painful of distended belly 
  • Lethargy 

If your dog shows any of the signs after consuming cantaloupes, then consult your vet immediately.

Some methods to treat your dog with cantaloupe:

  • Give them bite-size pieces from your fruit salads, but not more than two to three pieces. 
  • Share frozen slices of cantaloupes with your puppy on hot summer days. 
  • Hydrate the cantaloupe for having a sweet and healthy fruit chew. 
  • You can store chopped or shredded cantaloupes with water in the ice cubes and give them on summer days. This makes an attractive sweet treat for the dog. 

These are essentially some of the ways you can treat your dog with cantaloupes:

Product 1
Product 2

Although cantaloupe is good for your beloved puppy, you should treat cantaloupe to your puppy in smaller portions for their health benefits.  

Risks of Feeding Cantaloupes 

As it has so many beneficial traits to it. Some things can go wrong. Those are; 

Cantaloupe rinds

Giving cantaloupe with their rind will inevitably upset your dog’s digestive system and result in stomach pain. Always remove the rind while giving cantaloupe to your puppy. 

Choking Hazard

Any hard food can be a reason for choking hazards. Some dogs face the greatest risk from choking, especially the small ones as they have a smaller digestive system. 

On the other hand, large dogs are less prey to choking due to their large intestine. 


Question: How much cantaloupe can I give to my dog?

Answer: Commonly vets recommend the owner to follow a 10% rule. Treats such as sweet fruits can make up to 10% of the calories to your dog’s entire diet. Cantaloupe has 8% sugar. So, one cup of cantaloupe is completely fine. 

Question: Why should dogs not eat too many cantaloupes?

Answer: Cantaloupe reduces the blood sugar level. Having an excessive amount of Cantaloupe causes them to decrease their blood sugar level severely which might bring health concerns. 

Question: What are the side effects of cantaloupes?

Answer: There have not been any recorded side effects of having Cantaloupes. But if the dog shows any sign of having an allergic reaction after having Cantaloupes, stop giving it to them immediately


Here is a brief explanation of your concern on whether dogs can eat cantaloupes. I hope you have found your answers. 

Now you can treat your lovely puppy with cantaloupes. But if you still have queries, make sure to visit a veterinarian. 

Until then, have a beautiful day!