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Why Does My Dog Snort Like a Pig: Explained!

We want our dogs to be playful and healthy. Dogs make weird noises all the time. But what we don’t expect is them to make a sound like a pig. It is normal to be worried when dogs snort like a pig. But is there a reason to be panicked about this?

Why does my dog snort like a pig?

Your dog snorts like a pig due to facial structure, excitement, smelling something, etc. Try to understand the cause of snoring. You need to observe the dog’s face structure and behaviors. You need to know about the allergies of your dog. Then you can help your dog or seek professional help.

You are not alone to be worried about this. Hold on tight and stick with us for these reasons.

Let’s be real! We love our dogs too much and can’t think of them being unhealthy. Let’s jump right in!

Is it Normal for My Dog to Snort Like a Pig?

If you are a pet owner you must be worried when you hear this sound from your dog. But many dog breeds undergo this snort once. Especially if you have a french bulldog you will hear this sound more often.

Before you go and seek professional advice, understand that dogs make this noise when they are excited or playing. Or, they found some interesting odor.

It’s normal to hear this snort once in a while. 

But if you are hearing this snort or wheezing sound occurring more than normal then these explanations might help you understand.

My Dog Snort Like a Pig: Probable Causes & Explanations

Snorting like a pig is basically known as reverse sneezing. Dogs and cats from all kinds of breeds can make this sound. 

But there are some possible explanations behind it.

Explanation 1: Facial Structure of Your Dog

If your dog is from a small breed this may be the reason for the sound. Small breed dogs have a different facial structure. 

Do you want to identify the breed? Take a quick look at the face. You might notice the skull is flatter and your dog has smaller noses and throats. 

These features make the dog go through some difficulty when breathing. It is just genetic.

Generally, these types of snort noises will come and go once in a while. It won’t last more than one minute.

Small breed dogs make snort noises like pigs. 

Explanation 2: Sensing a Smell or Out of Excitement 

If you closely observe your dog you will notice they tend to be excited sometimes. This excitement comes from playing or sensing a smell.

Because of the excitement the dog will try to laugh. They will make noises like a pig.

These snort noises also start if the dog finds some interesting smell.

There is a possibility of doing this more often if the dog is very playful. You don’t have to be concerned about this.

Explanation 3: Something Stuck in The Nasal Area

Noticing an excessive amount of mucus coming out of your dog’s nose? This might be a result of something stuck in the nose.

Dog’s will not even notice this. But you need to make sure that any food, dirt, or dust is not stuck in the nose. 

It’s important that you keep your dog’s house clean, so here are some mops to clean their house:

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Sticking anything in the nose will cause the dog to make snort noises like a pig. 

Explanation 4: Allergy or Sickness of The Dog 

A dog that has some kind of allergy will make snore noises. This also sounds like a pig snort. 

It’s normal to snort if your dog has a respiratory problem. They could also have allergies, sinus infections, or chronic ear infections. 

Dogs will snort like a pig because of these kinds of things.

Now you might, When do you need to be concerned? Let’s hear it out!

When Should I Be Worried?

It entirely depends on the body reaction and the time length of the snort. After starting to snort like a pig your dog will take time to shake it off.

Observe your dog for a few minutes. You don’t need to worry if you see your dog is taking a few seconds to expel.

Snorting should not take far longer than a minute. In a few seconds, your dog will clear its nose. And after a few minutes, there should not be any sign of this in its body.

Apart from snorting, you might also face snoring from your dog. There are many reasons behind snoring

Ask yourself, is the snorting happening more than usual? Is it taking place for more than a minute?

Don’t be panicked yet because we still have some solutions for you!

What Can I Do to Help My Dog?

If your dog has never experienced snorting like a pig but now it’s usually you need to seek help. There are some solutions for you to follow. 

Firstly, take care of your dog yourself. Massage the back and throat of your dog. Give comfort to the dog so that it doesn’t get scared. 

Secondly, Close the nostrils of your dog. It Takes a lot of etiquette to go through this process. This will make the dog swallow. This should make the snort stop. 

You can use toilet paper for this process. But be careful so that the dog doesn’t eat the toilet paper.

There is a rare case of collapsed trachea if your dog is snorting too much. Look for a professional to know more about collapsed trachea.

Finally, if your dog is snorting like a pig for more than two weeks you need to go to a vet. Professional help will get your dog the perfect solution.


Question: How do I know my dog is having respiratory problems?

Answer: The most common signs of a respiratory problem is coughing and snorting continuously. Observe your dog properly. If a dog is snoring more than usual, take the dog to a vet. A vet will check if the dog is having a respiratory problem. 

Question: When should I worry about reverse sneezing?

Answer: Most of the time reverse sneezing stops after a few minutes. If you see the frequency is getting more regular than usual then you should come in. If you don’t address the problem properly it will cause fatal problems. 

Question: Why is my dog gagging but not throwing up?

Answer: If your dog is gagging it is always a concern of emergency. Non-productive retching or dry heaving should not be ignored. And these symptoms should be immediately taken to the vet.


We have explained all about why your dog snorts like a pig. Now it’s your time to know if you need to be worried or not.

One last tip. Do not take time to seek professional help. We hope this article helped you to understand the situation your dog is having.

Have a good day!