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Why Does My Dog Sound Congested [5 Reasons]

It’s very alarming if you notice your dog’s congested sound in the middle of the night. You must be worried about what to do or why it is happening. 

Why does my dog sound congested? 

Mostly your dog’s congested sound is not a harmful indication. This can happen for their odd sleeping position or they’re being overweight. Even your dog having colds or allergies can make them sound like this. But if there are some other symptoms, then it can be an indication of respiratory infection. 

There can be a lot of reasons. And you must still be very blurry about this matter. 

Don’t worry we have prepared the whole article to clear your head. So, let’s get started with it!

Why Does My Dog Sound Congested: 5 Reasons Explained!

In some cases, it happens to most dogs, they make weird sounds or noises. It can be snoring or congested. Even in some cases, you may notice your dog making congested sounds while awake. 

It can be a reason for your worries. Thinking if that’s the reaction to feeding your dog ham at dinner. 

Don’t worry, It’s a common thing for dogs. And you can say it’s not a harmful indication if your dog is making congested sounds.

When your dogs make these sounds, it doesn’t require any special treatment. 

And these sounds can be so harmless like snoring. Or it can be because of neglectable reasons and will resolve itself. 

But if your dogs make congested sounds with heavy breathing randomly. Then it can also be an alarming indication. Then you should also look for any other symptoms along with congestion.

Below, we have discussed most of the reasons why your dog can make congested sounds. 

Reason #1: Congestion From Odd Sleeping Position 

You may notice your dog making these weird sounds while they are sleeping. And it can be alarming for you. You may get tense at that moment. 

Making congested sounds can be a result of odd sleeping positions for dogs. Like they are sleeping on their back. Or leaning on their side. It happens randomly to every dog. 

In that case, the facial position and the neck position are opposite. You can say the position is kind of like a kinked garden hose.

Because of the kink of the hose, the water flow is disturbed. The same goes for dogs. This imbalance in the neck position the airflow of breathing is disturbed. 

And that can cause your dog congestion.   

These sounds can be very loud,  it varies from dog to dog. But sometimes it can get annoying. You may try to change your dog’s sleeping position. 

If you wake up your dog and when your dog is at his feet, you will notice these congested sounds are gone. 

But there can be other reasons behind the scene for your dog’s congestion. 

Reason #2: Congestion for Cold 

Like people, dogs can get cold and stuffy noses randomly. And that can make your dog make congested sounds. 

Like humans or dogs, sleeping with a stuffy nose is complex. It makes breathing difficult and also makes weird sounds congested. 

But in that case, it’s ok, no need to worry yourself out. The cold will resolve quickly within a day or two. 

But if you notice these cold symptoms for a more extended period. Then it can be a matter of concern. And you should think about making an appointment with your vet. 

Here are some other reasons behind the congested sounds of dogs. 

Reason #3: Congestion From Allergies

As we humans, dogs are also affected by allergies. And as a result, he or she flashes some symptoms. Congestion or making congested sounds is one of them. 

So you can say your dogs can also make congested sounds because of allergies. 

Dogs can get allergies in various ways.  Environments like cold weather or chicken can be responsible for allergies. You can’t even catch a break with your dog eating shrimp as they might as well cause allergies to your dogs.

For proper treatment, you must ensure which types of allergies it gets. In that case, your best bet is to take your pet to a vet. 

Reason #4: Congestion for Overweight 

When your dog gains a large amount of weight or starts becoming bulky, then it can be proven responsible for dogs making congested sounds. 

Eventually, you can say the extra weight that your dogs gain creates a disturbance in breathing. 

And as a result, your dogs make congested sounds. It’s cold in the garden hose.

You must check your dog’s weight regularly if you want to make sure about your dog’s health. And you need to maintain your dog’s diet properly. 

Here are some of the top brands of dietary foods for your dogs:

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These foods will help you maintain a proper diet for your dog. And they are proven healthy and they don’t have any side effects. 

You must also ensure your dog’s regular exercise to lose weight. And you should also avoid giving your dog extra treats. 

But your dog can have mangoes, pears, or other fresh fruit as treats. 

But before treating your dogs with fruits, you need to prepare the fruits carefully and adequately. Fruits can be the best thing to treat your dog. But without adequately preparing your food, they can also be harmful. 

There can be some other reason why your dog can make congested sounds. 

Reason #5: Congestion from Respiratory Infection 

Respiratory infection or upper respiratory infection can also be a reason for your dog’s congestion. 

Generally, upper respiratory infection means an infection of the nasal, windpipe, or lungs. These parts of a dog’s body can be infected by either fungus or bacteria or parasites. 

There are some other symptoms of respiratory infection along with congestion. Like snoring, heavy breathing, foaming in the mouth, weight loss, or fever. 

After confirming these symptoms, you need to console a vet as soon as possible. The vet might conduct some treatment and also suggest some antibiotics medicine. 


Can I give my dog Benadryl for congestion? 

Yes, you can give your dog Benadryl for congestion. It’s safe for dogs. However, some vets suggest them for many reasons.

Can you check a cold with the dog’s ears? 

Yes, you can check the cold by touching the dog’s ears when you are unsure if your dog’s cold or not. Then check around the edges of the ears and you can determine. 

Can dogs sleep under blankets? 

Yes, your dogs can sleep under blankets. But here’s the thing, most dogs react against heat. That means you better not force your dog to sleep under the blanket.