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Why Does My Dog Yawn When I Pet Him: 7 Possible Reasons!

With all of its peculiarities, it’s not uncommon for a canine to yawn when someone pets him.

While you may find it lovely, your pet may suffer from underlying concerns.

It’s possible that your dog is excited, stressed, confused, or tired, or he’s trying to calm down. They are showing a non-threatening tone and attempting to avoid confrontation. Their conversation with other canines is interrupted by infectious yawning, or they are dealing with a medical issue.

One must go deep into a dog’s mind to comprehend them better.

Knowing the tricks makes it much easier to deal with, and we’re here to assist you with that knowledge.

Allow us to assist you in developing a better idea.

Why Do Dogs Yawn When You Pet Him

Humans yawn in response to exhaustion, boredom, or the sight of another yawning. 

Dogs, on the other hand, may yawn for no apparent reason. Because they sleep so much, how could they be so exhausted?

That’s an open-ended question. You’ll find several theories as to why canines might behave this way.

Seven common causes of a dog yawning have been listed here:

Reason 1: Excitement And Enthusiasm

When you pet your dog, and he yawns, you might believe he needs a nap. Their yawning and excitement can be a reason, not because they’re tired!

As a result of the attention and affection you’re offering them, they become excited. Then there’s the yawn, a terrific method for them to let off some steam. 

Also, if you’re out for a stroll or something like that, you’ll notice that your dog is becoming tired.

You may get them to yawn more if you take very long doing what they desire. That’s because they’re getting tired of waiting and getting you to hurry up!


Take them out for a run or a brisk walk.

Reason 2: Signals of Calmness

Your dog may sense that things are too much for them to handle. And express their need for a calmer environment.

They express this through yawns. You may see them tucking their tail and yawning if you are sad. You’ll know with certainty if you observe them making “whale eyes” or avoiding their gaze in embarrassment. 

This behavior may also be observed when s/he approaches a new canine and displays submissiveness.

If you observe this happening while petting them and they are also trying to prevent your hand, it is a good idea to stop. 

Each puppy has its personality, complete with likes and dislikes. This may irritate your dog. And this brings us to our next issue.


Instead, you may attempt cuddling with your dog.

Reason 3: Stress

If your dog yawns excessively and for more than usual, it could indicate he is stressed.

Dogs are typically sensitive to new locations, people, and situations. This is a fantastic example of when it’s time for a vet check-up. Dogs are wise, and you’ll notice an increase in the frequency of yawns.

Dogs are distressed by sudden loud noises and eardrum-shuddering noises, and they will seek comfort. This may cause your dog to bury its head against you in dread.

You can quieten your dog by patting him on the head and offering him care with cuddles and kisses. Treats can also help.

These bite-sized snacks will ensure that your dog enjoys it while making chewing easy.


Play with your canine to help them deal with any stress they may be feeling.

Reason 4: Confusion

Our dogs can sometimes become disoriented when discovering a new and challenging trick. Dogs are even confused by pool floaties that are designed like various animals. In certain instances, you may hear a few yawns.

Suppose this occurs when you are petting them. It is possible that they may not know how you’re doing. When they have conflicting feelings, they are just as perplexed as the rest.

They may yawn to keep their teeth from biting if you take their favorite toy, as Dog Nerdz pointed out. And they may yawn if you’re expressing various emotions at once, such as being angry and then caressing them.


Just take your time. Also, remember to use the proper tone of voice and gesture to ‘guide’ your dog on how to perform whatever you want them to do.

Reason 5: Contagious

Dogs yawn when they hear or see someone else yawn, just like humans. Researchers from the University of Tokyo conducted an experiment that found that dogs yawned when they watched us yawn.

That’s not all; they also copy you as a show of affection. Dogs form strong emotional attachments to the people they live with. Dogs mimic almost everything you do, from how you eat to how you sleep. If you’re agitated, they’re wild.

Reason 6: Medical Condition

If your dog yawns, it can indicate an underlying medical condition. Other symptoms, such as burping, vomiting, and diarrhea frequently accompany these.

Another sign is that your dog may stretch a lot whenever he is tired and sick.

It’s necessary to call your veterinarian if you notice this or are worried about excessive yawning in your pet. They would be able to provide you with the most appropriate guidance in this case.


Give your veterinarian this information to inspect the dog and check out any medical issues.

Reason 7: Bored & Tired

This is the most noticeable because they will likely fall asleep within minutes of completing the task. 

Petting them when they’re cuddling with you – and laying on the sofa increases the likelihood of falling into a benign condition where they can rest.

In addition, if they are bored, they will do it. For example, if you work from home while your dog is present. You will notice occasional yawns as they stare at you as if they are hoping for you to play with them or pay attention to them.


Always consider how much activity your dog has gotten during the day. You’ll be able to discern if your yawning is related to tiredness or something else.

Other behaviors, such as your dog standing on you, may also occur. As a result, you can ensure that your pet partner has a safe training session.

Hopefully, this has satisfied your needs.


How can you tell whether your dog adores you?

Here are several ways to detect if your dog is loving: They’re happy to see you. Your dog may leap on you, sniff your face, and wag its tail. One way to tell you they love & miss you is if they are delighted to see you.

What causes my dog to yawn after licking me?

It isn’t uncommon for dogs to lick their lips; it’s rare. Yawns are frequently seen in conjunction with this. This is a polite way of saying: ‘I’m getting tense, and I’d appreciate it if you’d leave me alone.’

What causes dogs to follow you toward the bathroom?

Animal instinct or pack mentality explains why your puppy follows you into the bathroom. These dogs are called “Velcro dogs” because they want to be by your side. They may accompany you to the bathroom to defend a pack member.