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Why Does My Dog Stare At Me When He Poops: 5 Reasons!

You might think your dog would look away from privacy when pooping.

But no! What is this? It’s looking straight at you. 

Well, there’s no need to be shy.

He doesn’t want privacy while carrying out ‘his business’ either.

But the answer is much more profound and more sophisticated.  

Why does my dog stare at me when he poops?

During defecation, dogs might maintain eye contact as they look for protection! Dogs maintain a squat-like posture when pooping making them vulnerable and defenseless. They look to you to protect them in case of any danger. If you’re potty-training them, they might be looking for your approval.

This barely grasps the concept as a whole. If you’re interested in learning about this habit in detail, read the full article. We’ve covered all the reasons that you need to know.

So, let’s delve right into it!

Should You Be Worried?

So let’s let the cat out of the bag. Your dog staring at you is a regular behavioral pattern that comes naturally. 

As an avid dog lover, you must’ve noticed that dogs need to be in a posture to defecate. They remain in this posture throughout the entire period of elimination. And because of this posture, he is unable to defend himself. 

He can’t fight or flee, making him the most vulnerable when posturing. Your puppy is well aware of his defenselessness. 

Hence, they stare at you for protection or for you to give them a heads up if danger approaches. 

This is nothing to worry about or be weirded out about! 

Your furry friend sees you as ‘part of the pack’. Now that’s cool. 

On the other hand, some dogs don’t like being watched when they defecate. Maybe they feel a greater sense of safety when they have no eyes on them. 

What’s important is we respect our dog’s instincts. 

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Staring While Pooping!

Now that we’ve established that staring is naturally let’s look at the reasons in detail. I’ve covered five reasons which should explain your dog’s staring behavior. 

So, let’s get right into it!

Reason 1: Asking for Protection

Dogs are considered a man’s best friend, and some are guard dogs. Naturally, they expect us to look out for their safety over time.

This is especially the case during excretion. While pooping, dogs maintain a half-squat posture where they cannot fight or flee danger. 

You may have nothing that poses a threat in your garden. But, your dog might still stare. Please don’t be annoyed. This is an instinctual habit passed down throughout their lineage. 

Many breeds of dogs used to live in packs in the ancient era. Lapdogs are an example of such a breed. 

These breeds of dogs would look out for everyone in the pack. They would scout for potential dangers when their fellow pack members had their backs turned. 

Your furry friend might not be living in packs, but this behavior may be ingrained in them. 

The eyeing can get a little awkward! At least you know they trust you to have their backs, which matters. 

Reason 2: Reflecting True Bond

Maintaining eye contact with owners typically signifies a dog’s affection for them. But, while taking a dump? Surprisingly, yes. It might be awkward for us, the owners, but it’s a perfect time for dogs.

Try to think from a dog’s perspective. What would be a better time to indicate how important we are to their lives right? 

Especially because pooping leaves them vulnerable, a dog’s staring shows how bonded they are with you. 

This bond can also be facilitated by giving dogs treats like blueberries.

Reason 3: Anticipating a Treat

Often, we train our furry friends to defecate somewhere specific. This training involves treating them every time they potty in the right place. 

This encourages the habit of defecating in the assigned place.

Your four-legged friends love your positive reinforcement. But, once they are trained, the expectation of threats may persist. 

Dogs tend to look at us with big-wide eyes to gain affection, so we treat them. 

Also, some dogs tend to eat multiple times throughout the day. So, after emptying their bellies, they might feel the need to indulge in sumptuous treats again!

Feeding your dog blackberries can be a very healthy choice. 

Reason 4: Trying To Protect You

Dogs have an innate instinct to protect you! It’s common knowledge that owners are the most important thing for dogs. That’s especially the case for guard dog breeds. 

When pooping, dogs might stare at you to ensure you’re not being harmed. It’s vital that a dog feels comfortable when defecating. 

If your dog feels comfortable staring at you for protection, that’s a win-win! 

A jungle cat might be hiding in your lawn’s bush, waiting to attack. If your dog is staring, it’ll jump to protect you at a moment’s notice. 

Reason 5: Looking for Approval 

Which Dog doesn’t love approval? It’s everything they desire when they get something right! So you can infer that this is also a training-related habit. 

When potty training, dogs always look for approval every time they listen! Be it your soothing voice saying ‘good boy!’ or some other form of affection.

If your dog is staring at you when pooping, throw in affectionate words or pats. Treats like carrots for dogs also work well. 

After all, that’s all they expect from such good pets! Your approval will encourage them never to poop on your couch again. 

That pretty much covers all the possible reasons. This should explain why your dog is staring at you while pooping. 

How To Make Our Dogs Feel Safe When Pooping?

Throughout the article, we’ve established that dogs need to feel comfortable and safe pooping. Let’s take a look at how we can help:

  • Firstly, avoid making any sudden movements.
  • Try to face them. More importantly, please don’t turn your back on them and walk away.
  • Words of reassurance will always soothe them.
  • Pretend to scan around, looking for threats. 

These steps should make your dog feel like they’re in good company. And so you can be the best friend to your best friend. 

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Which breeds of dogs typically moved in packs?

Lap Dogs and German Shepherds are generally known to move in packs. This is because they are ancestrally accustomed to a company when vulnerable. These breeds usually stare at you when pooping.

Will my dog be staring when pooping go on forever? 

This habit is built into their DNA and passed on from their ancestors. So if they need protection, they will look to you. But, potty trained, they might become more comfortable pooping alone. 

What are some other unusual habits when pooping? 

There are plenty of unusual habits apart from staring when pooping. Hiding, kicking, and booty scoots are some of the other unique things dogs do when pooping.