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Can Dogs Eat Beets? All You Need To Know

Beets are pretty common among people in the USA. That’s why it’s pretty normal for people to give their favorite dog some beets. Although beets are healthy, you should be aware of some concerns. 

Can dogs eat beets? 

Absolutely! Beets are rich in iron and other minerals. It has 4 different vitamins that are crucial for dog health. The fibers found in beets keep your dog’s gastrointestinal system functional. But if consumed too much, it can upset your dog’s stomach. Other than that, beets are also high in sugar and can cause bladder stones. 

Anyways, that was just a short answer to the full discussion. Obviously, this doesn’t cover the entire topic and requires further elaboration. 

Sit back, relax and keep reading if you want to know more about the beets!

Are Beets Healthy For Your Dog? 

The human diet and dog diet aren’t always the same. But we do like to give our dogs some of what we eat. 

But not everything is healthy for your dog. That can certainly raise your eyebrow sometimes. Are beets good for dogs then? 

The short answer is yes. Beets are totally safe for dogs. Beets can easily make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals. 

It can also be a nice dish besides shrimp for dogs. While shrimp will cover protein, beets will take care of vitamins. 

Beets have a lot of benefits that can’t be answered in short. That’s why I’ve categorized the benefits and the negatives for you. 

Health Benefits Of Beets On Dog Health

To ensure sound health, we need to eat healthy food. A great diet consists of multiple good foods that are nutritious. By synergizing with each other, it can fulfill all your needs. 

That’s true for both humans and dogs. And that’s why some of our diets match with our dogs. But quantity-wise, it’ll never be the same. Because a dog’s digestive system and absorption rate aren’t the same as a human’s.

With that said, let’s look at the beets and their benefits on the dog’s health:

Benefit 1: A Good Source Of Iron 

Iron has always been a crucial element for humans. Dogs aren’t any different either. Iron deficiency causes a variety of problems that you may not want to face.

Iron is required to make sure red blood cells are carrying oxygens. Otherwise, energy production gets hindered really badly. 

Lack of iron can cause anemia. Anemia will make your dog lose weight and appetite.. Luckily, beets can easily fill up that need. 

Other than that, iron is required to make sure specific enzymes are working perfectly. 

Besides beets, grapefruits for dogs are also great for iron deficiency. 

Benefit 2: A Lot Of Vitamins

Beets are super-rich in vitamins and minerals; just like other vegetables. All of those vitamins are equally important for your dogs. 

Since there’s a lot of them, it’s better to simplify them. That’s why I’ve categorized them and elaborated on them one by one. 

Vitamin C

Even though beets are red-colored, it has a lot of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital for smooth skin and slower aging. 

Besides aging and skin smoothening, it also reduces the inflammation in bone joints. 

Vitamin K

Blood clotting prevents excessive bleeding. Otherwise, your dog might bleed way too much in case she cuts herself. That’s where Vitamin K comes in. 

It helps your dog’s blood clot faster. This is important to prevent excessive blood loss. Other than that, it also improves calcium density. 

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps the eye cells which in turn, keeps night vision pristine. Lack of Vitamin A may prove fatal. 

Because there’s a high chance of your dog losing vision permanently. Besides, Vitamin A is also important to keep other organs healthy and provides immunity. 

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 or Folate is another nutrient that can be found in beets. It’s also called Folacin. 

Folates ensure rapid cell growth during infancy. That’s why beets can be an excellent food for puppies. But your puppy has to adopt the food first.

Folates also help dogs during pregnancy. Like puppies, your pregnant dog will also benefit from beets. Other than that, it helps the amino acid build proteins. 

Benefit 3: Lots Of Fibers 

Fibers are helpful for a good digestive system. Without enough fiber elements in your diet, your digestive system will be in disarray. 

Fibers can’t be digested properly. Instead, it acts like a broom as it travels through the intestines. As a process, your entire intestinal system gets cleaned.  

Giving fibers to dogs can keep their gastrointestinal system well-functioned. This will in turn; ensure better digestion and absorption of nutrients.

For fibers, you can also feed broccoli to dogs. They’re also high in fibers; just like beets. 

The Negatives Of Feeding Beets On Dog Health

That was everything on beet’s health benefits. But they aren’t everything. There are some cons that you should be aware of. Let’s have a brief look at them-

Risk 1: A High Amount Of Sugar 

While beets carry a lot of vitamins and minerals, they also contain sugar. This increases blood sugar levels and causes dog diabetes. 

Beets are extremely high in carbohydrates. This can later increase blood sugar levels. Giving too many beats is certainly a health concern.

Risk 2: Stones In Bladder System

Bladder stones are pretty common among the dog community. One of the key elements responsible for stones in the bladder is the Oxalate. 

Unfortunately, beets have a high concentration of Oxalates in them. That’s why giving too many beets can create a stone in the bladder. 

But it’s super unlikely if you don’t feed too many beets in the first place.

Risk 3: Upset Gastrointestinal Systems

Since beets are high in acid, they can alter the balance of acidity. Too much acidity isn’t good for anyone; humans and dogs alike. 

If the insides get acidic, your dog will show symptoms almost immediately. Vomiting and diarrhea will occur most of the time. 

But by knowing remedies for an upset stomach, you can solve the problem easily.  

Not feel like feeding some beets to your dog? That’s alright. Because there are more healthy treats for your little buddy. I’ve mentioned the ones I buy most of the time-

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You can now get whichever you prefer and get it for your dog!


Question: Do beets make dogs’ urine red?

Answer: Yes! High consumption of beet can make your dog pee reddish urine. But peeing red urine without consuming any beet may indicate blood loss. 

Question: Will red beets hurt dogs?

Answer: Red beets will never hurt your dog. But as long as they’re natural. Canned beets are often curated in salt. That’s why I try to avoid canned beets as much as possible.

Question: How much beetroot can I give my dog?

Answer: Like beets, beetroots are also consumable by dogs. Try to give them in smaller slices. Larger slices may choke them if your dog is small. 

Take Away

That was everything I could gather on can dog eat beets. I hope these were enough to answer the questions that you have had. 

One last thing before we leave. Before you add beets, you may want to get some insight from the vets. They have clinical reports of your dog and thus will give you better advice. 

Finally, good luck and have a nice day!