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Can Dogs Eat Black Olives: Read Before You Feed!

You are eating black olives with your meal on a peaceful day. Suddenly your pet dog jumps on the table and eats a black olive. Now you are all worried about your dog’s health.

Can dogs eat black olives?

Affirmative, dogs can eat black olives. But some required measures must be taken. First of all, it is best to feed your dogs natural black olives. Because processed black olives might contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs. Also, you’ve to control the quantity of olives while feeding your dog.

This is only the gist of our discussion. To maintain the good health of your pet dog you have to know the details. So keep scrolling!

Can Dogs Eat Black Olives?

To answer in one word, yes, dogs can eat black olives. Yet there is a ‘but’. And the but is that you have to be careful while feeding olives to your dog. Supervision is very necessary while feeding.

Feeding excess black olives can be harmful to the dog. With proper care and caution, black olives aren’t harmful to your dog.

Are All Types of Olives Safe for Dogs? 

Olives and olive-related foods are of various types. So it can be a matter of confusion whether all types of olives are edible or not. 

To clear up your confusion we have made a short note on the olive types here.

Green Olives 

Green olives are okay for your dog. These olives are free of any kind of toxic elements. So the possibility of risk is zero while feeding green olives to your dog. But problems may arise if there is something extra inside the olive. 

It is always safer to feed your dog foods of plain color. Green olives pass this test too. Just control the quantity while giving olive treats to the dog. 

Stuffed Olives 

Stuffed olives are found pre-prepared in the shopping malls. They are stuffed with different spices that can have negative effects on the dog. You have to look out for those stuffings for the safety of the dog.

There are bad effects of garlic on dogs. And stuffed olives might have garlic in them. Also, you have to check for onions, jalapeno, and other spicy stuff. 

You must avoid the stuffed olive if any irritative food for dogs is in the stuffing.

Olive Oil 

Feeding olive oil can be tricky. Olive oil is good for dogs. But too much oil is bad for dogs just like humans. So you have to give them olive oil in minimum quantity.

We have some olive oil products suggestions for your dog. Check them out!


You can make these olive oil products part of your dog’s balanced diet.

Black Olive

Black olives are not a different fruit. Rather they are grown from green olives. The green olives are not harvested and kept on the olive plant. Later when the olives turn black, they are harvested. In this way black olive production takes place.

You can give your dogs black olives as differences between black and green olives are minimum. Just like the green olives, the quantity given to the dog must be controlled.

You can see that olives are just as edible for dogs as edible for humans. They are very nutritious for dogs. But you have to be cautious about some side effects too. 

What Are The Benefits of Black Olives for Dogs? 

Black olives are very rich in nutrition. The oil extracted from olives is of very high quality and good for health. Below we have discussed some reasons for which you should feed olives to your beloved dog.

Weight Loss & Prevents Diabetes 

Black olives consist of several fatty acids. But these fatty acids are the best kind of monounsaturated fatty acids. This is a very healthy acid. 

The fatty acid of the black olive helps to reduce weight. It breaks down the fat cells and helps the dog to be slim. It also works very well in preventing dog diabetes. The cholesterol remains in control from olive oil.

Curing Itchy Skin 

Black olive is very good for the skin. Black olives have lots of antioxidants in them. Many times dogs suffer from rough and dry skin. You can give olive treats to your dog to deal with this problem. By making black olive a part of the dog’s diet, you can prevent skin-related problems.

Preventing Cancer 

Squalene is an element present in black olives in a lot of amounts. This element prevents cancer. You can create resistance against cancer in your dog by giving him olives.

Lots of Vitamins

Like all other fruits, black olives have an abundance of Vitamins in them. Black olives are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Other micronutrients and antioxidants are also found in black olives. All these essential nutrients make the immunity system of the dog stronger. 

Black olives are very good for dogs. You should include them in the pup’s diet in appropriate amounts. One good way to feed the dog olive is with turmeric. As dogs can eat turmeric, this food is risk-free.

Are There Any Dangers of Black Olives for Dogs? 

Olives are not toxic for dogs. So there are not any direct threats for the dogs from olives. But you should check some factors while giving olives for the utmost safety of the dog.

Choking Hazard 

Olives have seeds in them. This seed is covered by a strong outer layer known as the pit. This layer is very strong and almost impossible to break.

While eating full black olives the pit can get stuck in the throat of the dog. This will result in choking hazards. Also, the dog can break teeth if it bites the pit.

Too Much Sodium 

Natural black olives don’t have this problem. But if you choose to feed your dogs processed black olives, you have to be aware.

Some of them contain high levels of sodium in them. Too much sodium can cause pancreatic problems, seizures, and dehydration. 

Eating Excessive Olives

Black olives are a tasty food and dogs love to eat a lot. But too much olive can be very bad for the dog.

Eating a lot of black olives can increase blood pressure and cause heart problems. Even strokes can happen from this. So be careful while feeding black olives.

Black olive is a very beneficial food if it is given in the right amount. So if you stay careful you can easily avoid the side effects of black olives 


Question: What if my dog eats an olive?

Answer: If your dog eats an olive from the table, no need to get worried. An olive outside the diet will not cause major problems. But if you see any irritation in the dog, visit the vet.

Question: Why can’t dogs eat pork?

Answer: Dogs can not eat uncooked or raw pork. Because raw pork contains dangerous parasites. These parasites are bad for both humans and dogs.

Question: Can dogs eat shrimp?

Answer: Yes, dogs can eat shrimp. Shrimps consist of low fat and carbohydrates which is good for dogs. But there is a high level of cholesterol in the shrimp. So you shouldn’t give shrimps frequently.


We hope that now you are clear on the topic whether dogs can eat black olives.

It’s wise to maintain a balanced diet with all sorts of food for your dog. Ensure black olives are in the right amount. This will ensure the healthy life of the dog.