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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under The Covers

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Majid Tanveer, DVM

Dogs mostly try to sleep under any cover.

This can be both beautiful as well as a concern for you.

Dogs sleep under the covers due to warmth, security, and instinct. Sleeping under the cover is one of the cutest things dogs ever do. Either they sleep all together or might share the blanket with you! It’s their nature and a way of showing love to you.

Is it ok to let your dog sleep like this? For that, you need a bit more in-depth knowledge.

Relax! My article and I are here to assist in this quest for wisdom.

Raise the sail and hold your hats. The voyage has started!

Sleeping Under The Blanket: Origins

Sleeping under a cover is very common for any dog. You may find it adorable, but why does your dog do such an act? After all, it’s not like it gets under your bed for no reason.

It is not. Instead, some other factors are working behind the activity of your furbaby.

It’s in Their Blood

One of the prime reasons is the instinct of the dogs. From the beginning of time, their ancestors kept doing such. 

At an early age, dogs used to stay in a shelter with their master. This sense of lying undercover still works for the dogs now. 

The next time you find your dog lying undercover, remember that it’s a primal instinct, and that’s it.

For The Creed, They Belong

Similar to instinct, some breeds of dogs naturally look for shelters. It’s simply because they are part of that breed! 

The wiener dogs and the Terriers are good examples to observe. These breeds of dogs tend to lay low. 

Why? These dogs used to hunt small animals and move along the channels. As a result, these dogs like to stay undercover, even in their sleep.

The same goes for the Siberian Black and White Husky. Their tribe used to keep themselves hidden in the snow. Perhaps to avoid unnecessary eyes. 

Eventually, the Huskies also adopted such low-key behavior. They like to sleep undercover.

United We Strong

Dogs like to stay in a gang. These furry guys move in a bundle. They sleep in a compact environment. 

Especially during their baby time, puppies like to stick together even more! A dog usually stays vulnerable when it’s a child and tries to stay with other pups as long as possible. 

Therefore, they try to stay under the same hood and even share the same blanket while asleep.

Love and Loyalty

If your fur baby loves to sleep under the blanket, it can be a good sign! 

You might wonder why but perhaps your dog likes you, and that’s why it wants to share the cover with you. 

It’s a symbol of affection shown by your dog to you. Don’t feel awkward if your dog wants to sleep with you or try to rub against you.

Perhaps, this can mean your pooch cares about you and wants to protect you.

Good for Weak

Another possible reason could be that your dog has a weak heart. 

Some dogs are born weak, and they shiver. Some dogs tremble in fear. Many dogs also stay in anxiety. These dogs sleep under any cover or shelter to be comfortable and relaxed.


If your dog has short hair, it will look for a cover while sleeping, especially in winter. Because of my hair, it may feel a bit cold. 

What else could be the best option?

These are a few strings that may attach your dog with a cover.

Sleeping Under Covers: Good Or Bad

Technically, the next thing you may think is if it’s ok to sleep under cover. 

It’s not a problem to sleep under a blanket. You might find it addictive to sleep with your dog under the cover. 

Anything can happen, and you must know both the good and bad sides before sleeping with your doggy.

All That’s Good

Sleeping under the cover is a nice thing for your dog. First, seeing your dog tucked like a burrito is charming and adorable. 

It’s a good sign if your dog sleeps with you under the blanket because it’s a way of showing care and respect to you. 

During cooler weather, dogs can hold the warmth of their body if they sleep under any cover. Your dog can also adjust its breath by sleeping under the cover. 

The covers work as a support for weak dogs, and they can feel relaxed and calm. 

Whoa! Let’s look at the dark sides! The good sides are tremendous.

Dark Sides of Sleeping Under The Cover

Your dog sleeping under the cover is indeed a good thing. Sleeping under the cover can also be a bit risky. 

Sometimes, dogs can get suffocated under a blanket. You might hear your dog congested!

Suppose a dog stays too long under the blanket. Also, your pup can feel the shortness of oxygen. 

Apart from these, your dog might end up tangled with the cover. This can cause some severe dog injuries. 

Considering the pros and cons, you can decide whether to keep your dog under the cover while sleeping.

How to Change The Behavior

If you are not fond of keeping your dog under the cover, don’t worry. There are ways to prevent that as well. 

Sleeping under the cover is a regular habit for a dog. The only way to change it is slow and steady. 

You have to make your dog develop the habit of not sleeping under the cover. 

Take your time. Make a daily routine for your dog. This way, your dog will not bother you to sleep anymore under any cover. 

The sudden change in sleeping can harm the dog. Be wary of that.

You don’t need to worry much about this. If your dog feels any complexities, it will no longer sleep on the cover. Eventually, you can sleep peacefully with your blanket.

For your fur buddy sleeping undercover, try these blankets out:

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Why does my dog sleep between my legs?

The main reason is peace and comfort. Your Dog can feel a bit safe when it sleeps between your legs. If the dogs don’t find the proper relief while sleeping, they change their decision and might sleep between your legs.

Can dogs chew up blankets?

Yes. Dogs may chew up blankets sometimes. It’s a rare thing dogs do. Typically, dogs away from them show this type of behavior sometimes. During the growth of teeth, dogs also tend to chew up blankets.

Why does my dog touch me when it sleeps?

Dogs are very defensive, especially about their owner. It’s their instinct to be overprotective. It tries to stay in contact with you whenever it sleeps by touching you to ensure you are safe.